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In multi-player games there is a complete e-mail and chat system in the game. (It is not there for single-player games because the computer opponents really don't have much to say.)

Note: Chat from this window is between 2 players. The Chat all players can view is always available but for alliances and directed insults you need this Chat which is person to person.

The e-mail window looks like this:

f- Tnt^elary^m^nication Cbk

E~3 Dave Thielen RE ¡Let's be allies

When the game begins you cannot send mail or initiate a chat session. You need to research the appropriate items in order to use these features.

However, you can receive messages and chat from other players who have researched the appropriate items.

The first button is to read the selected message.

The second button is to send an e-mail message to someone.

The third button is to reply to a message.

The fourth button is to forward a message. Forwarding is a little different in Enemy Nations from a normal e-mail program. You cannot edit the message, only forward it. Therefore when you receive a forwarded e-mail you know it's exactly what that person received. This allows you to show one player that another player is planning to attack them.

The fifth button deletes the selected message(s).

The sixth button refuses a message. This will return a message to a player telling them it was refused. You can only do this if you have not read the message. If you receive a message that was refused you know the player is not even reading it.

The seventh button is to initiate chat with another single player. You can keep chat windows up with all other players simultaneously if you wish.

The eighth button brings up the global chat which is for chat with all players at the same time.

The last button allows you to set options in mail.

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