Klara Sparks

Position: SOR Resident, Stage 2, Seattle Facility

Klara Sparks, sailing through her studies with alacrity, has also demonstrated a degree of empathy far surpassing any of her Stage 2

counterparts. She shows great potential for a jij -r F

career in negotiation or conflict resolution.

Klara is charismatic, with a genuine affection ^^ *»» I '

for both her fellow residents and her instructors. She is an excellent motivator of others. Her loyalty to the Tarsus program and her commitment to its ideals are absolute. rjflB JL

Klara's main drawback as a trainee is a tenden- f... ¡¿flTSl"7 cy to subordinate her own progress to that of others. In fact, her close friendship with fellow resident Leo |ankowski has evolved into an almost co-dependent relationship, with Leo dominating Klara's achievements in order to validate his own imagined superiority, and Klara holding back from her full potential in order not to threaten Leo. It is hoped that reintegrating Leo and Klara with the New Chicago Stage 2 trainees will break this cycle, and allow both to progress more according to their respective potentials.


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