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Save your game or load a previously saved game. You may also save your game quickly from within Half-Life by pressing Quicksave (F6). Load this game by pressing Quickload (F7). Only your most recent Quick-saved game can be selected from the Save/Load menu.

You may want to charge into a room and start shooting everything in sight. Sometimes we do, too. But in Half-Life, there are many others ways to interact with your surroundings. Half-Life's environments are as realistic as possible, and this level of realism will affect the way you move around. For instance, there's gravity - if you stand on ceiling tiles, don't be surprised if they collapse under your weight. There are also multiple surface effects - yes, wet floors really are slippery. And, if hit hard enough, glass will break. You can also shoot bullet holes onto walls to mark your turf, or leave yourself location reminders.

Try experimenting with your environment. Use your wits as well as your weapons to outsmart opponents and navigate through tough spots.

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