Doors Et Containers

Your internal sensors provide valuable information about doors and containers you may want to open.

When you focus on a door or container, two vertical indicators are displayed.

The bar on the left displays the door or container's structural integrity (its strength). Many doors can be blown open. A red bar indicates the door's relative strength. If the door does not have a strength bar, it is indestructible.

The indicator on the right displays the lock's strength. Each lock icon that is displayed represents the number of multitools that are needed to pick the lock. A door can require up to three multitools to open.

When you focus on a locked door or container and press 5, you will automatically draw a multitool to pick the lock, if you have any multi-tools in inventory.

If no lock icons are displayed, that means the door or container is unlocked and can be opened simply by pressing 0 to use it.



Your internal data storage generates useful informational screens.


Use (v] to access your Inventory Screen.

You can carry up to 12 items in Inventory (or 14 with the Enhanced Strength biomod), including your Toolbelt items. Each slot holds one item (or stack of identical items), regardless of the item's size.

Many items can be taken in hand, but not placed in Inventory. An item that can go into your Inventory will automatically be placed there when you press 0 to pick it up.

Consumable items (food, medkits, energy cells and so forth) can be stacked in a single Inventory slot. If you have more than the allowable maximum for a single stack, a new stack will be started in a second Inventory slot (if one is available).

You can carry as mai^ different identical weapons and non-stackable items as you have space for.

creen you can cycle among the items in your Direction Keys; to select an item press | Enter! (or have selected an item in the Inventory Screen, you have two options:

I Enter | (or Q) Equip/Use. You will take the item in-hand, and hold it ready. Items that are usable on yourself will be automatically used — medkits, if you've taken damage, power cells if you need energy, and so forth. To actually use other items, first exit the Inventory Screen, then press Q.

(Tib) Drop. Drop the item where you stand. You can return and pick it up again later, if you wish.

When an item is selected, selecting another Inventory or Toolbelt slot will give you another option:

Swap. Swaps the selected Inventory item into the selected space. This option allows you to move items between your Inventory and Toolbelt or to adjust the position of items within your Inventory.

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