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You, Me And Happiness

Attaining happiness is not easy for some. However, this does not mean that it is impossible at all. In fact, no matter how variant or abstract it can become, you can always achieve eternal happiness by following science-backed techniques stated in You, Me And Happiness. It is a book written by Helen Muller who herself have experienced the true essence of happiness by researching for years about the ways to attain it. Ultimately, her research has given her the knowledge of the Integration Method (I'm I Am), which is the amalgam of Science, Biology, Emotion and Spirituality, and the Law of Attraction. As you can see, the three lost elements are blended with the law that educates us about the gravity in us. The PDF book essentially focuses on helping you achieve this blend without putting much effort. Not only this, it comes with bonuses unique to each program offered. The one-month program has You, Me And Happiness Workbook and a Monthly Planner. However, the 1-year program has You, me And Happiness Workbook, Four Keys to Happiness, Time for Time, and Focus on Goals as bonuses. All of the bonuses are guides downloadable and printable.

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Global happiness indicator

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, there is a colored indicator next to a happy face icon. This gives you your empire's happiness level at a glance. Green indicates high levels of happiness. People feel well taken care of and safe in their homes. They take pride in their great nation, and even take the time to have a celebration in your honor from time to time. Although the aggregate of your cities' happiness ratings is shown in the Main Menu, each cily has an individual happiness rating as well. Even if total happiness is high, you may have cities that are merely content, rioting, or even on the brink of revolution. It is important to manage the happiness of all of your cities. It is critical that you know your people and their expectations. Depending on what form of government you have enacted, your people's expectations will change. Your empire's government type determines the effects of pollution and crime, modifies your rate of research, and limits amount of resources...

Happiness and Resignation Bars

The happiness and resignation bars are located on the far left of the screen. The ORANGE bar represents your pirates' happiness, while the SILVER bar represents your captives' resignation. You want both bars to be as high as possible. Happy pirates count toward your victory, follow your orders and, most importantly, don't stage coups. Resigned captives work hard on your island and will not try to escape or revolt. Anything over halfway filled is pretty good, though some scenarios and campaign episodes may require a higher level of pirate happiness to win the game. NOTE For scoring and victory purposes, pirate happiness counts heavily, and captive resignation counts for nothing. As an evil pirate king you need to keep captives resigned enough to work hard, but that's all. On the other hand the higher you can drive pirate happiness, the better your score when the game ends.

Happiness civil disorder

Happiness and its inverse state, civil disorder, are indirectly related to trade. Lack of trade leads to stagnation, and a slow economy means a lack of goods and services. The citizens in your cities have one of three different attitudes or emotional states happiness, contentment, or unhappiness. The first citizens of your first city start out in a contented state. As the population of the city grows, competition for jobs, commodities, and services increases. Eventually, depending on the difficulty level at which you play, the form of government your civilization employs, and the economic conditions in your city, some citizens start to grumble and display unhappiness. If you don't take an active role in city management as population increases, the natural trend of citizens' attitudes is toward unhappiness.

Happiness and Civil Disorder

Understanding happiness and its inverse state, civil disorder, is extremely important.The citizens in your cities have one of four different attitudes or emotional states happiness, contentment, unhappiness, or resistance. The first citizens of your first city start out in a contented state. As the population of the city grows, competition for jobs, commodities, and services increases. Eventually, depending on the difficulty level at which you play and the economic conditions in your city, some citizens start to grumble and display unhappiness. If you don't take an active role in city management as population increases, the natural trend of citizens' attitudes is toward unhappiness. Entertainment funding increases citizen happiness. Sometimes you simply need to quell the unhappiness of your citizens. Increasing the percentage of taxes being allocated to entertainment can help turn civil disorder into a peaceful populace. Just one more thing discovering new advances encompasses more...

