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From the main screen, you can access all of the areas of SIDNEY: Add Data, Make ID, Search, E-mail, Supsect, Analyze, and Translate. Also, at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, there is a "Exit" button that you can use to exit SIDNEY. When you are in one of the subsystems, this button changes to a "Main Menu" button, which you can use to return to SIDNEY'S Main Menu

Add Data

Add Data is one of the most important features in SIDNEY. With this function, you can scan many items into SIDNEY from Gabriel or Grace's inventory. When you click Add Data, your inventory screen will come up. On the verb chooser for the item you wish to scan, select the "Computer" icon. This adds that item to SIDNEY'S list of files. Once it is in the file list, you can analyze it, translate it or link it with a suspect. Scanning works on all sorts of items including fingerprints, license plates, maps, notes, audio tapes and other items.

With the Make I.D. feature, you can create fake I.D.s for Gabriel or Grace. Select the picture of who you want to make an ID for, then selection a card type from the drop-down menus. Then press the "Print Identification" button to complete the I.D. This will put the ID card in your inventory.


From the search screen, you can perform searches of many topics in the game. To search, type a keyword or topic in the box and hit enter or the "Search" button. Once you have brought up a topic, you can scroll up and down to see the entire article using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen. You can start a new search at any time by entering a different word in the search box (the "Reset" button makes this easier by clearing your last entry.). From the articles, you will often find links to other related articles. These links are written in a different color, underlined and the cursor will highlight over them. If you click on a link, it will take you to that related article. To return to the original article, you can hit the "back" button. The forward button will take you back to the article you "linked" to. The history dropdown will take you to any of the articles you have searched for or linked to.


In the E-mail screen, you have a list of subjects of the E-mails you have in your inbox. To read these E-mails, click on the subject. To get to the next e-mail in the box, click the "next" button, or click the "previous" button to get to the previous e-mail in your box. The close button will return you to the list of E-mail subjects. If you have new e mail waiting, the words "New E-mail" will flash in the top left corner of all SIDNEY screens.


This is a handy tool for keeping track of suspect information. Select the suspect you are interested in from the Suspect drop-down. When you select a suspect, you will get an information screen that tells name, nationality, Vehicle ID (license plate number) and information about any files that you have linked to the suspect. There is also a "notes" area where you can enter notes about each suspect. If you have scanned in a suspect's fingerprint or license plate number, you can link it to a suspect by clicking "open file" in the Open drop-down, choosing the file from the File List, and then clicking "link to suspect" in the Links drop-down. If you think you made a mistake, you can also un-link a file by selecting "un-link file" from the Links drop-down. If you have an unknown fingerprint scanned into SIDNEY, you can try to match it with the fingerprints of suspects you have linked with a suspect. Do this by going to that suspect's screen, opening the unknown print and clicking "Match Analysis" in the Links drop-down.


If you have an item scanned in that is in another language, you can try to translate it using SIDNEY'S translate function. Open the File List and select the file you want to translate. You will be asked what language the file is in (From) and what language you want to translate it into (To). Once you have selected the proper combination of languages, hit the "Translate Now" button. If you have selected the correct languages the translated text will appear below the original text.


The Analyze screen has many functions which will be available depending on what type of file you are analyzing. The drop down menu functions will only be available (not disabled) when you can use that function on an open file.

To open a file, choose open file from the Open drop-down. Select the file you want to analyze from the File List, then click the Start Analysis button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Text - Under the text drop-down are analysis functions for dealing with any text that may appear in a file.

Extract Anomalies - This function will look for things in the text that don't seem to fit, and then try to make sense of the misfit text.

Anagram Parser - The Anagram Parser will allow you to take an anagram and attempt to find the original phrase. Analyze Text- Puts the text through an analysis of content and pattern.


The graphic drop-down will let you deal with shapes or geometry that SIDNEY finds in a file. View Geometry- If analyzing a document uncovers hidden geometry or shapes, you can use the View Geometry function to see the shapes. Once you have displayed the geometry, the shape will be saved in your shapes file. Rotate Shape- Rotate shape (outside of the map) will rotate shapes that SIDNEY finds in a file.

Analyzing the Map

The map is the most important and longest puzzle in the game. Once you have found the map and scanned it into SIDNEY, you can analyze the map with "Start Analysis." The Analyze screen has many special functions for analyzing maps. Under the "graphic" drop-down you have Use Shape and Clear Shape. Under the "map" drop-down are Enter Points, Clear points, Draw Grid, Erase Grid.

