Cause Critical Wounds Necromancy

Level: 5 Casting Time: 8

Sphere: Healing Area of Effect: 1 creature

Range: Touch Saving Throw: Half

Duration: Permanent

When casting this spell and touching a creature, the priest deals 27 points of damage (save for half damage ) to the creature's body. This

spell has no affect on undead, constructs, or extraplanar creatures. Cause Critical Wounds can be cast only by evil characters.

Greater Command (Enchantment)

Level: 5 Casting Time: 1

Sphere: Charm Area of Effect: 20-foot radius

Range: Sight of Caster Saving Throw: Neg.

Duration: 1 round/level

Similar to the 1st-level spell Command, this spell enables the priest to command all enemy creatures within the area of effect to "die" (sleep). They are allowed a saving throw to negate the effects. Sleeping creatures that take damage will be awakened from their catatonic state and return to normal.

Magic Resistance (Alteration)

Level: 5 Casting Time: 1 round

Sphere: Protection Area of Effect: 1 creature

Range: Touch Saving Throw: None

Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level

This spell grants the recipient a magic resistance bonus of 2% per level of the caster, up to a maximum o f 40%. This effect will last or the duration of the spell or, ironically enough, until dispelled.

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