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Try to build a balanced army. A specialised army may work well on one continent, but it will be at a severe disadvantage on the others.

Experienced troops are much better than newly bought ones, so avoid reckless attacks that endanger core units when a little patience or thought could preserve them. If an enemy unit is badly damaged, and several of your character's units are in position, let the one with the least experience finish it.

Manoeuver enemy units into being surrounded, by their own units or friendly ones, and force them to surrender. Be wary of the enemy using this tactic against your character's units. If you have a line of troops with support units like Archers and Siege Engines behind them, leave breaks every two or three units, so retreating units have somewhere to go.

When more than two units are adjacent to an enemy, any additional units beyond the second unit gain a +4 to their attack. Units on River hexes only use half of their attacks on offense or defence. Defend rivers on solid ground, and avoid crossing defended rivers.

When attacking fortifications supported by Archers, use whatever units have the best expected losses ratio. If anything else is in the fortification, use Skirmishers, Light Cavalry, and Bombardiers to whittle the enemy unit down. These types of units can probably kill most things eventually, but if you have a stronger melee unit handy, wait until the enemy defender is low on life and overrun it, for little or no damage.

Don't let badly damaged enemy troops get away. Hunt them down with Sky Hunters, Bombardiers, or Light Cavalry. If you let them get away they'lljust rest or recruit and come back to cause you more trouble. Better to chase them, preventing them from healing, until you can kill them.

If an enemy unit has been badly damaged, but can't be killed that turn, try to get a unit adjacent to it, so it can't heal up. That way it will still be weak the next turn, without further damage to your units. Placing a ground unit adjacent to a tower, town, or castle prevents the enemy from recruiting there.

Screen units of Archers, Siege Engines, and Spellcasters from enemy attack since their armour values are low. This is a good reason to target these classes of support units in the enemy's forces.

Avoid exposing units to multiple attacks, and be ready to exchange damaged units with stronger units to allow the weakened unit a chance to rest or recruit.

When playing the spell casting characters, use their spells wisely. Use the Archmage's spells to soften up strong enemy units in strategic places. The Sorceress' Plague spell f can weaken the opponent's entire army at a crucial moment. The Heal or Heal t Beast spell can preserve units at crucial times as well. <■© jfi§L%

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