This tutorial expands on the progress you made following Tutorials 1 and 2. As your Gang expands, things will inevitably start to go wrong. You may find that you have fewer hoods than you would like, Gang members will become unhappy and business owners will start to refuse to pay protection. As a Gang Leader, it is your task to ensure that these situations are dealt with promptly. In this tutorial, you will learn the following: Completing the recruitment order - Keeping your Gang members happy Dealing with unruly business owners You will also learn three new orders: .-■ Bomb

Although not all subjects will be covered by the end of this tutorial, you should be comfortable with the Gang Organizer. Once the tutorial has loaded, you will find yourself in the Gang Organizer. The first thing you should do is to appraise your situation. To do this, perform the three checks as mentioned in the first tutorial:

Team Check Territory Check ■- Finance Check If you need help with these, please refer to Tutorial 1. You might also like to check the orders your Lieutenants have already been given; those that were covered in the first tutorial. If you need help with viewing "This Week's Orders", please refer to Tutorial 2. When you are happy with your position, you need to hire some hoods.


You should already be familiar with issuing the "Recruit" order. The "Recruit" report is produced as the result of a successful "Recruit" order that was given in the previous Working Week, and is covered in Tutorial 1. When the week has concluded, all the people available for recruitment can be seen. These are the hoods, accountants or lawyers that were visited and spoken to by your Gang members during the previous Working Week. To view or recruit the people you must access the "Recruit" report. This is located in the Reports section of the Lieutenant Section. If you are not in this screen

Click on the Lieutenant Section Tab.

Click on the Reports button.

■- Click on the Recruit People button.

The recruit report displays all the hoods available for hire. Each shows their photograph, their name and wage demand. Click on the face of Fidel "Donut" Costa.

Irf li|Mil +


I -J.


1 I1




Costa's details appear at the bottom of the page. Costa has a very high firearms, stealth, organisation and intelligence rating. .■■ Click on the button marked Recruit as New Lieutenant.

A window appears, stating that Costa will require an extra $50 a week to be a Lieutenant and asking you to confirm the action. .■■ Click Yes.

Costa becomes a new Lieutenant and can be accessed from the third Lieutenant tab. All new Lieutenants become immediately selected, so you will now see Costa displayed at the top left of the page.

y^. Click on the face of the next hood, Dion "Rat" Murphy.

Murphy, like Costa, has high firearms and stealth ratings, but is not so good in other areas.

.■■ Click on the button next to Murphy's attributes list, labelled Recruit to Team.

When you have done this, rename Costa's team "Security". and give Fidel the two Tommy Guns that are in your weapons pool. Please refer to Tutorial 1 if you need help with this actions.

Click on the face of the last hood; Sara "Buttons" Flood.

Flood has high ratings across most of the range of skills, but is especially good with explosives. She will make an excellent Lieutenant for a team involved with bombing activities. Promote Flood to the fourth Lieutenant tab.

You have now recruited three additional people. You will be giving them orders shortly.


Now that you have expanded your team, you need to look at dealing with an unhappy Gang member.

■ Click on the first Lieutenant tab, to select Kirby "Gabby" Green.

Green's hood, Uladislas "Rocket" Wojtyla, is not happy. There are several possible causes of his unhappiness; having been attacked, demoted or feeling underpaid.

Whatever the reason, his name is now displayed in red. If his name remains red too long, he may leave you to work for a rival Gang. ' Click on Uladislas' name.


j-jViVi ■ _I



This displays his face and name just below those of Kirby "Gabby" Green. You will see that Uladislas' pay demand is $40 higher than the amount he is actually being paid. Click on the Hoods Pay button.

The money roll appears, showing the amount Uladislas is being paid each week.

.■■ Click on the Increase Pay arrow, situated on the money roll, until the amount reaches the same as his pay demand.

This is the amount that Uladislas wants to be paid each week. Hoods are always mercenary, and only increases in money will keep them happy. .■■ Click on the Hoods Pay button again.

This confirms Uladislas' wage increase, and reduces any threat of his leaving the Gang. As soon as the money clip is closed, Uladislas' name will turn black again.


Now that your team members are all content, you must check out something that you may have noticed in your Territory Check; the border of the green Gang meets the border of the orange Gang. First, access the Maps.

.■■ Click on the seventh top tab, labelled Maps.

You will now see the City Plan. You are going to perform another Territory Check, but this time you will need to look more carefully at what is happening in the city. .■■ Click on the Territory button.

Scroll towards the bottom of the map.