Happiness Pirates and Resignation Captives

The second page tells you the character's overall feelings about the island and its environment. As the immediate needs (reported on the first page) are satisfied, the corresponding happiness or resignation bar on this page is altered a bit. These bars express the character's opinion about feasting or drinking (or whatever) over time. Environmental factors enter into overall happiness or resignation as well, and these bars are shown on the left side of the page. As a character passes through a region with a particular amount of one of these factors, this bar changes toward the amount of the region where he finds him herself. Again, the bars on this page change over time, not all at once. All the bars on the page are averaged together to create the bar at the bottom. The level of happiness or resignation shown here is used to calculate the likelihood of a pirate coup, a captive escape or revolt, and whether a particular pirate is willing to go on a cruise.


If you let your Happiness level drop too low, you risk the possibility of rebellion. To improve your Happiness, you can employ the Happiness task, which requires 2 political points, 1 food, 1 timber, and 1 gold. Completion of this task boosts the happiness of your people by If you attack and lose, your ss will decrease. If attacked and lose, your Happiness may or may not decrease. If you are attacked and win, however, your Happiness will in- Your Happiness will also decrease when you are Policing your realm. When you police the realm, the people are placed under constant scrutiny and they will not appreciate the burdens and accusations that will be directed at them by a vigilant government One way to avoid the discontent of the people is to simultaneously improve Happiness while you are Policing the realm.

Happiness Chart

Click the Happy button to see this chart. The Happiness chart breaks down the factors affecting the happiness of a city's population into a series of citizen icon representations. Each row encompasses the effects of the previous row and adds the results of specific measures. The first row shows the natural happiness of a city's population before any adjustments. The number of content citizens is determined by the difficulty level at which you are playing. The fifth row adds in the effects of any Wonders of the World, whether in this city or elsewhere, that influence the population's happiness. Additionally, the fifth row reflects the attitudes shown in the Population Roster, since all of the adjustments have been factored in.

Happiness and war

Your people are sensitive to military units leaving their cities, and the loss of life in war. Your choice of government moderates the degree to which war discontent affects your empire, however, the resulting effect is invariably unhappiness. Like pollution, you can view the effects of war discontent, along with other factors affecting a cily's happiness, under the Status tab within the City Manager screen. Ey exceeding the expectations of your citizens, you will prosper. Forsake them, and you may see your empire slip through your fingers as your people rise up against you.

City Happiness

The City Health Happiness Display on the City Screen tells you how happy your city is. Further, if a city is unhappy, an Unhappy City icon (see diagram) will appear next to the city's name on the Main Screen. Unhappiness is caused by a number of factors, including overpopulation and war. You can increase a city's happiness by constructing certain buildings temples and coliseums, to name two. Various resources will increase a city's happiness, as will certain civics.

The City Manager Screen

STATUS The factors effecting your city's happiness, pollution, or crime. UNITS Those units garrisoned, or fortified, within your city for its defense. The City Manager screen provides you with access to all of the information concerning any cily you have selected, and some key management options. Information provided includes what the city is building, what items it has already built, what specialists have been allocated, what factors are affecting happiness and pollution in your city, and what units have been garrisoned in your city. From the City Manager screen you can quickly cycle between your cities to compare the above conditions, and you can launch the Build Manager to modify each city's Current Queue. The City Manager screen includes an image of your city and its surrounding terrain. This is particularly useful when cycling between your cities and comparing their areas of influence. You can also view key city statistics from this tab that include your city's population, food,...

Unconventional warfare

Although unconventional warfare seldom ends in the loss of human life, it can severely affect a nation's day-to-day operations. City conversions, lawsuits, injunctions, and franchises can drain resources from a rival's empire, while contract hits on public figures, uprisings, and revolutions reduce happiness and can even result in the loss of a city. Since stealth units perpetrate most of these attacks, they often complete their objectives under a veil of secrecy. Occasionally, a vigilant nation will capture a stealth unit in the act. In this event, the victim nation certainly expresses outrage at the attacker'sunderhandedness and guile. Remember, stealth attacks that succeed can be devastating. But even the best fail or get sloppy once in a while. The ensuing diplomatic firestorm is usually hard to weather.

