Seven Eyes Abjuration

Level: 7 Range: Caster Duration: 2 turns

Casting Time: 7 Area of Effect: Caster Saving Throw: None

This spell forth

± ms spell conjures lortii seven magical orbs tbat float in a ring ' above tbe caster's bead. Eacb eye bas a defensive and offensive ability, though once either one is used the eye will lose its power. The powers of each eye are described below.

Eye of the Mind — this orb protects the caster against mental attacks, such as charm, emotion, and fear. The eye may be expended as the 1st-level wizard spell Charm Person.

Eye of the Sword — this eye deflects the first physical damaging attack that strikes the caster. The eye may be expended as the 1st-level wizard spell Magic Missile (5 missiles).

Eye of the Mage — this eye absorbs one manifestation o f f ire, electrical, cold, or acid damage. The eye can also be expended as the 3rd-level wizard spell Lightning Bolt (4d8 d amage).

Eye of Venom — this eye halts any one attack or effect that could poison the caster. The eye can also be used to poison one creature, dealing 30 points of damage over a period of 30 seconds.

Eye of the Spirit — this eye blocks one instant-death magic attack (Death Spell, Finger of Death, Power Word Kill, Slay Living, Destruction). The wizard may instead choose to expend the eye's power as a Ray of Enfeeblement, dropping a target's strength to 5, reducing its chance to hit, and the damage it deals.

Eye of Fortitude — this eye blocks one stunning, deafness, blindness, or silence effect. It may alternatively be expended as the 4th-l evel wizard spell, Shout.

Eye of Stone — this eye shields the caster from a single petrification attack. It can also be used as the 3rd-level wizard spell, Hold Person.

Any subsequent castings of Seven Eyes will fail if cast before the original spell expires, whether or not any eyes remain.

Suffocate (Alteration)

Level: 7

Range: Sight of Caster Duration: 1 turn

Casting Time: 7

Area of Effect: 10-foot radius

Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell draws the b reath out o f all creatures within the area of effect. Creatures that do not breathe are unaffected. Suffocating creatures suffer -4 AC, -4 to hit, -6 to Dexterity, one less attack per round, half movement rate, and take 2d4 points of damage per roun d. A successful saving throw negates the effects for one round. The effects begin to fade when the creature moves out o f the area of effect, although it may take a round for a character to catch their second wind.

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