Fifth Level Preserver Spells


Range: 5 yards/level Duration: 1 round/level_Area of Effect: Up to 40' cube_Saving Throw: Special

Chaos affects 1-4 targets, plus 1 creature per caster level. Targeted creatures must make their saving throw each round or face the spell's effects; these include standing confused, becoming enraged, fleeing in terror, or going berserk. This spell is most effective when used against a large number of enemies. Highly intelligent creatures (Intelligence of 21 or greater), or simple creatures (Intelligence of 4 or less) may save to avoid the spell's effects. Only fighters gain a save versus this spell.

Bl Cloudkill

Range: 10 yards_Duration: 1 round/level_Area of Effect: 40' x 20' x 20' cloud_Saving Throw: None

Cloudkill is similar to the stinking cloud spell, except that its area of effect is larger and it kills weaker monsters. More powerful monsters may merely take damage.

Cone of Cold

Range: 0_Duration: Instantaneous_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: 1/2

Cone of cold unleashes a withering, cone-shaped blast of cold. The spell's range and damage increase with the preserver's level.

Conjure Elemental

Range: 60 yards_Duration: 1 turn/level_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: None

Conjure elemental allows the preserver to conjure an air, earth, fire, or water elemental to fight for the preserver in battle. The elemental disappears after the battle.


Range: 10 yards_Duration: Permanent_Area of Effect: 1 creature_Saving Throw: Neg.

Dismissal attempts to force a creature from another plane of existence to return to its proper plane. These extra-planar creatures must save or be forcefully expelled from the current plane of existence.


Range: 10 yards/level_Duration: Special_Area of Effect: 1 person_Saving Throw: Neg.

Domination allows a preserver to control the actions of any person. Targets fight on the preserver's side in combat. Due to the spell's power, targeted creatures must save at a -2 penalty or be dominated.


Range: 10 yards/level Duration: Permanent_Area of Effect: 1 creature_Saving Throw: Neg.

Feeblemind causes targets to drop dramatically in Intelligence and Wisdom, and lose their ability to cast spells. A heal spell counters the effect of feeblemind.

Hold Monster

Range: 5 yards/level Duration: 1 round/level Area of Effect: 1-4 creatures Saving Throw: i

Hold monster is similar to hold person, except that it affects a wider variety of creatures.

lower Resistance

Range: 60 yards Duration: 1 turn +1 round/level_Area of Effect: 1 creature_Saving Throw: None

Lower resistance causes the magical resistance of targets to drop 30% plus 1% per level of the caster.

Summon Shadow

Range: 10 yards Duration: 1 round +1 round/level_Area of Effect: 10' cube_Saving Throw: None

Summon shadow summons one shadow, which fights for the preserver until slain or dispelled.

Wall of Force

Range: 30 yards Duration: 1 turn +1 round/level Area of Effect: Up to 10' square/level Saving Throw: None

A wall of force creates an invisible barrier in the location desired by the preserver, up to the spell's range. The wall blocks all attacks, and can only be dispelled with disintegrate.

S Wall of Stone

Range: 5 yards/level Duration: Permanent_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: None

Wall of stone creates a wall of granite rock that can be used to block passages, walkways, etc. A wall of stone is permanent unless destroyed by a dispel magic or disintegrate spell.

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