Map Interface

Once you've open the map file and analyzed it, you'll see the map view. On the right side of the screen is the full map. On the left side is the detailed close-up of the section of the map you are currently working with. To change the close-up view, click on the full map in the area that you want to see in detail. You can also drag to scan across the map. Enter points - With this function, you can place points on the map. You enter points on the close-up map, so select the area where you would like to place a point in on the full map view, and then click on the close-up map to place the point or points. Once you have points placed, you can use the "Start Analysis" button to determine if the points you entered have any relationship to each other. Clear points- this will remove all points that have not been locked down as "final" by the game (if the game has locked a point, then you got it right).

Draw grid- With this feature, you can draw grids on the map. You will be asked what dimension you would like the grid to be.

Clear grid- If you are unhappy with the grid you have placed, you can use the clear grid function to remove it. Grids that have been locked down by Grace can not be (and do not need to be) cleared.

Use shape- this will become available once you find shapes in files using SIDNEY. By selecting a shape, you can add that shape to the map. Shapes need to be locked to other objects on the map such as points, lines or other shapes. When you are dealing with a shape you have selected on the map, you can move, scale and rotate it. Moving shapes- To move a shape, select it by clicking on it (the selected shape will turn black). Move the mouse to the center of the shape until the cursor changes to the "move"

cursor lift. Click and drag the mouse until the shape is where you want it to be on the map.

Scaling shapes- To scale a shape, select it by clicking on it. Move your cursor to the edge of the shape until the cursor becomes the "scale" cursor \—A. Click and drag the mouse until the shape is the size you would like it to be. Rotating shapes- If you wish to rotate a shape, move the cursor outside of the shape until it becomes a "rotate"

cursor Click and drag the mouse to rotate the shape.

Clear Shape- If you don't like the shape you have put on the map, you can use clear shape to remove the currently selected shape.

NOTE: You can not move, scale, rotate or clear a shape that Grace has locked down. Locked down items are shown in blue. (See the puzzle walkthrough for tips on using these SIDNEY features)

Strategy and Playing Tips

Use the camera control. We on the development team use the camera almost exclusively to play the game. Don't worry about moving Gabriel or Grace around (by clicking on the floor). Just use the camera to zoom in on an object across the room or another character. When you actually CLICK on that object and choose a verb (such as TALK), Gabriel

or Grace will walk over automatically and do the action, no matter where they are.

Move Gabriel or Grace when they need to be in a specific spot. You move Gabriel or Grace by clicking on the floor. As noted in Tip #1, general game play does not require this, you can get along nicely using the camera and verb chooser. However, where you do want to move your character is when you want them to get into a certain spot in a room to sneak, overhear, or generally stay out of sight.

The [ESC] key and INSPECT verbs are your friends! Use these features to speed up game play. For example, if Gabriel is standing near the bookshop at the hotel exterior, and you want to enter the hotel, you can do it the long way (by clicking OPEN on the hotel door while the camera is facing Gabriel - in which case, he'll walk all the way to the door) or the short way (by using Skip To View). To use Skip To View, move your camera close to an object (the INSPECT camera is one easy way to do this), then select the action you want. Because Gabriel or Grace are not on screen, they will walk in from just behind camera to perform the action, skipping the intervening space. Skipping is determined by the camera's view volume, if Gabe or Grace don't seem to be coming in from just off screen, try changing the angle of the camera. Alternatively, if Gabriel or Grace do start a long walk to a position (such as exiting a room), hit [ESC] to send them immediately to their final position. Be careful though, if starting a dialogue, hitting [ESC] more than once will not only take Gabriel or Grace to their final position, but will skip the dialogue as well.

Talk to everyone about everything, and talk to them again whenever they've changed locations. You will usually have at least one new conversation with a character whenever he or she has moved around. Also PICKUP everything you can and, in general, explore rooms thoroughly, trying all your verbs.

Leave Cinematics on. Most of us on the development team always play with cinematics on. This allows all scenes to provide optimal cameras. If suddenly a scene is occurring and you're not getting cameras, it's because you've turned this off. Places where it is helpful to turn cinematics off is if you are in a scene and you hear a sound in the distance a sound not part of your conversation. This is a clue that you might want to turn cameras off and go check it out - but this is never necessary for game play. Another place where it's useful to turn it off is in certain puzzles where it helps to have one wide shot of the room. If you do turn cinematics off, don't forget to turn it back on!