Building improvements

Improvements are any buildings, structures, or systems that benefit the cities in which they are created. While they benefit your empire indirectly, they do not help other cities. Improvements may enhance all aspects of a city, from defensibility and attack potential to happiness, food storage, and production capabilities. The effects of improvements are cumulative. For example, an improvement that increases production by 35 plus another improvement that increases production by 50 will cumulatively increase your city's production by 75 . You will want to choose improvements to build based on your empire's goals and the needs of your individual cities. For example SHRINE This improvement increases the happiness in a cily, which will offset dissatisfaction from pollution, war, crime, overcrowding, or other factors.

Trade Management Concepts

Luxuries make your population more content. The availability of luxuries means that some citizens can enjoy a more pampered existence. Every two goblets make one contented citizen happy. We'll talk more about happiness a little later. For now, you need to know that you can increase the happiness of your citizens several different ways, among them building specific city improvements like Temples and Marketplaces (we'll explain all about Improvements shortly), reassigning military units (the dirt about martial law and foreign service effects appears under Military Units), adjusting the tax rates (as we'll discuss under Kingdom Menu in Reference Screen by Screen), and pulling citizens off production work to make them specialists (see Specialists for the skinny on this). Phew That's a lot of stuff to digest all at once. Just one more thing we mentioned types of governments two paragraphs ago. Discovering new advances encompasses more than just new gadgets to improve sanitation and...

Basics Of The Hea Department

The key to happiness is elusive at best. Sims (a group well-versed in the art of complaining) admire those who put aside their own personal quests for happiness to focus instead on creating good feelings for the city as a whole. These good feelings are a city's aura. Like invisible vibrations, aura resonates feelings through the city, touching the lives of all Sims who live there.

Meet Your HEA Advisor

The Health, Education and Aura (HEA) department focuses on the overall quality of the Sims lives. The health aspect involves how long Sims are living as well as their relative health while they are alive. The education branch makes sure the Sims are getting the schooling they need and want. Aura is the general feel of the city and reflects the overall happiness of the Sims.

Dissent and Partisans

Depending on your domestic policies, your population may also play a prominent role in determining what actions you may take, even to the point of making it impossible to declare war on a nation unless public opinion is on your side. Policy settings will also influence the public's demand for consumer goods, and failing to meet these demands will have negative consequences by increasing dissent, which represents the population's overall level of unhappiness. Dissent has three significant impacts it will cause your troops to fight more poorly it will reduce your industrial capacity and it will greatly increase the likelihood of your public rising in open rebellion against you. You can control dissent by reducing it or at least mitigating it somewhat by allocating a larger share of your IC to the manufacture of consumer goods, though this will reduce your ability to meet the production and supply demands of your military. Providing excesses of consumer goods will reduce dissent, while...

Advisorsworld Reports

Attitude Advisor This advisor reports the relative happiness of your citizens. From his survey you can see at a glance the number of happy, content, and unhappy citizens in each of your cities. This information can be very useful after changing your tax rates or type of government, because those changes can have a significant effect on the happiness of your citizens. By reviewing this survey you can see quickly where you may have to make adjustments in city management to avoid disorder. For each of your cities, you see the current population and icons of any city improvements which help increase the happiness of the people. At the bottom of the page is a total for the size of your civilization's population and the percentages of the total that are happy, content, and unhappy.

Cities And Civilizations

As your cities grow they may require more care in keeping them productive. Large cities are desirable for production, but have inherent problems. A critical problem you must deal with is the happiness of the population. The people can range from happy, to content, to unhappy. Having too many unhappy people may lead to revolt.

DominROT Economic activities dea

This DER increases the happiness of the population by reducing unrest. It also generates RUs from tourism if there is a spaceport in the same region. Both of the recreation influences have an outreach effect that can entend out to adjacent solar systems. This DER requires a moderate population to run.

