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Spec Ops Shooting Thrive on the Rabid Gun Shooting Market is a book that aims at transforming you into a better combatant when holding a gun in the battlefield. The book contains three battle-proven strategies that will work your way in the hour of need, helping you conquer the enemy you face with ease. It is a product of Brian Morris and contains a number of secrets to gunfights. The program covers three main techniques that will help maintain brain focus and avoid panicking, something that can get you killed with ease. The initial strategy was developed by Israeli and is meant imparts you skills that aid one's sharpness in mind along with body movements that will enhance your speed and a mastery of the manner in which things will turn out to be. The author was a Green Beret who served for nearly three decades in such a deadly unit. It goes without saying that his work will significantly benefit you. You will get all the necessary details about what you need to know. Considering the world we live in, life can change any minute. You need to be ready to face whatever comes your way. This program will help you do just that. Read more...

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The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Defensive Handgun Training Drills Book

This program has been authored by Mike Seeklander. He is a professional firearms instructor. He is also a former united state Marine, federal air Marshall, police office and federal firearms instructor. He has done quite a remarkable job of taking complex processes, breaking them down to more understandable training drills. His book is about the drills you should follow during a firearm training for you to successfully acquire the necessary skills in defensive shooting. With this guide, shooters can use the drills outlined in it to create a program of their own. With his years of training and former work profession, he is undoubtedly the guy to trust when it comes to handgun training drills. The book entails the drills to follow for both dry and live fire. You will also get to gain the confidence to defend your life when the need arises. The guide comprises of 11 dry fire drills and 13 live fire drills. The product can be acquired in two ways; Digital e-books, Personal delivery kindle book. The full program is highly recommended for those who wish to excel in this kind of sport. Due to the nature of its' seriousness, the product is only limited to adults and not children for security reasons. Read more...

Defensive Handgun Training Drills Book Summary

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Legally Concealed Courses

Legally Concealed Courses is a combination of various guides created to help the users with preparing for any emergency especially when the users need to defend themselves against any physical harm. It is packed with various methods that will help the users to prepare for any emergency. With them, the users will learn how to prepare for each and every one of the 41 everyday emergencies including rape, choking etc. Also, the users will be able to learn how to conceal weapons in places people will hardly believe it. The methods are easy to learn and easy to understand that the users will not need to spend a lot of days with it. It has the effect that makes it looks as if the users have learnt all the methods for so long. It comes with various courses, which had their prices reduced to help the users attain the expertise needed to survive any situation. Some of these courses are AK47 Crash Courses, Every Carry (The Tactics, Gear and Mindset for concealed carry) It is a digital product that comes with both EBook and Videos. Read more...

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Abilities Throw Sticky Bombs, Throw Grenades, Suppression Fire Qn the battlefield, Riflemen are all about versatility. Able to wield a variety of weapons, Riflemen prove to be an invaluable asset whether you're attacking an enemy garrison or defending your own structures from attack. The Browning Automatic Rifle upgrade allows them to fire more guickly and accurately, a key tool in pinning enemy infantry.

The Game World Weapons Sneak Peek

The Beretta is a 9mm semi-automatic handgun that will work well in close combat but is less accurate over long distances. The punch of the weapon is limited, especially against hardened enemies but the rate of fire makes up for this. The Beretta carries an extended clip that holds 18 bullets. Max Payne can hold two Berettas (as soon as he has found a second one), one in each hand, to achieve a deadly rate of fire. The Desert Eagle is a high-power handgun that packs a lot of stopping power and is very accurate. However, due to the recoil of this high caliber weapon, the rate of fire leaves room for improvement. The Desert Eagle carries 12 bullets in the clip.

Multiplayer Only Primary Weapons

The extreme ruggedness, reliability, and match-grade accuracy of Heckler & Koch's .45 Caliber Mark23 ACP has made it the handgun of choice for all U.S. Special Forces. The IMI .50 Desert Eagle is a very powerful handgun. It is capable of punching through body armour, but has a limited seven round magazine.

Infantry and Cavalry Improve Firearms Rifled Barrel

Firearms were developed and improved rapidly in the 17th and 18th centuries. Thanks to inventions in this field, firearms became lighter and more effective and gained better accuracy and a larger range of fire. Rifled handguns known as carbines were added to the arsenals. These firearms possessed a far greater range of fire. Large-calibre buckshot handguns called blunderbusses were effective at short range.

Types of Aircraft Fighters

Fighters have evolved from WWI era prop-driven biplanes and triplanes into highly-advanced supersonic jets. Originally used strictly for reconnaissance, it wasn't long before airplanes were also engaging in combat. Air combat initially consisted of pilots shooting at each other with handguns, but mounted machineguns quickly became standard equipment. The jet aircraft of later decades were additionally armed with a variety of guided missiles. By the late 21st Century, high-energy lasers had replaced most projectile weapons.

Design New Barrel Types Unicorn Carronade

Increase your artillery's range of fire by 10 . After researching this technology, your artillery (cannon, mortars, howitzers, multi-barrelled cannon, vessels, towers) will fire 10 farther. For instance, this will allow your cannon to shell enemy cannon while they are still unable to return fire. This technology does not affect units with handguns.

