First Level Preserver Spells

I Armor

Range: Touch_Duration: Special_Area of Effect: 1 creature_Saving Throw: None

Armor creates a magical field of force that serves as if it were scale mail armor (AC 6). This spell is not affected by class limitations — i.e., a mage, cleric, or druidcan be affected by this spell. The spell is not cumulative with the shield spell. Armor lasts until dispelled or the recipient takes sufficient damage to remove it.

Burning Hands

Range: 0 Duration: Instantaneous_Area of Effect: 120' cone adjacent to caster_Saving Throw: 1/2

Burning hands inflicts 1-3 hit points of fire damage plus 2 per level of the preserver on targeted creatures.

Charm Person

Range: 120 yards_Duration: Combat_Area of Effect: 1 person_Saving Throw:

Charm person changes the target's allegiance in combat so that an opponent fights for the preserver's side. It only affects character types (human, dwarf, etc.).

Chill Touch

Range: Touch Duration: 3 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: Creature touched_Saving Throw: Neg.

Chill touch attacks the life force of any living creature. The target suffers 1-4 points of damage and loses 1 point of Strength per successful attack. Undead touched by the preserver suffer no damage or Strength loss, but may flee for several rounds.

Su Color Spray

Range: 0_Duration: Instantaneous_Area of Effect: 5' x 20' x 20' wedge_Saving Throw: Special

Color spray causes a vivid, fan-shaped spray of clashing colors to leap from the preserver's hand. Up to 6 creatures may be stunned by this overwhelming cascade of light. Higher-level creatures may save and avoid the spell's effects.


Range: 5 yards/level Duration: 5 rounds/level_Area of Effect: 1 creature or object_Saving Throw: Neg.

Enlarge makes the recipient larger and stronger, allowing it to do more damage in melee combat. The higher the preserver's level, the greater the spell's effect.

I Gaze Reflection

Range: 0_Duration: 2 rounds +1 round/level_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: None

Gaze reflection creates a shimmering, mirror-like area of air before the preserver. Any gaze attack is reflected back upon the gazer, with potentially harmful effects.

tSB Grease

Range: 10 yards Duration: 3 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: 10' x 10' square area Saving Throw: Neg. Grease covers a surface with a slippery layer of a fatty, greasy nature. Any creature entering this area slips and slides, and is helpless for the round.

Range: 60 yards+ 10 yards/level Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: None

Magic missile does 2-5 hit points of damage per missile with no saving throw. A preserver throws 1 missile for every 2 levels (1 at levels 1 to 2, 2 at levels 3 to 4, etc.). This spell damages any single target within its range unless the target is magic resistant or has magical protection such as a shield spell.


Range: 0_Duration: 5 rounds/level_Area of Effect: Caster_Saving Throw: None

Shield automatically negates enemy magic missile spells, improves the preserver's saving throw against frontal attacks, and may improve his or her AC.

Shocking Grasp

Range: Touch Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: Creature touched Saving Throw: None

Shocking grasp does 1-8 hit points of electrical damage +1 hit point per level of the preserver.

H Wall of Fog

Range: 30 yards Duration: 2-8 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: 30-yard-long wall Saving Throw: None WaJJ of fog creates a billowing wall of misty vapors. The fog blocks everyone's line of sight so neither side can cast spells against the other.

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