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The Garage Sale Toolkit

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The Garage Sale Toolkit Summary

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Clean Up Pollution

Detoxifying squares by cleaning up the pollution there restores the full (pre-pollution) production capacity to the affected squares. A long-term benefit of clean-up is the reduced chance of global warming, which might otherwise occur (see Terrain & Movement for details). Both industrial pollution and nuclear contamination can be eliminated by clean-up efforts. When your Settlers or Engineer unit is positioned in the appropriate terrain square, choose the Clean up Pollution option on the Orders menu or press the p key.

Nun Ufll Tfi Classified

The Hunter Seeker Droid is a lightning fast drone unit that i s deployed to clean up the battlefield. Hunter Seeker Droids randomly search out an enemy unit or structure and latch on to it. Once attached, the Hunter Seeker Droid will self-destruct, destroying the object it has attached to as well, The unit cannot be controlled and will automatically seek prey when released.

Part Mastering Master of Orion

If additional resources are spent on ecology above and beyond those required to clean up a planet's industrial waste, you are temporarily improving the environment and increasing the population growth rate. Each 20 BC spent on this form of improvement increases growth by one colonist unit. With cloning technology, the cost is reduced to 10 BC per colonist, and with advanced cloning the cost is reduced even further to 5 BC each. Additional growth can never exceed one-fourth the current population per year.

Problems and Solutions

Solution Free up as much extended memory as you can by removing any Disk Cache or Ram Disk programs (i.e. SMARTDRV or RAMDRIVE). Also free up as much DOS flower 640k) memory as possible by removing non-critical TSR programs. One way to accomplish this is to make a Boot Disk that contains only essential drivers and data. Once the Boot Disk is created, you simply restart the computer witii the Boot Disk in the floppy drive. This method can make more memory available by cleaning up the boot process. You can return the computer to its normal state by removing the Boot Disk and then resetting the computer. A special Boot Disk Maker is provided with diis program to assist in this process. To use it, go to the MOON directory and type BOOT enter . Be sure to have a floppy available for use as the Boot Disk.

Nuclear Contamination

A Nuclear unit not only destroys the army or city it targets, but all units stacked with the target, and those in adjacent squares as well. It also pollutes a number of map squares around the impact square. Enemy units' zones of control (which are discussed under Movement Restrictions) might make it impossible for your Settlers or Engineer units to clean up this contamination in a timely fashion, and your rival might not spend the time or manpower. Unchecked pollution significantly raises the risk of a global warming disaster.

Local Pollution Disasters And Dead Tiles

The most common form of pollution disasters occurs when cities create sustained levels of toxic pollution. The effect on the environment is so devastating, the terrain surrounding the city runs the risk of being poisoned and rendered unusable. The resulting dead tile creates no food, production, or commerce. Tile improvements are destroyed when tiles become dead as well. Once you discover the Conservation advance, you can clean up dead tiles by terraforming them back to their original

Graphic Performance and Quality

The amount of Extended Memory Available is the factor which determines the Quality of the VR (bhckiness). Under a Killing Moon has VR rooms which will use up to 8 MB of extended memory if you have it. To see all the VR graphic data in the game as detailed as it can be, requires approximately 8 MB of available extended memory while running. To check your available memory, go to the Configuration screen. (See page 34) If you only have 8 MB of RAM in your computer, you will not be able to gel 8 MB free when running. You should free up as much as possible however. The VR graphics will scale to fit in whatever amount of free memory you have. If you can get (3 MB free, your graphics will still look great, and most people will not notice a difference. To make more memory available, disable any Disk Cache or Ram Drives (i.e. SMARTDRV or RAMDRIVF.) or other programs which reserve significant amounts of extended memory. iliis may also include Memory Managers. Under a Killing Moon uses a 32 bit...


Everyone needs to make a bit of money, and NPCs are no exception. Often, you will find an NPC holding some sort of mini garage sale. You may buy items he or she has collected or sell items you no longer have a need for. If you're feeling particularly generous, you can give an item or gold to the NPC. Such heartfelt gifts to an NPC often improve your character's relationship with the creature the NPC will think of you more highly the next time you're around.

Clear Area

This function allows you to demolish structures and roads, and clean up areas of rubble. Select this button to activate Clear mode. Then click on any previously built structure on your Main Map to destroy it. While Clear mode is active, the cost displayed in the text window is the cost per map square of destruction. To demolish a building, just click on it. To clean up the resulting rubble, click once again on each square that contains wreckage while you are in Clear mode.

