Quick Start

Make a working copy of your software so as to keep the original intact. To get started, check out the section about your machine on the following pages.


For Amiga 1000:

^ l.Ufc|ot with Kickstart program.

2. When your computer asks for die Workbench disk, insert game disk 1.

For all other Amigas:

  1. Insert game disk 1.
  2. Switch your computer on or restart it. This will automatically load the software.


Hard Drive Version

  1. Insert game disk 1 in disk drive (example A:)
  2. Type A: (enter)
  3. Type INSTALL (enter)
  4. Default directory will be GOBLINS. You may specify another directory at this point.
  5. Follow prompts on-screen.
  6. To play Gobliiins at the DOS prompt type

CDXGOBLINS <enter>. Next type GO ^enter>.

7. Select mouse or keyboard and sou^d Mjbrce from on-screen menus. /

Even though the three Cobliiins appear sinniluuii&yali/ only one can be moved at a time.

The head of the active goblin appear» in a crysiiif balHh the counter display and can be seen on die screen in pr<*file.

To change to another goblin using mouse:

- left-dick on the crystal ball • left-click on the goblin.

To change to another goblin using keyboard:

  • press spacebar
  • press the enter key with the arrow positioned on the crystal tall
  • press the enter key with the arrow petitioned on the goblin

I ho.^Hjpter display shows:

the interactive zones (left-click to activate) • found ^^r^T'the bottom of the screen, this zone provides the •v following functions;

  • the crystal ball with the active goblin
  • the skull when the game is quit or restarted (for mouse users, the same result can be achieved by pressing the ESC key)
  • neutral zones - found at the bottom of the screen, this zone provides the following information;
  • an energy line which decreases when energy loss occurs
  • the name of the object carried by the technician
  • 4 magic objects that can be found during the game and that they are underlined when you collect them

ARROW SHAPE: indicates movement. Left-click on your destination. For keyboard users, move the arrow on the screen using the directional keys on your key board and press enter.

FIST: initiates an action. To change the cursor shape to a fist, right-click using your mouse. Next left-click on the destination or the desired target (object). For key board users, press the ESC key to display the action cursor. Use the arrow key on your keyboard to select the destination. Press enter to begin the action.


There are a variety of action scqucn<es. depending on the goblin and the target location. X

  • Hooter casts his magic spell cither in front of him or at his feet
  • BoBo deals out a blow or jumps onto a rope
  • Dwaync uses the object in his possession
  • on himself
  • on a particular location on the scteen
  • or applies it to another object
  • The open hand: appears only in connection with Dwayne. It is used to pick up objects or to drop them. To pick up an object or to drop one that you are carrying, left-click on it. If using a keyboard, simply position the open hand cursor on the object and press enter. Since only one object can be carried at a time, an exchange takes place if Dwayre collects an object while he is already carrying one.
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