Secondary Access North Korean Tactical Network

Use your cloak to get close to the base. Hide behind the buildings on the left, then move further up and hunker down behind the corrugated metal fence while your cloak regenerates. Crawl around the fence with your cloak activated. Creep up the path slowly. A patrol will come around the corner. Blast them when you get into a good shooting position.

Minimizing The Risk Of Death

An officer does not shoot with the intent to kill he shoots when it is necessary to prevent the individual , from completing what he is attempting. In the extreme stress of a shooting situation, an officer may not have the opportunity or ability to direct his shot to a nonfatal area. To require him to do so, in every instance, could increase the risk of harm to himself or others. However, in keeping with the philosophy that the minimum force that is necessary should be used, officers should be aware that, even in the rare cases where the use of firearms reasonably appears necessary, the risk of death to any person should be minimized.

Close Range Combat Street Combat

Should you come across opposition that's too strong, consider retreating. If you're attacked from one side in a narrow corridor or street where there is no chance to retreat, see Figure 26. The large arrow indicates the direction of enemy attack. Riflemen and soldiers armed with non-automatic weapons should be moved back first. Covered by submachine gun fire, they should take defensive positions and provide covering fire for the retreating submachine gunners. Because everything in street combat happens at a substantially shorter range than in the country, the submachine gunners have to move in phases. First move to point A and provide fire support to the remaining team members only then do they run to point B.

Research Improved Additions to Gunpowder Formula

Gunpowder formula allows you to increase your artillery's range of fire by 5 . After researching this technology, your artillery (cannon, mortars, howitzers, multi-barrelled cannon, vessels, towers) will fire 5 farther. For instance, this will allow your cannon to shell enemy cannon while they are still unable to return fire. This technology does not affect units with handguns.

Push Ahead to the Train Station

Even when things look to be clear, don't just rush into the station. Creep forward and get ready for more RPG troops to appear in the jungle along the rise overlooking the yard. Open up on this location with everything you've got, as the pesky little buggers have a habit of surviving precision shooting. Only when no more fire is coming from this ridgeline is it safe to occupy the train station. The all-clear seems to be signaled by an allied soldier running into the town ahead of your tank, so wait until you see this before rolling forward.

J interactive powers

IStakael handgun Similar in look and feel to a present-day 9mm pistol, this handgun has a user interface that is so simple, even a child could use it. Many do. It packs only a small amount of punch, but is useful for those light days, when a heavier gun just feels like too much.

AI Variables

NPC Primary weapon - Pick which weapon you want the computer controlled player to carry here. Make sure your level has a good mix of weapons and have them vary between burst, semi, and auto. Auto being the least setting used. You can also select how many grenades that unit carries. Do not give them more than 3 grenades or they will constantly throw them Engagement Distance - Determines how close an enemy must approach before the selected item will engage the enemy. Use distances between 350 and 10 meters Depending on weapon equipped. If you have a handgun equipped on an AI you wouldn't want a max engagement distance above 50m. If you have a M40A1 then not above 350max and not below 30min engagement distance.

Design Wheel Lock

Action Designing a wheel lock for handguns The invention of the wheel lock allowed the production of handguns and pistols that required no fuse and ignited powder automatically. The ignition was caused via friction of a flint against a revolving wheel. This type of gunlock was of limited use on account of the high cost.

Design Flintlock

Action Designing a flintlock for handguns decreases The invention of the flintlock was a truly revolutionary event. Not only did it increase the rate of fire significantly, but it also made handguns cheap enough to supply an entire army with them. After this invention, all armies were equipped with new weapons that were produced until the early 19th century when a new type of gunlock was invented.


The lowest designation of Cabal soldier, Cultists are followers of the Cabal. These early initiates are recruited, or brainwashed, into service from inside the Cabalco Corporation. They dress in official corporate attire so that their presence will not be obtrusive, allowing them to integrate into any aspect of normal society. They are only trained in a limited arsenal of weapons, mostly handguns, and in combat situations their lack of training prevents them from working effectively together.

Artillery In Japan

In the eyes of a 16th or 17th century European general one thing would seem to be missing from a samurai army. Where is the field artillery In Europe, gunpowder weapons were expensive to manufacture and difficult to use, at least when first created, so artillery was in use before handguns became common. In Japan, however, matters were largely reversed. This was thanks to earlier Imperial edicts against wheeled transport of all kinds. Japan had become a society where everyone walked, or rode on horseback or was carried by palanquin. Without a good, wheeled carriage, it is very nearly impossible (and definitely impractical) to move field guns around open countryside. Try carrying a car's back axle and transmission across a muddy field while (a) several hundred people try to kill you and (b) you try to keep the whole thing dry and then you'll have some idea of the practical difficulties of dealing with artillery on a samurai battlefield


The Talon M2A3 pistol has two settings single-shot and three-shot automatic. Three types of ammunition can be used normal, anti-personnel, and armor piercing. Standard clip size is 12 bullets. The pistol can be modified to have a larger clip, and to reload more quickly.