■ ■


—IF- ' !

i_ il



You know the territories of each of the rival Gang Leaders. You can clearly see that there are points where the border of the Green Gang meets that of the Orange Gang. This could prove to be an area of extreme violence in the weeks to come, so you will need to use a Go to order to secure this region. Near to the conflict area between the Green and Orange Gangs, there is a key strategic point that could be worth guarding.

This is the bridge crossing just to the South of the Public Baths. Strategic points such as these are good places to send hoods. A patrol order could be used to guard this point, but it is better to send hoods to the bridge to stay there and watch for enemy hoods attempting to cross into your territory. .■■ Click on the Lieutenant Tab for the third team, lead by

Fidel "Donut" Costa. .■■ Click on the Orders button.

Click on the Personnel Orders button. Click on the button labelled Go to.

The map is highlighted blue throughout. This shows that you can select to go anywhere, although this instruction does not guarantee the safety of any area for your hoods.

The map zooms in to the Rooftop View. Some orders require you to make a further definition of a target, which can only be done using the clipboard or this map level. .■■ Click on the pavement area half way down the bridge, to the right of the main road.

The job card will fill in the name of the road. _s Click once on the manpower button, to raise it to 2.

Click on the Confirm Order button.


Now that you have taken steps to prevent any violence between the Green and the Orange Gang, you should look at dealing with unruly business owners. Click on the Lawyer Section tab.

In this tutorial set-up, you have already recruited a Lawyer. Please refer to Tutorial 1 if you need information regarding the recruiting of people. .■■ Click on the report labelled Squealers.

You will see that a block is highlighted on the map and one name also appears on the clipboard; Eno Colburn. Eno will also appear in the squealer category of business owners in the clipboard, should you not have a Lawyer.

Eno Colburn is a business owner who has refused to pay protection money. This must be dealt with promptly, before other business owners realise that refusal is an option.

There are a number of choices for dealing with people who refuse to pay protection money. Most people can simply be intimidated or assaulted; this often helps change their mind. For some others, more extreme measures are needed.

Eno is one of the latter. Not only did he refuse to pay protection, but he also told the police about your actions.

This is called squealing and is an activity you cannot afford to ignore, since the police will now be hunting the hood who performed the extortion.

You are therefore going to bomb Eno's store. This is the convenience store two blocks to the right of your Headquarters.

Click on the Lieutenant Tab for Sara Flood; the

"Bombers" team. Click on the button for Orders. Click on the button for Violent Crimes. Click on the Bomb button.

Small areas of the map should now be colored blue. These are the areas that are valid targets for bombing, and currently consist of buildings that fall into the following categories: ■- Those occupied by, or belong to, people who have squealed on you.

The City Hall and the Courthouse. .■■ The Police Department and the F.B.I. Headquarters. Known enemy owned sites.

Eno belongs to the first group, so the block he is on is highlighted.

_s Click on the highlighted block two to the right of your


This is where Eno is. Since he is the only valid target from the above list to live on the block, his business is automatically selected and filled in on the job card. ■- Confirm the order.

This will send Sara on her way to bomb Eno's business.


Before sending out people to collect the protection money, you will first of all give Kirby "Gabby" Green, the Lieutenant responsible for collecting protection, an area to cover. This is not essential, but will allow you to leave certain activities to your Lieutenants without the need for repeated orders. ■_ Click on the Maps tab. jp Click on Territory. ■- Click on the button below Territory, labelled Lieutenant's Area.

A small window will open, in which you will see a Lieutenant and their name displayed. Since Kirby Green is the Lieutenant of the first team, it is his face and name that you will now see.

.■■ Bound an area of the map, so that the bound area encloses the whole of your territory.

the whole of your territory.

The selected area will turn white. Should you have missed any blocks, you can add them by clicking on the blocks individually. If you select any blocks twice, they will become deselected.

.-■ Click on the Lieutenant's Area button again.

The area is now allocated to Kirby. You must now take the following steps to start collecting the protection money: ■- Click on the Lieutenant's Section Tab. .■■ Click on the Orders button.

Click on the button for Business Orders. .■■ Click on the Collect Protection button.

The map will now show all of your area selected, and the job card will state that the territory has been selected. .■■ Click once on the Manpower button.

This increases the number of hoods sent on the order to two. ■- Click on the Repeat Order button.

This button instructs Kirby to issue orders to collect protection money each week, until told otherwise. Click on the Confirm Order button.

Now that the orders have been given, you need to Hit the Streets so your hoods can get on with their tasks. .■■ Click on the button at the bottom right, labelled

Hit the Streets!

This ends the third tutorial and starts Tutorial 4.

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