Informational messages and characters parameters

During combat, you'll see certain informational messages on the screen. Once you issue the End of Phase command, the name of the new combat phase will be displayed in the center of the screen. At the top of the screen, you'll see the names of spells as both heroes cast them. Spells have their own visual effects. You can select which information and effects are displayed onscreen in the Combat Options screen.

Above the opponents are displayed their Life ratings. Above creatures, two parameters are displayed as follows: Power/Toughness. Damage to a hero's Life is displayed in red flashing numbers as it occurs. A damaged creature's Toughness is displayed in red.

There may be additional icons displayed above heroes and creatures, indicating their properties, current state of the creature (resting or active), the effect of cast spells (e.g. Air Link), and the order in which the creatures will act in attack and defense phases, including the blockers' action sequence (See Appendices: Creatures' Abilities).

Attacker's number

Berserk ability


Creature cannot attack


Creature cannot rise


Poisonous ability



Discard ability


Disenchant ability


Elusive ability


First Strike ability


Flying creature


Indicates which attacker is being blocked


Lifetap ability


Creature resting


Regeneration ability


Restless ability


Creature resting after being summoned

Haste ability


Team attacker ability


Trample ability


Unblockable ability

Commanding your creatures

To select a hero or creature, click on it. The selected character will be highlighted with a rotating marker. To issue "attack" or "block" commands, select your creature and then click on an enemy hero or creature. When the cursor is placed over a valid target, it changes to the "attack" cursor. Only the enemy hero can be attacked, but all creatures attacking your hero can be targets for blocking.

To tell your creature to attack, double-click on it. If the creature has been sent to block an enemy creature's attack, a shield with a number corresponding to the attacking creature's number will be displayed. Your creature will move to the attack line. To cancel a command (prior to ending your combat phase), click on the creature and it will return to its previous position.

When you block one enemy creature using several of your own, it can sometimes be important to set the exact order in which they will block the attacker. Your creatures will block the opponent in the order in which they moved to the attack line. If you need to change this order, call your creatures back and then move them forward again in the desired order.

To use a creature's special ability, select the creature, then click on the appropriate icon in the top row of the combat panel (see below) when it is in "Enchantments" mode.

Camera management

The Combat screen has two options for camera management, automatic and manual. To switch between these modes, use the Options screen (press <Esc>).

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