Kids and Gameplay

Kids are an Integral part of gameplay, no matter how many times they don't clean up after a bath. (Not that they aren't matched by sloppy adults). They are very social, and their Interaction with other Neighbourhood kids often leads to household interaction with those neighbour kids' parents. And the social exchanges taking place between Neighbours can spark new relationships and career movements. Don't be paranoid about which kids your Sims' kids mess around with it's all for the good of the game. When you get a chance to have a household kid play with other kids, go for it good things can come of it.


Artillery units have intense firepower that is capable of damaging the enemy at extreme long range. Artillery is used to provide support to attacking troops by weakening enemy defenders. Once the enemy's defenses are softened up by a fusillade of Artillery fire, allied troops can move in to clean up, quickly eliminating any remaining resistance with minimal losses. The fire envelope of Artillery units makes them effective against the otherwise difficult to stop Aerial units. Artillery units have poor armour and few Move points, making them very vulnerable should the enemy get behind your lines. Artillery also have a zone of control of two against aerial units.

Pollutions Effects

Polluted terrain can be detoxified by any Settlers or Engineer unit. The working unit's shield is marked with a P to note it has been ordered to detoxify a polluted square. After four turns of work (an Engineer can clean up in two), the pollution disappears. Adding more Settlers or Engineer units to a polluted square speeds the cleanup. If you use the GoTo City order, your city list marks which locations suffer from pollution. Note that a polluted square within the radius overlap of two cities is listed once for each city if your cities are close together, this might give you an alarming overstatement of the total pollution your civilization suffers.

Dont Leave fvidence

If you defeat an opponent, hide the body in the shadows, so that other passers-by won't be alerted to your presence. If you have Water Arrows to spare, use them to clean up incriminating bloodstains. (see Player Tools, below) Closing doors behind you can also serve to keep anyone from becoming suspicious. Also be aware that, if you steal a treasure that's prominently displayed, someone might notice if it goes missing.

Planetary Caretaking

Pollution can be cleaned up by Settlers units. Move the Settlers onto the polluted square and press the Clear Pollution key (the P key for the IBM DOS version, the K key for the Windows version, and the CMD + K keys for the Macintosh version). The Settlers unit is marked with a P to note it has been ordered to clean up pollution. Nuclear Weapons When a nuclear unit is used in an attack, an additional effect of the attack is the pollution of a number of map squares around the impact square. Remember this when you are tempted to use nuclear weapons. You may create pollution you cannot readily reach with Settlers to clean up, raising significantly the risk of global warming.

Basic Land Combat

Combat, in Hearts of Iron II, represents the struggle for control of large provincial areas and should be thought of as a series of engagements, rather than a single battle between two large forces. Battles can often last for many hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the size of the forces involved and hew well the enemy has prepared to defend the province. It will continue in a series of combat rounds until one side is either victorious or is ordered to disengage. If the defender is victorious or the aggressor breaks off the attack then things will remain status quo. If the defender chooses to flee or has been forced into full retreat, the attacker will begin to mcve into the province to clean up the last pockets of resistance and begin the occupation of the newly-conquered province.

Crises and Disasters

Industrial Accident A major industrial accident pollutes an entire colony with radioactive waste, setting the industrial waste to maximum for that planet. You should attempt to clean up the waste as soon as possible or the pollution will begin to kill off your colonists.

Hire Staff Panel

Their Ability bar shows how good they are at detecting problems. They hurry around, sweeping away litter and other rubbish that falls on the floor, watering plants, looking after the radiators, and maintaining your expensive Hospital equipment. The more Handymen you have, the cleaner and safer your Hospital will be.

Installing DirectX a

I will of course take care of Parker. I'll need to acquisition some additional equipment and squads to ensure success, so please authorize under code Aw2-14-b. I have already issued a release about Parker's actions on Krig and the vultures are eating it up.Pretty soon, nice old ladies are going to want that Parker dead. The Order clean up on Krig is going smoothly and I'm sure you will be pleased with my progress. I also need you to authorize payment for the Crim-12 Mercenaries we hired a few months ago. Their leader Cobb isn't happy about the wait, but I told him he's lucky we let them operate at all. I hope that was all right. I had one of our engineers compile a list of their known equipment and have attached it. They have once again requested 30 tons of scrap in this shipment, so if that's all right, I'll need your authorization for that as well. Thank you sir.

Insiders Guide For Making Money with Garage Sales

Insiders Guide For Making Money with Garage Sales

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