Seventh Level Preserver Spells

Conjure Greater Elemental

Range: 30 yards_Duration: 1 turn/level_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: None

This spell allows a wizard to summon a single greater elemental to assist his or her in combat.

He^I Control Undead

Range: 60 feet Duration: 3-12 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: 1-6 undead_Saving Throw: Special

This spell enables the wizard to command 1-6 undead creatures for a short period of time. The more powerful undead creatures get a saving throw to resist the affects of the spell.

Delayed Blast Fireball

Range: 100 yards +10 yards/level Duration: Special Area of Effect: 20'-radius globe Saving Throws: 1/2

This spell creates a fireball, with a +1 bonus to each of its dice of damage, which releases its blast anywhere from instantly to five rounds later.

■H Finger of Death

Range: 60 yards Duration: Permanent Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: Neg.

The finger of death spell snuffs out one victim's life force. If successful, the victim can be neither raised nor resurrected.

IS Forcecage

Range: 10 yards/2 levels Duration: 6 turns + 1/level Area of Effect: 20' cube Saving Throw: None

This powerful spell enables the caster to bring into being a cube of force. Creatures within the area of effect of the spell are caught and contained.

Mass Invisibility

Range: 10 yards/level Duration: Special Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None

This spell allows the caster to make the whole party invisible during combat. The spell is broken when a character attacks.

¿=J Monster Summoning V

Range: 70 yards Duration: 6 rounds +1 round/level_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: None

This spell is much like the 6th-level monster summoning IV spell, except that this spell summons 1-3 5th level monsters. These creatures stay for one combat only.

Mordenkainen's Sword

Range: 30 yards_Duration: 1 round/level_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: None

Upon casting this spell, the wizard brings into being a shimmering, sword-like plane of force. The sword fights for the caster for one combat. The sword can hit magical creatures.

Power Word, Stun

Range: 5 yards/level_Duration: Special_Area of Effect: 1 creature_Saving Throw: None

When a power word, stun spell is uttered, any creature of the mage's choice is stunned — reeling and unable to think coherently or to act — for a duration dependent on its current hit points.

Prismatic Spray

Range: 0 Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: 70' wedge, 5-15' wide (base to end) Saving Throw: Special When this spell is cast, the wizard causes seven shimmering, multi-colored rays of light to flash from his or her hand. These include all colors of the visible spectrum; each ray has a different power and purpose. Any creature with fewer than 8 Hit Dice struck by a ray is blinded for 2-8 rounds, regardless of any other effect.

Spell Turning

Range: 0_Duration: Up to 3 rounds/level_Area of Effect: Caster_Saving Throw: None

This powerful adjuration causes spells cast against the wizard to rebound onto the original caster. This includes spells cast from scrolls and innate spell-like abilities. High-level spells may not be turned or may be only partially turned.

Cleric Spell Summary

Detailed cleric spell descriptions start on page 54. CLERIC SPELLS

# 1st Level

# 2nd Level

# 3rd Level

# 4th Level

Bless (c)


Air Lens (a)

Adjure (c)

Cause Fear (c)

Altruism (c)

Bramblestaff (e, w)

Blood Flow (w)

Cause Light Wounds (c)

Barkskin (c)

Bestow Curse (c)

Cause Serious Wounds (c)

Cure Light Wounds (c)

Channel Stench (a)

Cause Blindness or Deafness (c)

Cloak of Bravery (c)

Curse (c)

Charm Person or Mammal (a *)

Cause Disease (c)

Cloak of Fear (c)

Entangle (c)

Find Traps (c)

Create Smoke (a, f)

Condense (e)

Invisibility to Undeadfc, *)

Flame Blade (f)

Cure Blindness or Deafness (c)

Cure Serious Wounds (c)

Magical Stone (e)

Hesitation (c)

Cure Disease (c)

Dehydrate (w)

Protection from Evil (c)

Hold Person (c, *)

Dispel Magic (c)

Dust Cloud (a, e)

Remove Fear (c)

Music of the Spheres (c)

Heat Exhaustion (f)

Focus Heat (f)

Sanctuary (c)

Resist Cold (f)

Magical Vestment (c)

Free Action (c)

Shillelagh (c)

Resist Fire (f)

Negative Plane Protection (c)

Intensification of Weather (a w)

Silence 15! Radius (c, *)

Plant Growth (c)

Lungs of Water (w)

Spiritual Hammer (c)

Prayer (c)

Magma Blade (f)

Steal Breath (a)

Protection from Fire (f)

Neutralize Poison (c)

Remove Curse (c)

Poison (c)

Remove Paralysis (c)

Produce Fire (f)

Sand Spray (e)

Protect, from Evil, Iff Radius (c)

Spike Growth (c)

Protection from Lightning (a)

Stone Shape (e)

Protection from Weather (a, w)

Strength of One (c)

Quench Fire (f)

Summon Insects (c)

Return to Earth (e)

Soothe (w)

Thorns of Binding (e, w)

# 5th Level

Cause Critical Wounds (c)

Cure Critical Wounds (c)

Deflection (a)

Dispel Evil (c)

Flame Strike (f)

Insect Plague (a)

Ironskin (e)

Rainbow (c)

Raise Dead (c)

Sandstorm (a)

Spiked Stones (e)

Slay Living (c)

# 6th Level

Heartseeker (e, w) Sunstroke (c) Wall of Thorns (c) Water of Life (w)

# 7th Level

Confusion (c) Conjure Greater

Elemental (a, e, f, w, *) Creeping Doom (c) Energy Drain (c) Fire Storm (f) Glass Storm (e) Restoration (c) Scirocco (a) Sunray (c) Symbol (c)

  • a) Clerical sphere of air
  • e) Clerical sphere of earth
  • f) Clerical sphere of fire (w) Clerical sphere of water (c) Clerical sphere of the cosmos (*) Combat-only spell
0 0

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