Scenario Happy Tourists Happy Locals

You must push forward with the development of your isle. Within 20 years, you must have achieved 15 Industrialization, 30 Development, and have at least 3 cities and 3 high-tech plants. The cities must have an average happiness of 70 . You have been placed in charge of an important UN mission. The native culture is ancient and underdeveloped. You have been charged with bringing them into the 20th century. You must bring their average Efficiency rating up to 90 , while ensuring that World Opinion is at least 75 . You must also build 2 cities, each with a population of 13,000 and an average Happiness of 70 . You have 6 years to accomplish this task. The people in your cities are deeply unhappy. Elections are coming up shortly, and you need to ensure that they come around to your way of thinking. You have 3 years to ensure that the cities' average Happiness is 80 and the population is at least 25,000, to secure your re-election. You must build up 5 cities, with an average of 75...

Dungeon Keeper 2 Goblin

You should be aware, when placing Lairs, of each of your creatures' accommodation preferences. For example, Bile Demons generally attempt to set up their beds near a Hatchery, for ease of food access. Unsurprisingly, creature types that are typically hostile toward one another (e.g. Bile Demons and Skeletons) do not make the best roommates. Should you have hostile creature types shacking up with each other under the same roof, you can expect lots of squaring up and grumbling all of which have an adverse effect on the creatures' happiness ratings. Creatures always return to their Lairs to recuperate whenever their health falls below a certain level. Whilst in their Lairs, creatures' health rises each turn, as does their happiness rating. If left to their own devices, creatures generally wait until they reach full health before venturing out from their Lair, but you can pull them out sooner, provided their health is at a sufficient level to do so. As well as gaining experience points,...

Maximum number of cities

While some governments are suited to large empires, others are not. In general, the more advanced the form of government, the better equipped it is to handle empires with greater numbers of cities. Tyranny, the first form of government, is suited to small empires only. It has a small max cities number. When your empire reaches the maximum cities allowed by your current government, you will get a message warning you of that fact. If your empire continues to grow beyond the levels your government is suited to, you will start to incur a happiness penalty. If you switch to a government that can accommodate larger empires, the unhappiness associated with the government type will go away.

Spirits Shrines and Quests

Once a city has constructed a Temple Complex, the option to build one of four shrines will become available. Each of the four shrines corresponds to the four major spirits in AoW2. Each shrine will benefit the city directly in some way, such as increased happiness or production, but shrines also have another special effect. Once you've built a shrine to a spirit, it will send you a message and offer you a quest. Each spirit's personality will dictate what kind of quests on which it will send you.

Summoning Heroes Paying Homage

During play, you'll have the opportunity to summon a hero to your city. In some missions, the requirement is to summon a hero to your city and then have him her remain active for a certain number of months. To summon a hero, you must pay Homage to that hero. Paying Homage is conducted through the Homage Dialog, which is accessed by left-clicking the title at the top of the Religious Ministry display (see p.79), or by selecting Hotkey twice. Doing so opens the Homage Dialog. The Homage Dialog is divided into three parts. The top part displays the heroes currently available and lists their happiness level. There are eight happiness levels angry, unhappy, neglected, contented, pleased, happy, joyful, and exalted. Only ancestor heroes become neglected, unhappy or angry the rest will feel contented at worst. A hero's happiness automatically goes down over time, and it only goes up depending on the Homage paid to him or her. The bottom-left portion of the dialog lists the offerings...

Managing The Environment

This indicates your people's happiness with the environment, which may be even more important than the condition of the environment itself.Arrows will appear over the heads of the Tropicans on-screen. Zoom out so you can see as many Tropicans as possible.The more orange and red arrows their are, the worse they feel about the environment.

How do i quell a riot

You are encouraged to find out what the problem is in a rioting city. Take a look at the happiness indicators in the Status tab in the City Manager screen. It will tell you what is affecting happiness, positive and negative. In a certain way, you can view a riot as indicating an imbalance of negative factors versus positive factors. Therefore, to make your people happy and quell the riot, you should increase happiness. You can assign workers as entertainers. You can build improvements that increases happiness, such as shrines and basilicas, or you can build improvements that reduce pollution, overcrowding, and war discontent. Consider building happiness improvements before you have a riot on your hands. If not, you may find yourself devoting substantial resources to extinguishing the flames of discontent resources you could be using in expanding, conquering, researching, and exploring.

