Jarred Stone

Jarred Stone was born behind the walls of the Rosario Sanctuary, in an Order hospital which had opened its doors to the poor, and was adopted by the Order of the New Dawn. He was given the name Jarred Stone, after the doctor and nurse who delivered him, and taken to the Light of the Pampas Children's Collective, where the sisters of the Manus Dei cared for him until his 14th birthday. At this point, vocational testing revealed he would best serve the Order in the ranks of the Pax Dei, as a soldier. And so he was sent on to the Forge of Dawn combat seminary.

His first combat trainer, the Paladin Valerius, was so impressed with Brother Stone's aptitude for war that he made only one comment on the young man's chart: "Jarred Stone will make a perfect soldier; his body is strong and his Faith is stronger. His one weakness may be that he has no weakness-even when faced with the impossible, he shows no fear, no doubt, no hesitation.

In the first year of active duty, Stone served on the line in no less than six armed conflicts, including the battle of Guderian Prime. There Stone led two squads of Crusaders over the walls of a Benton-Yutan mining fortress, and destroyed the automated turrets which held the rest of his company pinned against the bluffs. The lives of over a hundred of his fellow Crusaders were thus saved, and although Brother Stone was badly injured, he was still able to negotiate a peaceful surrender of the fortress without further bloodshed, once he realized that his commanding officer had been killed in the fighting.

Brother Stone's initiative and valor earned him a short rest at the Nova Roma Sanctuary, where he received treatment for the injuries he suffered on Guderian Prime. As soon as he was able, he rejoined his Company in a fleet action at King's cross, where the Armada of Dawn captured two heavy cruisers belonging to Dai Sheung Heavy Industries. Brother Stone distinguished himself once more in the boarding action against the DSS Seoul's Champion, when he broke through an enemy barricade and rescued several brothers of the Vox Dei. The brothers, who had been captured by Dai Sheung when their temple on King's Cross 3 was destroyed, were being held onboard the Lafayette for ransom. As a reward for his extreme heroism, Jarred Stone was promoted to the rank of Deacon and given command of his own Company.


Deacon Stone's current actions on Krig 7-b should not be considered his own. The Order believes that Stone's behavior is a direct result of the treacherous actions of Sarah Parker. She has most likely taken Stone against his will and is forcing him and his personal Company to follow her. Deacon Stone is to be brought immediately to Cardinal Balor's attention. Do not attempt to make personal contact with him. We cannot underestimate the extent of Parker's control over Stone. Pray with us my children, and bring our Brother home.


For those commanders eager to continue their battles, here are some quick start instructions.

The Install process should have created a shortcut on your desktop or task bar. Be sure to click on the Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy icon, not the original Ground Control icon.

Once you arrive at the Main Menu, click on the SINGLE PLAYER button. Click on the NEW GAME button. This will start the first mission for Ground Control Dark Conspiracy.

Dark Conspiracy


In Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy, you continue playing the role of Major Sarah Parker, Commander of what is left of the special operations task force on Krig-7B. Your first goal is to find a way off Krig-7B. From there, you're on your own.

When starting new missions, make sure you take the time to configure your dropships and squads. This could mean the difference between success and failure.


^gTFisT of Heracles

There are 4 types of squads: Infantry, Assault, Support, and Aerodyne. Refer to the original Ground Control manual for details on these squads.

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