You'll wont to time this according to when 'business' is booming, although there isn't really any such thing as a 'quiet period' in Vice City.

You will see many people in bathing suits, the smaller the better, but these are really only for the beautiful people of Vice City. Generally you can't go wrong with a smooth suit (light colors are good - blues, pinks, neutrals).

You will find a useful map included with this guide.

Always befriend a lawyer. In Vice City this is truer than ever, in fact this should be the first thing you do.

The police in Vice City are tough and aren't afraid of calling for backup, before you know It a minor infringement can escalate Into a full-blown showdown.

Don't ever travel with real ID.


Due to Vice City's infamous popularity with smugglers, customs officers are known to be thorough in their searches! ... the best advice is don't get caught.


All businesses need protection. You never know what kind of 'accidents' can happen. Remember, insurance is always money well spent.

Tourists are a prime target for carjackings and highway robberies. Carjackings are common in Vice City and tourists should use caution at all times.


Always carry a weapon (Left mouse button to fire) Remember, you can only pack one weapon of each type at a time (one mele6 weapon, one handgun, etc). Press Tab to replace your current selection with the new one. extra ammo will transfer right over.

Carry a lot of it. always cash, it looks good. Besides that, you'll need f « Qt^CAsl it as there is plenty to spend your money on in Vice City. You can v never have too many clothes, cars, mansions, or places to hide out.

Hospitals are located throughout the city:

  • Downtown
  • Vice Point
  • Ocean Beach
  • Little Havana fyi'*

When you arrive in town, no matter how experienced you are, you will need to make connections and schmooze to get your foot in the door. We suggest you go out, meet people, party with the right crowd to get to know what's going on in town.

Everyone has a quiet spell or has a job go bad and needs to make a bit of cash quick to see you through. Vice City is full of opportunities to make an extra buck or two.


Cruising down Ocean Drive is a serious night out in Vice City. The strip's neon hotels and bars are full of Vice City's young and beautiful. Models, actors, tourists, dealers and millionaires, all out having a good time. During the day roller skaters line the beach front and bikini cfad beauties stroll along the sand and fill the cafes.

The Cuban influence Is strong throughout the city, but is particularly prevalent in the area that has come to be known as Little Havana. Spanish is the predominant language here and the majority of the inhabitants are of course Cuban exiles. We highly recommend that If you visit the neighborhood, you take the time to visit Café Robina.

Home of Vice City's rich and powerful.

Little Haiti, unsurprisingly, Is the center of Haitian life In Vice City. If you don't speak much Creole you may need a phrase book, but it s well worth the trip, especially to visit Auntie Poulet for a bit of voodoo and gumbo.

Phil Cassidy's hang out Is also located nearby.

Fancy a romantic stroll? A place you can make sure you aren't being followed? Need a great setting for a dramatic showdown? Or just want to take In the sunset, top up your tan or do a bit of bodybuilding?...head to the beach.

Shark attacks off Vic© City happen a few times a year and there are more sharks out there than you would like to think - best advice, stay out of the waterl


Vice City has a variety of hotels, some more welcoming than others. Top of our recommended list is the Ocean View Hotel, which is comfortable but discreet. A good place to stay when you first arrive in town.

Vice City's skyline is, like most of Vice City, misleadingly beautiful. At night the buildings are illuminated and give an enticing illusion of glittering perfection.

Vice Port is located to the south of the city.

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