Flash Fm Dj Toni Maria Chambers Imaging voice and productionJeff Berlin

Written by: Don Houser and laztow Produced and edited by: Laztow

DJ Amy Sheckenhausen: leyna Weber Jez Torrent: Kevin McKxfc) Mondy Coloen Corbett MicheHe Caropadis: Mary Wrdsong Mr.Zoo: Con DovAng Gethsemane#: Lynn Upton Claude Moginot: John Maucort BJ Smith: Lawrence Taylor Jhor: Frank Favo

Radio Caters: Coarin Ed. Josh Clark. Jason Buhrmester Juan Alec. Wayne Otfver. Susan Lewis. GÄan TeWng. Tom Murray. Mfce Perron to Sr. Emmanuel Goldstein. Don Houser, Nick Mandelas. Gerry Coagrove. Mike Pater mo. Porkchop. Keith Broodas

Fever 105

DJ: diver lodyttHef Biscuit: Julius Dyson Imaging voice mole: Ed McMonn Imaging voice female: Shawnee Smith Imaging production: Listen Kitchen

WHISPERS And The Beat Goes On (Written by L Sytvers (¡1. S. Shockfey. W. Shelby) Whispers appear courtesy of Capitol Records

FAT LARRYS BAND Act Like You Know (Composed by T. Price. N. MortmeM Bkts) Fat Larry's Band appear courtesy of Uhfcfec Music. Inc.

OLIVER CHEATHAM Get Down Saturday Night (Written by K. McCord. Okver Cheatham) Oliver Cheatham appears courtesy ot Universal Music Group

THE POINTER SISTERS Automatic (Written by Patrick Watsh. Mark Gotdenberg) The Pointer Sisters appear courtesy of The RCA Records Label. Under license from BMG Special Products

RENE A ANGELA IP Be Good (Written by Rene Moore. Angela Wmbush) Rene St Artgeta appear courtesy of Universal Music Group

MARY JANE GIRLS All Night Long (Wtltten by Rick James) Mary Jane Girts appear courtesy of Universal Music Group

RICK JAMES Ghetto Life (Wntten by Rick James) Rick James appears courtesy of Universal Mu


MICHAEL JACKSON Wanno Be Startin' Somethin' (Written by M Jackson) Michael Jackson appear courtesy of Epic Records

EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING Shame (Written by J H. Rtch. R Cross) Evelyn 'Champagne' King appears courtesy of The RCA Records Label Under license from BMG Special Products

TEENA MARIE Behind The Groove (Wbtten by Mary C. Brockert. Richard Rudolph) Teena Marie oppears courtesy of Universal Music Group

MTU ME Juicy Fruit (Music and Lyrics by James Mtume) Mtume appears courtesy of Epic Records

KOOL A THE GANG Summer Madness (Written byR.A WesttiekJ. A Taylor. C.E. Smith. R.N BeO R E.

KooT Be9. G.M. Brown. D R. Thomas. R.S. Mickens) Kooi A The Gang appear courtesy of Universal Music Group

IN DEEP Lost Night A DJ Saved My Life (Written by M Cleveland) In Deep appear courtesy of UnkSsc Music, tnc.

TWISTED SISTER IWonnaRock (Written by Dee Snider) Twisted Sister appear courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp

MOTLEY CRUE Too Young to Foa In Love (Written by NMdStxx) Motley Crue appear courtesy of Lettbank Records doing business as

Beyond Music

QUIET RIOT Cum On Feel The Noise (Written by N. Holder. J. Lea) Quiet Riot appear courtesy of Portrait/Epic Records

THE CULT She Seas Sanctuary (written by l. Astburv. B. Duffy) The Cutt appear courtesy of Beggars Banquet

OZZY OSBOURNE Bark At The Moon (Written by O. Osboume) Ozzy Osboume appears courtesy of Epic Records

ROCKSTARS LOVEFIST Dangerous Bastard (wntten by Alton Walker) Rockstar s Lovefist appear courtesy of Rockstar North

IRON MAIDEN 2 Minutes To Midnight (Written by Bruce Dickinson. Adrian Smith) Iron Maiden appear courtesy of Sanctuary Records

LOVERBOY Working for the Weekend (Written by Paul Dean. Matthew Frenette. Mike Reno) Loverboy appear courtesy ot Columbia Records

ALCATRAZZ God Bless Video (Written by G. Bonnets VoS) AJcotrazz appear courtesy of Capitol Records under license from EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets

TESLA Cumfn'Atcha Uve (Written by Frank Harmon. Jeff Keith. Brian Wheat) Tesia appear courtesy of Universal Music Group

AUTOGRAPH Turn Up The Radio (Written by Steven Piunkett. Randy Rand. Steve ishom. Steve Lynch, Keni Richards) Autograph appear courtesy of The RCA Records Label. Under license from BMG Special Products

MEGADETH Peace SeHs (Written by Mustame) Megadeth appears courtesy of Capitol Records. Under License From EMi-Capltoi Muse Special Markets

ANTHRAX Madhouse (Written by Anthrax) Anthrax appear courtesy of island Def Jam Music Group

SLAYER Raining Blood (Lyrics by K King: Music and Lyrics by J. Hanneman) Slayer appear courtesy of bland Def Jam Music Group

JUDAS PRIEST You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Written by G. Tipton. R. Hottord. K K Downing) Judas Priest appear courtesy of Columbia Records

ROCKSTARS LOVEFIST Fist Fury (Written by ABan Watker) Rockstafs Lovefist appear courtesy of Rockstar North

DAVID LEE ROTH Yankee Rose (Lyrics by S V& Written by D.L Roth) David Lee Roth appear courtesy ot Warner Bros Records inc.

VRock DJ: laztow os Himself Imaging voice-Joe Kelly ImogJng Production-Jonathan Haast

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