Conrrolling Your Character

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The upper area of the game screen is the Play Area. The Play Area displays your character, the surroundings, and any creatures or items that are within your line of sight.

The lower part of the screen is the Interface Bar. The Interface Bar displays important information about the state of your character, and provides the controls you need to access additional information and game features.

You can access the controls on the Interface Bar by left-clicking on them. To get more information about a control or button, position your mouse over the control for a moment to bring up a short pop-up description.

The Interface Bar is composed of several elements:

Life Orb - The red orb in the lower left of the screen indicates the health of your character, known as "life." Life is the amount of damage your character can endure before he or she will die. Life does not automatically regenerate. It must be replenished by drinking healing potions, by the use of special skills, or by visiting a NPC with the power to heal. However, you may find some items with the power to regenerate life.

Mana Orb - The blue orb in the lower right indicates the level of your character's Mana, or energy. When you run out of Mana, your character is temporarily unable to cast spells or use certain skills. Over time, your Mana will regenerate and refill the Orb.

Left and Right Action Icons - Your character can fight, cast spells, use skills and perform several other actions. By clicking the left and right buttons of your mouse, you perform these actions. You can assign different actions to the mouse using the Action Icons. The Action Icon on the left represents the current action for the left mouse button, while the icon on the right represents the action for the right mouse button. Left-clicking on an Action Icon displays a pop-up menu of skill icons. Click on a skill icon to assign it to that mouse button.

The Mini-panel - Near the center of the Interface Bar is the Mini-panel. The Mini-panel displays a row of buttons for calling up more information on your character or accessing other game features. You can open or close the Mini-panel by clicking on the Mini-panel Button in the center of the Interface Bar. The Mini-panel buttons are:

Character - Brings up a screen displaying your character's attributes.

Inventory - Opens your backpack and displays your inventoiy.

Skill Tree - Brings up a screen displaying your skill tree.

Party Menu - Brings up a menu of all players in the game.

Automap - Displays an overlaid map of your surroundings.

Message Log - Displays the history of messages sent in the game.

Quest Log - Brings up a menu listing the status of your quests.

Game Menu - Brings up the "Game Menu" of in-game options. For a complete description of these buttons, see the relevant sections in this manual.

The Belt - This row of four boxes represents your character's belt. You can hold drinkable potions and scrolls of Town Portal or Identify in the belt for easy access. Later in the game, you will find larger belts that can hold more than four items at a time. Once you have one of these larger belts, move your cursor over the belt to bring up the rest of the available slots, or press the ~ key to open and close these slots.

The Experience Bar - This bar fills in as your character gains experience by defeating monsters. When it reaches the end, your character has gained a level and the bar starts all over again. Holding the mouse over the Experience Bar displays a pop-up that tells you exactly how many experience points you have and how many you need to achieve the next level.

The Stamina Bar and the Run/Walk Button - Clicking on the Run/Walk Button toggles your character's movement between running and walking. As you run, you use up stamina. The Stamina Bar shows how much stamina you have left. Slowing to a walk will replenish your stamina. However, if the bar runs out completely, you must stop and rest for a moment before you can begin to regain your stamina.

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