Welcome to New Temperance, a city of opportunity at the heart of America. The right opportunity, for the right kind of person.

For the last 11 years, since the ratification of the 18th Amendment enforced the ban on the production and sale of alcohol, New Temperance has been a liquor free city. The crime rate is the lowest within the state, thanks to effective policing and the strong, sober, sense of community that has existed ever since the settlers first halted their covered wagons and decided to call this place home.

Money is plentiful, and industry strong.

The parks and rivers are clean, and the air is sweet.

Everyone is neighbourly, and children still respect their elders.

But things are about to change____

This city has been overlooked by the bootleggers, whilst Chicago and other cities have been drowned in illegal liquor. But do not spend too much time congratulating yourself in finding this gold mine; others have undoubtedly come to the same conclusion. Even now they are putting down roots in the city, building the strength to take control of areas of the city that could so easily be yours.

Its time to get out there, and show them who's Boss.


In Gangsters, your goal as a new mobster is to become the city's crime overlord. You take the role of one of four rival Gang Leaders. Each one starts off in a different quarter of the city and has the task of eliminating the competition!

The game has two main sections: the Gang Organizer and the Working Week.

The Gang Organizer is where you organize your teams, view city information and give orders to your Gang. The Working Week is where you see the results of the orders, look for new targets and take immediate action against any intruders.


Insert the Gangsters CD into your CD-ROM drive. If autorun is enabled, Gangsters will automatically take you into the Autoplay Screen.

  • Click on the Install button, then follow the onscreen instructions as directed.
  • If the Autoplay feature has been disabled, double click on the CD-ROM drive icon from My Computer, and select Setup.Now.Exe Once installed, Gangsters will appear in the Program Group on the Start Menu.


To play Gangsters, place the CD into its drive.

Once the Autoplay screen has loaded, click on the Install Game button.

.■■ If Autoplay is disabled, or the computer was turned on with the CD already in its drive, click on the Start Menu button, then select the Programs Group and click on Gangsters.

Alternatively, open the Hothouse Creations folder, situated in My Computer \ C \ Program Files, and double click on the Gangsters icon.


This manual is divided into three sections:


These have been written for people who are experiencing their first outing to New Temperance. There are four tutorials, which guide through important stages of the game: The Gang Organizer

-The Working Week Expanding further Action in the Working Week


The reference guide allows you to look up information as you play the game. This section contains details of all the options available to the player, and is designed to help you navigate the screens and the city as quickly as possible.


Appendices at the back of the manual contain other useful information.


It is strongly recommended that you start by working through the tutorials.


.■■ Click on Tutorials in the Main Menu. .■■ Click on a tutorial in the Tutorials Screen. .■■ Click on Load Tutorial.

If you want to start a new game immediately, this can be done from the Main Menu.


.■■ Click on New Game in the Main Menu. .■■ Click on Start Game.

If you start a new game in the way described above, you will begin with the following settings:

1. The game will be a full game.

The winner is the first to eliminate the other Gang Leaders, become Mayor or Go Straight.

  1. Your name and face will be taken from the last stored face. If you have not played Gangsters before, this face will be random.
  2. All opponents will be set to a random difficulty.
  3. You will start the game with one office and a suitable front.
  4. Your team will consist of six hoods.

One will be placed into the front, two into a team and the remainder placed in the pool.

  1. You will possess one car, and three pistols.
  2. Your bank balance will be $6000.

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