Fourth Level Preserver Spells

Charm Monster

Range: 60 yards Duration: Special Area of Effect: 1 or more creatures In a 20' radius Saving Throw: Neg.

Charm monster changes a target's allegiance in combat so it fights on the side of the preserver. The spell works on most living creatures.


Range: 120 yards Duration: 2 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: Up to 60'cube Saving Throw: Special Targeted creatures must make their saving throw each round or face confusion effects; these include standing confused, becoming enraged, fleeing in terror, or going berserk. This spell is most effective when used against a large number of enemies.


Range: 0 Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: 60' cone, 5-30' wide (base to end) Saving Throw: I

Fear causes all targets within its area of effect to flee in terror.

I Fire Shield

Range: 0 Duration: 2 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: Caster Saving Throw: None

Fire shield protects the preserver so that any creature who hits the preserver in melee does damage, but takes the same amount of damage in return. The shield is attuned to heat and cold attacks. The preserver takes half damage and has the saving throw from the attack improved by 2.

Ice Storm

Range: 10 yards/level Duration: Instantaneous_Area of Effect: 20' square_Saving Throw: None

Ice storm does 3-30 hit points of damage to all targets within its area. This spell inflicts full damage even on opponents protected by resist cold.

h^Ll Improved Invisibility

Range: Touch Duration: 4 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: Creature touched Saving Throw: None

Improved invisibility is similar to the invisibility spell, but the recipient is able to attack (either by missile discharge, melee combat, or spellcasting) and remain unseen. The THAC0 of melee attacks against invisible recipients is improved (reduced) by 4, so it is impossible to aim ranged attacks at them.

a Minor Globe of Invulnerability

Range: 0_Duration: 1 round/level_Area of Effect: 5'-radius sphere_Saving Throw: None

Minor globe of invulnerability creates a small sphere which protects those within from incoming first, second, or third-level spells. The globe is vety effective when used in combination with/ire shield.

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