SIDNEY map puzzle. Besides the HINT button on the Right-Click Toolbar, you can also get hints on inventory items, especially lLe Serpent Rouge' itself. THINK on the current verse will give a hint. Hints are also available in SIDNEY SEARCH on keywords, and on other inventory items related to the mystery. But try to solve the verses without the Right-Click Toolbar's hint button where possible - you'll enjoy it more.

Keep track of other people. Depending on how good a player you want to be - and how obsessed you want to get, this game can be explored at different levels. If you've not too confident about playing, and don't want to worry about 'seeing everything', then just go with the game flow - talk to people as you find them, do actions as you think them up. Don't worry - the game will never let you miss anything vital to your mission, or get stuck in a situation where you have to restore a previous game because you've missed something.

However, if you want to see everything . . . The game has many optional scenes - things you may or may not witness/ overhear or conversations you may or may not have. This is because this game is built like a real world, with the characters moving around as time passes. The things that you have to do to finish a timeblock, and thus move the game clock forward, are all the things necessary to solve the main mystery of the game — to 'solve the case'. But how much you leam about the subplots - such as each character's agenda -is up to you.

To keep track of everyone at all times, explore all rooms in a timeblock until you have figured out where everyone is. Save your game in the beginning of the timeblock and as you see major scenes or puzzles, so that if you 'accidentally' trigger the timeblock change before you've finished exploring, you can restore back and avoid doing that last item (which will move the clock forward) until you've finished exploring. Usually it is a group of actions that must be completed before the time block changes, so not doing just one of those will keep your clock from moving forward.

There's also what we call 'mid timeblock changes'. That is, doing something in the timeblock will cause one or more characters to move around even though there hasn't been a timeblock change. When these occur, you will hear a clock sound, like the one that plays on the timeblock screen. That's your hint that things have changed in the game world. If you are so inclined (but it's certainly not necessary), you can run through your list of rooms and suspects again.

Another way to tell how much you've seen of the game is the points in your score - and the web forum.

Have fun! And remember, the GK forum is a great place to get hints, tips, and share the experience with others.

gett4ng started

We'll walk through a few actions to help you learn how to play.

The game starts in Gabriel's hotel room. Left click on the wardrobe in the far comer of the room, and click the INSPECT icon. (Also try moving the camera over to that comer by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse forward).

This will bring you close to the wardrobe.

This will bring you close to the wardrobe.

Jennifer Hale Gabriel Knight

Left click on the wardrobe again, and click the OPEN icon. Gabriel will walk to the wardrobe and open it.

Left click on the wardrobe again, and click the OPEN icon. Gabriel will walk to the wardrobe and open it.

Left click on the white piece of tape stuck to the back wall of the wardrobe, and click the PICK UP icon (you'll need the tape later).

Right click to bring up the Right-Click Toolbar and click on the "Inventory" icon.

This will bring up a close-up picture of the tape.

You will see that the roll of tape has a red box around it. This means that it's your currently selected item. Left click on the tape, and click INSPECT.

This will bring up a close-up picture of the tape.

To exit the close up, left click on the "exit" button. Close inventory by clicking the "Exit" button. Left click on the wardrobe, and click the CLOSE icon. Now hold down the left mouse button and drag it backwards, so that you see more of the room. Click and drag to the right and find the room door. Click on the door and click OPEN to exit into the rest of the hotel.

Using these simple controls, you will be able to explore the hotel, town, and everything in the rest of the game.

sidney walkthrough

After you have Le Serpent Rouge and the church pamphlet in 2,5 pm, Grace will start the SIDNEY map puzzle. To get you started, we have including a short walkthrough of the first verse of Le Serpent Rouge. You may want to try to play through without this, but it's here if you get stuck.

1 1 t fl f

It* ¿m* -.-¡-I-I-- .] tU l-U >--■> * *t u t-iA-i*.' M»

l^. , ti. ,SU. V— ^ A - Jt I


do a search in SIDNEY for "RA clicking and choosing the "Exit do a search in SIDNEY for "RA clicking and choosing the "Exit

Go to Gabriel and Grace's hotel room in 2,5pm. Right click and click on the "Inventory" icon. Click INSPECT on the "Le Serpent Rouge" inventory item. Left click on the first verse, and click the READ icon. If you click the THINK icon on the passage, Grace will say that she should ." Exit inventory by right-inventory screen" icon.

