Iron Body Alteration

Level: 8 Casting Time: 8

Range: Caster Area of Effect: Caster

Duration: 2 turns Saving Throw: None

This spell transforms the caster's body into living iron, granting him several powerful resistances and abilities. While the spell is in effect, the caster is 100% resistant to electricity, 50% resistant to fire, and 25% resistant to crushing damage. Spells that affect respiration or the physiology of the caster are ignored. In addition, the caster's strength is raised to 25, and the caster can attack twice per round with iron fists for 2d4 points of damage + appropriate strength bonuses. Unfortunately, the caster's movement becomes slow and awkward, setting his movement rate to 25% of normal, and he/she cannot cast spells while Iron Body is in effect.

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