Sixth Level Preserver Spells

0] Anti-Magic Shell

Range: 0_Duration: 1 turn/level Area of Effect: 1' diameter/level sphere Saving Throw: None

With this, a wizard surrounds himself with an invisible barrier that moves with him and is impervious to all magic. The barrier also prevents the functioning of any magical items or spells within its confines.

BSfl Chain Lightning

Range: 40 yards + 5 yards/level_Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: 1/2

This spell creates an electrical discharge that begins as a single stroke of lightning, 2 1/2 feet wide, commencing from the fingertips of the caster. Unlike a lightning bolt spell, chain lightning strikes one object or creature initially, then arcs to a series of other objects or creatures within range.

Death Fog

Range: 30 yards Duration: 1-4 rounds+ 1 round/level Area of Effect: Two 10' cubes/level Saving Throw: None

Death fog creates an area of solid fog that has the additional property of being highly acidic. Those within the cloud take damage each round; this damage progressively worsens the longer the creature stays in the cloud. The cloud also slows the creature's movement and blocks line of sight.

Death Spell

Range: 10 yards/level Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: One 30' cube/level Saving Throw: None When a death spell is cast, it snuffs out the life force of creatures in the area of effect instantly and irrevocably. Such creatures cannot be raised or resurrected. This spell will not work on some of the more powerful creatures found in Wake of The Ravager.


Range: 5 yards/level Duration: Instantaneous_Area of Effect: Special_Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell causes matter to vanish. It affects even matter (or energy) of a magical nature, but not a globe of invulnerability or an anti-magic shell. Disintegration is instantaneous and permanent.

Flesh to Stone

Range: 10 yards/level Duration: Permanent Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: Special

Flesh to stone turns one living creature into stone if the target fails a saving throw vs. spell.

Globe of Invulnerability

Range: 0_Duration: 1 round/level_Area of Effect: 5'-radius sphere_Saving Throw: None

This spell creates an immobile, faintly shimmering, magical sphere around the caster that prevents any 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd- or 4th-level spell effects from penetrating. However, any type of spell can be cast out of the magical sphere, and these pass from the caster of the globe to the subject without effect upon the globe.

Improved Haste

Range: Touch Duration: 1 round/level Area of Effect: Creature touched Saving Throw: None

This spell lets the wizard bestow tremendous speed on any one creature. The quickened creature functions at double its normal movement and attack rates. Unlike the normalhasie spell, this spell has no effect on the recipient's age.

[5l Improved Slow

Range: 90 yards + 10 yards/level Duration: 1 round/level Area of Effect: Thirty 10'cubes Saving Throw: Neg.

The spell causes the affected creatures to move and attack at 1/9 their normal rate. This spell also negates haste and improved haste.

Monster Summoning IV

Range: 60 yards Duration: 5 rounds +1 round/level Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None

This spell summons 1-3 4th-level monsters to do the bidding of the caster. These appear within spell range and attack the caster's opponents until combat ends or they are killed.


Range: Touch Duration: Permanent Area of Effect: Person touched Saving Throw: None

With this spell, the wizard can bring back to life a person who has died. The essence of the dead person is transferred to another body, possibly one very different from the original.

Stone to Flesh

Range: 10 yards/level Duration: Permanent Area of Effect: 1 creature Saving Throw: Special

The stone to flesh spell turns any sort of stone to flesh. If the recipient stone object was formerly living, this spell restores life (and goods), although the survival of the creature is subject to the usual system shock survival roll. This cancels the effects of flesh to stone.

Tenser's Transformation

Range: 0 Duration: 1 round/level Area of Effect: Caster Saving Throw: None

When this spell is cast, the wizard undergoes a startling transformation. His or her size and Strength increase to heroic proportions, so he or she becomes a formidable fighting machine. The wizard's hit points are doubled, and all damage sustained comes first from the magical points gained; once these points are eliminated, all subsequent damage to the wizard is doubled.

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