Multiplayer Setup

There have been two additions and one subtraction from the Player Setup Screen in Multiplayer. You can no longer change your avatar name on this screen. If you want to change your avatar name, you have to do so from the Options Screen's Multiplayer tab, and do so while you are not logged into a server.

On the other hand, the soldier roster now includes two new features: a Ready Indicator and a Ping indicator. The former is indicated by a circle icon which is either red or green. A red one indicates that the player has not yet clicked the Ready checkbox. Green means that he has. Next to it is a series of short vertical bars that are either red or green. This is the Ping Indicator. Four green bars indicates that you're in good shape; two red ones means that your connection's a bit slow.

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  • arthur
    How to connect multiplayer on ghost recon island thunder?
    4 years ago

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