Cold Spells

Ice Bolt

One of the first spells a novice of the frigid elements learns is the power to summon crystals of pure freezing energy. When hurled at her enemies, these bolts subject their targets to freezing pain and impaired movement.

Effect: Shoots a bolt of ice that damages and slows your victim.

Frozen Armor

This defensive spell is a useful tool for protecting the novice from the dangers of combat. This icy shield both protects the Sorceress and impairs the progress of all who would attack her with blade or club.

Effect: Gives a defense bonus and freezes any melee attacker that hits you.

Frost Nova

Like the Lightning Nova, this spell is effective against large groups of swarming melee attackers. Although less damaging than its electrical kin, the immobilizing effects of the cold can convey other advantages.

Effect: Creates an expanding ring of ice and frost that damages and slows enemies.

Ice Blast

The freezing damage of this spell can shatter an opponent into icy shards, leaving enemy spellcasters little material with which to resurrect their minions. In this way the Sorceress can make quick work of those who would use the dead against her.

Effect: Creates a bolt of ice that completely freezes a target.

Shiver Armor

A significant upgrade from frozen armor, this defensive shield deals an icy blast to any attackers, numbing them with cold, seating pain.

Effect: Defense bonus, plus any melee attacker that hits you takes damage and is slowed.

Glacial Spike

Mote powerful than an Ice Blast, this is the offensive spell of choice for a higher-level Sorceress seeking a quick deathblow. The Sorceress who wields this spell will find herself often treading over the shattered and frozen remains of her opponents.

Effect: A shai'd of ice that inflicts massive cold damage and explodes to freeze nearly enemies.


This is the most effective offensive spell that this discipline has to offer. With the invoc ation of this spell, entile hordes of enemies are left frozen or dead, drowned in a hail of ice. Wretched survivors of this wintry storm can do little but crawl and lament their fallen kin before they, too, succumb to the cold.

Effect: Summons an ice storm to rain cold death onto your enemies.

Chilling Armor

The best defensive spell available to a Sorceress is manifest in this formidable armor. The spell actually defends against ranged attacks, turning aside arrow and bolt. Those seeking to engage the Sorceress in melee shall soon feel the icy bite of their folly.

Effect: Confers a defense bonus and launches an ice bolt against ranged attackers.

Frozen Orb

An intimidating sight that strikes fear into the hearts of her opponents, the Frozen Orb is an awesome spectacle to behold. The Orb coalesces from the air, unleashing freezing bolts at all nearby, and wreaking havoc, seemingly at random, before bursting into a brilliant explosion of frigid destruction.

Effect: A pulsating orb that shreds an area with ice bolts.

Cold Mastery (passive)

Once mastery over this powerful elemental force is attained, a Sorceress achieves perfect command over this school of magic. Her freezing spells ate now of such potency that those adversaries formerly impervious to their effects soon find themselves the surprised victims of a vicious, chilly assault.

Effect: Pierces the cold resistance of your enemies.

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