Archery Range

To perform their best, archers, perhaps more than any other early soldier, needed training and practice. Some archers, such as English longbow men, trained from early age to become proficient with their weapon. Target shooting, hunting, and even contests at an archery range helped archers as well as other missile-throwers get into battle-ready condition. Archery ranges also provided a convenient storage facility for arrows, javelins, and other equipment.

Kings Musketeers

Special elite detachments were created for the personal protection of the King of France. One of these detachments comprised 2 companies of king's musketeers. These were noblemen only, professional fighters trained in soldiering from childhood. These musketeers excelled at fencing, accurate shooting and riding. Their arms and tactics were much

Crew Skills

Gunner This skill allows the crewmember to fire the main gun. Increased ability with this skill will allow more accurate shooting and faster reaction against new targets, along with a more accurate assessment of the danger posed by enemy units and the ability to target the weak spots of enemy tanks.

Battle Strategies

The engage maneuver is a maneuver in preparation for an attack, in which you try to get into an ideal shooting position. With most ships and ground vehicles, a position behind the enemy's keel line is ideal. This, above all, applies to firing slow-reacting torpedoes, which the enemy will find difficult to avoid from this position. If the target has gun turrets, you should approach it at a dead angle, which is different depending on the ship type. While performing these maneuvers, always maintain sufficient distance from the target. Since the Engage maneuver doesn't represent an immediate attack or escape maneuver, you'll be an easy target when doing it. Particularly with fast moving targets, you should calculate exactly whether the strategic advantage of a better shooting position makes up for the risk incurred.


A howitzer is a siege unit with plunging fire. Howitzers are effective against fortifications and large infantry detachments. These units possess a low rate of fire and low shooting accuracy. You will require gold to maintain them. When you run out of gold, your howitzers will stop shooting. Unguarded howitzers can be captured by the enemy. When shooting, you will need a substantial amount of coal and iron.


Mortars, short-barrelled cannon with plunging Fire, were used mainly in fortress sieges. They were loaded with bombs or incendiary missiles and used to shell an enemy from special trenches. Before firing, the bomb fuse was ignited so that the bomb exploded the moment it reached the target. A mortar's range of fire was about 1,800-2,500 m (6,000-8,500 ft) on average. It took about 5-7 minutes to load and aim. Shooting accuracy was not very good, but the powerful explosion could cause great damage. Moreover, a mortar's plunging fire allowed it to reach targets behind walls or other obstacles.


A mortar is a long range artillery unit. It fires with plunging fire over very long distances. Mortars are effective against towers and buildings. They are ineffective against infantry and cavalry. This unit possesses a high rate of fire and high shooting accuracy. You will require gold to keep it. When you run out of gold, your mortars will stop shooting. Unguarded mortars can be captured by the enemy. When shooting, you will need a substantial amount of coal and iron.

Race characteristics

Vulnerable than the undead but inferior to mechanicians in this regard. The Mechanicians are a race of industrious dwarves who have combined magic and mechanics. Their arsenal contains a large number of machines powered by magic. Creating these machines takes more time and resources than training undead or elf units but the resulting golems and machines are very powerful, albeit limited in number. The might of the machines is complemented by well-trained dwarf riflemen who are equally useful in ranged and close combat.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is provided as a standard side-arm for field soldiers. It is therefore best used in close range combat. For assault teams, this weapon is fitted with a laser sight, making it the perfect tool for clearing trip mines and other small targets that require patient pin-point accuracy. The soldier has to be careful when using the laser sighting because it can reveal their position to the enemy. While the Desert Eagle does utilize a clip that allows a higher capacity than revolver type handguns, soldiers shouldn't burden themselves with much reserve ammunition. Never carry more than 36 rounds of .357 ammo.

Building Gates

A tower's shooting range can be increased by building it on a hill, for instance. Towers may fire in all directions but cannot shoot over hills, walls and buildings. By default, the tower will shoot all enemy units within its shooting range. Be careful, for a tower in automatic mode can cause damage to your own troops as well. How do I find out my tower's shooting range

Cavalry Guards

Saxon cavalry guards consisted of the Garde du Corps, horse guards, a grand musketeer corps and a regiment of carbineer guards. The Garde du Corps - a regiment of heavy cavalry - consisted of headquarters staff and six squadrons (with two companies each). The First company consisted of 73 soldiers and the second of 71. The horse guards comprised a squadron of 1 42 units, with the Elector himself serving as captain. The grand musketeer corps comprised 164 soldiers. The carbineer guards regiment was similar to the Garde du Corps. They were equipped with a pair of pistols, a broadsword, a cavalry handgun and a cuirass. Carbineers were armed with carbines (with rifled barrels) instead of guns.

Pistol class

The standard sidearm of Italian Army officers is the Beretta Model 34, a simple, reliable, small pistol with good stopping power. Composed of only 39 parts, this semiautomatic handgun can consistently deliver up to 40 9mm rounds in one minute. It weighs less than two pounds, and its versatility ensures that it sees action at every Italian front.

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