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Find and left-click on the 7th Conjurers; if they are not next to a unit of Cavalry, move them until they are, but don't right-click or select another unit yet. There is a red starburst button on the Unit menu panel whose legend reads Cast Death Wounds. Left-click on this button and move the resulting wand pointer over the Cavalry unit and left-click again. A skull animation will appear over the Unicorns, and a panel will indicate that the spell has been cast.

Now double left-click on the unit of Unicorns. An information panel appears showing an abbreviated set of statistics for the unit. Left-clicking in the statistics panel shows the unit's complete information, including a sketch of the unit. At the bottom are three buttons. The red centre button shows the letter "E." Left-clicking here displays the spell effects.

Try double left-clicking on other units. The unit car-

Right-clicking returns to the Tactical Map. Move the unit of Unicorns up to a unit of Ores if possible, and attack. All combat results to the Ores are kills, which they won't recover easily.

rying the Wand of Fireballs shows a wand in the right-hand blue button. Left-clicking on this button presents a description of the magic item's abilities.

The unit with the Wand of Fireballs has a similar ability. Move the unit carrying the wand adjacent to an enemy unit. This time the Unit Spell button will read Cast Fireball. Left-click on the button, move the wand over the enemy unit and left-click again. Another Fireball explodes!

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