Political And Religious Edicts

If you encounter trouble from the rebels, you may not have to fight them.You can win them over instead.The problem is that you must have improved the overall happiness on Tropico by at least 5 since any given rebel became a rebel for him or her to consider accepting your offer. In fact, you're more likely to convert rebels back to normal society if happiness has improved by 10 or more.With Amnesty in effect, rebels are four times more likely to revert to society than normal. If you have a serious rebel problem, consider using various tools (tax cuts, pay raises, Mardi Gras, etc.) to boost overall happiness, and then issue the Amnesty edict. can afford his visit, respect for you in the eyes of the religious faction will rise 50 and all other factions will respect you 15 more.Total religious happiness will rise 25 . Unfortunately, the Pope is very busy, and can only visit Tropico once. This is a very useful edict if you need a respect boost, or if you're close to achieving happiness for...

Tropico 4 Strategy Guide

Scenario Description The good news is that you're el Presidente Congratulations The bad news is that there will be mandatory, fair elections every few years because the world is watching. Some good can come from this, though the U.N. will instantly build the first three buildings you choose for free. Oh, and did I mention that there is only 5,000 in the treasury No wonder this scenario is rated so ridiculously hard.You must stay in power for 30 years, but the score is based only upon the happiness of your people. People on this island are particularly restless.You can lose elections even with a relatively high happiness rating. Use every happiness boosting trick up your sleeve to win tight elections (pay raises, tax cuts, Mardi Gras edict, etc).

Natural Disasters and Heroes

When the happiness levels of all of your ancestor heroes (Nu Wa, Shen Nong, and Huang Di) reach unhappy, a natural disaster may occur in your city. It's guaranteed to happen if they all reach angry. If such a disaster is triggered, the ancestor heroes are automatically appeased for a while. If you like having a particular hero around, continue to make offerings to that hero while he or she is active in your city. But watch the happiness level It drops faster for an active hero than for inactive ones, and it drops some whenever the hero blesses.

Keeping Sims Happy Aura

The key to happiness is elusive at best. Sims (a group well-versed in the art of complaining) admire those who put aside their own personal quests for happiness and instead focus on creating good feelings for the city as a whole-its aura. Like invisible vibrations, aura resonates feelings through the city, touching the lives of all Sims who live there.

Giving Heroes Commands

A hero is represented on the city map as a walker (about twice as large as a normal walker) and by a banner. Left-click on the hero or his banner to give him a command. Doing so opens the Hero Command display to the right of the screen. The dialog shows the hero's name, portrait, level of happiness (represented by the orb color), current duty, and up to six command buttons patrol, halt, call troops, capture animals, dismiss and bless. You're now ready to give the hero an order.

Status tab

The Status tab displays factors affecting your city's happiness and pollution. It also displays your current crime rate. You can scroll through the Happiness or Pollution displays when you have many factors involved. Things that make your population happy or unhappy are listed in the center of the Happiness display, with positive or negative numbers listed on the right hand side. Negative factors, including War Discontent or Pollution, will have unhappy faces displayed to the left and, positive factors, including Wonders, Entertainers, or Buildings, will display happy faces on the right. The larger the positive or negative factor, the more happy or unhappy faces you will see. Pollution listed in the Happiness display relates only to the unhappiness associated with it, not the level of pollution itself. Things generating pollution are listed in the Pollution display, along with a value for the level of pollution they are causing. See City Conditions below for more information on...

