Knight Marshal Cads

When Calis came of age during the renaissance period of the Awakening, he was accepted into the Academy of Caerovia on the Isle of Four Winds. There he studied the art and discipline of the paladin, though it soon became clear to his instructors that Calis was blessed with a natural ability greater than any other candidate. So it was that Calis was knighted, sent into battle when the Shadowlord challenged the world, and captured in that first battle by Maloch of Blacklance. Though he does not speak of his years of imprisonment, many say that Calis' escape was accomplished by his undaunted righteousness, others that it was divine intervention. Certainly, none could dispute his ascension to the high rank of Knight Marshal.

Knight Marshal Calis now moves swiftly about the land, striving to bring comfort and healing to the oppressed peoples of Aer. He is driven by the two guiding principles of his knightly order: compassion and justice. His actions are swift but fair, firm but merciful, believing that his example will help others fight back against the horrors of his world. Indeed that is the case, for even the most fearful of squires under his command would follow him on a march through death's own abyss.

KNIGHT MARSHAL CALIS has the following abilities:

  • gt; Limited Spell Caster: Once per battle, he can heal all wounds on all friendly units. @> Cavalry Recruiter: He purchases and researches Light Cavalry and Cavalry units at a discount. @> Charismatic: Units under his command gain a +20 morale bonus, making them less likely to become disordered or broken.
  • gt; Healer: Wounds received may be converted to a morale loss instead.

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