Left click on SIDNEY in the room, and click the TYPE icon. Enter SIDNEY'S search by clicking the "Search" button on the main menu. Enter RA into the search box. You will leam that Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun. Right-click and click the hint button. Grace mentions something about the church pamphlet. Enter inventory again. Click INSPECT on the church pamphlet. Click the THINK icon on the paragraph about the "Sunrise phenomenon." Exit the close-up by left-clicking and clicking the RETURN FROM

INSPECT icon. Click INSPECT on Le Serpent Rouge, and click THINK on the verse again. Now you know that you have to put the sunrise line on the map. Exit inventory. You should now be back in SIDNEY.

Click the "Analyze" button on the top of the screen. Then choose "Open hie" from the "Open" drop-down. Click "map" from the file list, and click "Start Analysis." A dialogue box will come up telling Grace a little about using the map.

Find Rennes-le-Chateau on the right side of the map, and click on it. You should see the name appear on the left side. Choose "Enter points" from the "Map" drop-down. Find the small cross on the close-up map (representing the church) and click your first point there. The church pamphlet talks about the line being between the church and Chateau de

Gabriel Knight Red Serpent Map

Blanchefort, so find Blanchefort on the full view of the map, and click there (be sure you're clicking on the full view). Find the small tower picture above the words "Château de Blanchefort" on the close-up map, and click your second point there.

Hit the "Start Analysis" button, completing the first verse of Le Serpent Rouge. Good luck on the rest of the puzzle!


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Adam D. Bormann Cheryl Sweeney

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Sidney Mystica Entries: Several SIDNEY entries provided by The Mystica Encyclopedia, an on-line encyclopedia of occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more. Visit it at Uses Bink Video, Copyright (c) 1997-1999 by RAD Qame Tools, Inc.

Special Thanks to:

Scott Lynch, Wendy Albee, Cindy Vanous, Philip Cayting, Kim Schell. Also, thanks to Christy Lein, Nico Sels, Carlos da Silva, Heath Smith, and all the other fans and fansites.


Gabriel Knight:

Tim Curry

Grâce Nakimura:

Charity James


David A. Thomas Jr.

Train Conductor:

Joe Lala


Philippe Bergeron

Madeline Buthane:

Jennifer Hale

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The Languedoc region of southern France has been a hot-bed of occult, heretic and mysterious activity for thousands of years. The region's occupants have included the Merovingians, the Cathars, the Visigoths, and the Knights Templars.

In 1891, the poor parish priest of the Languedoc village of Rennes-le-Chateau made a discovery that has continued to intrigue and mystify modern researchers and treasure-hunters. During the restoration of his church the priest, Berenger Sauniere, uncovered sealed parchments that had been placed in a stone altar. These parchments contained coded messages, some of which have not been deciphered to this day. Sauniere brought these parchments to Paris, where he allegedly conducted meetings with members of secret occult societies.

When he returned to Rennes-le-Chateau, he began spending millions of dollars constructing and renovating the church and surrounding area. He spent his days on secluded walks in the country-side, destroying local landmarks, and died without revealing his secrets.

There have been many theories about what Sauniere found, a few of them gaining more attention than others. Today treasure-hunters hope they can locate Sauniere s secret, or his secret source of wealth. They scour the region following every lead. Qabriel Knight: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned will not only delight GK fans with a fascinating new mystery that blends fact and fiction, but fans of the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery will get a chance to visit the key locations in the mystery and to actually solve the enigma. For Further Reading

This is a list of books that relate to the mysteries involved in Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. You don't need to know any of this information to play the game. These are provided for those of you who are interested learning more about the real-life mysteries related to the game.

Andrews, Richard and Paul Schellenberger. The Tomb of God. London: Little, Brown and Co., 1996. Baigent, Michael, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Holy Blood, Holy Grail. New York: Dell, 1983. Baigent, Michael, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. The Messianic Legacy. New York: Dell, 1986. Gardner, Laurence.

Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Rockport: Element, 1996. Lincoln, Henry.

The Holy Place. New York: Arcade, 1991. Wood, David.

GENISIS: The First Book of Revelations. Adventures Unlimited Press, 1986.

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