Getting Started

To play Heart of Winter, you must have Icewind Dale installed. If you don't have Icewind Dale installed, you must re-install your copy of the game. Ref er to the Icewind Dale manual for installation instructions.

With Icewind Dale installed, insert the Heart o f Winter CD into your CD-ROM drive and follow the onscreen instructions. If your Autorun is not enabled, click on the icon representing your CD-ROM d rive under 'My Computer.' This will bring up a listing o f the files on the Heart of Winter disc. Fin d AUTORUN.EXE and double click to start the launch application.

There are several options available on the Autorun menu:

Install: This option is availa ble if you have not yet installed Heart of Winter. Click on this to be gin the Heart of Winter installation procedure.

Play: After you have installed the game, click on the 'Play' button to begin playing. This will take you to the Heart o f Winter Main Menu Screen, where you may create a brand new game or load a previously saved game.

Configure: The h otkeys and some other settings used while playing Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter can be mo dified using this utility.

View Readme: The Readme file contains last minute information and changes that could not be printed in this manual. Please take the time to view the Readme file if you are having any problems with Heart of Winter.

Uninstall: When you're ready, the Uninstall option will uninstall both the expansion and original game except your saved games and game cache.

Exit: This will close the launch window.

To start playing again later, select the Icewind Dale application from the Black Isle Studios program group in your Start Menu.

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