Pirate Life is Cheap

Strategy Build low-level entertainment only and keep your wealthy captives a long time to gain large ransoms. Don't worry about happiness instead, as pirates gain rank, let them die on cruises or assassinate them. Use the Recruiting and Press Gang edicts to ensure a stream of new low-level pirates. Build a lot of smaller ships, let them cruise together and don't concern yourself with ship losses. Never build advanced structures like schools. Fund your money into the hoard from very early in the game instead. This works on small islands as well as large ones. Pirate Happiness Bonus Victory Happiness

Global Settings

Now that you have two cities, it is important to understand that in Call to Power II there are sets of rules that affect your entire empire such as Rations, Workday, Wages, Government, and others. These are all important to the difficult challenge of maintaining your people's productivity while sustaining happiness. Click on the Empire Manager Button on the Helm. The Empire Manager screen is where you go to change your global settings. Notice that there are three sliders that say Rations, Workday, and Wages. The three main things that impact your people's happiness are how much they work (workday), how much they eat (rations), and how much they are paid (wages). The more they eat and earn and the less they work, the happier they will be. When you start the game, the sliders are set to the appropriate settings for your current government. If you move the sliders to make your people work harder, eat or earn less, they will become less happy. Sometimes the cost in Happiness is worth...

Score Button

The Score button, when clicked, displays a pictorial information window that reveals your development orientation as governor of the island. Some of the basic game statistics, such as your cash total (the EMUs, or Ecological Monetary Units referred to in scenario Info windows), the World Opinion figures, and the overall Population Happiness of the island inhabitants can be found here. (You can gauge the happiness of individual villages and other sites through their respective windows World Opinion is explained in a bit more detail under the Graph button info.)


Even if your park does not yet include any food or drink vendors, your guests will need toilet facilities and places to wash their hands, change children's diapers, and that sort of thing. When your park does sell food and drinks, these little buildings become even more vital to preserving the happiness of your guests.

Build Castle

Military Tasks Policing the Realm Policing the realm requires an expenditure of at least one Military Point While this task is running, all other tasks run at a higher efficiency and the chances of catching spies and saboteurs goes up. At the completion of this task the Happiness Level of the people goes down one

The city display

You can direct the operation of each city from the City Display. Here, you assign citizens to work in the surrounding fields, mines, forests, and fishing grounds. This display collects in one place all the critical information concerning the pictured city's status, including how many shields it produces how much food and trade income it is generating what it is producing and how close the item is to completion the happiness of the population who is defending the city and what improvements you've already built.

Political Functions

Political tasks are those which allow you to learn about opponents' territories and those which determine your relations with your opponents. Both the Scout and Spy tasks are considered political tasks. The other political functions are dispatching a diplomat to improve relations with foreign territories or the Pope, sending a merchant to trade goods, improving your happiness level, and summoning a council to inform you of any threats to your realm as well as the Pope's relations with all the players.

City Display

You can direct the operation of any of your cities from the City Display. Here, you assign citizens to work in the surrounding fields, mines, forests, and fishing grounds.This display collects in one place all critical information concerning the pictured city's status how many shields it produces, how much food and commerce it is generating, what it is producing and how close the item is to completion, the happiness of the population, who's defending the city, what improvements you've already built, and more. Citizens who are not working and producing within the City Radius are Specialists.(The exception is resistors, who refuse to work.) For an example, click on a productive City Radius square the laborers there become Entertainers (one citizen in the Population Roster is replaced by an Entertainer). Specialists no longer directly contribute to the resources a city generates, but they do consume food like other citizens. However, they can be useful in adjusting the happiness of the...


Productive terrain for your purposes, you can control the speeds at which your population grows larger and your cities produce goods.By setting taxes higher and science lower, you can tilt your economy into a cash cow. You can also adjust the happiness of your population. Perhaps you'll assign more ofyour population to entertainment, or you might clamp down on unrest with a larger military presence. You can establish trade with other powers to bring in luxuries and strategic resources to satisfy the demands of your empire.


This tab displays an array of meters showing the guest's satisfaction level. The longer the bar, the better the guest feels. Five areas of guest satisfaction are measured happiness, drink needs, food needs, restroom needs, and energy. It's important for a guest's satisfaction to keep all of these bars as full as you can.

Parks And Recreation

Who doesn't wont to be able to shoot some hoops, or relax during lunch hour in a shady city plaza You can build smaller, single-use parks or combine elements to design your own idea of the ultimate city greenspace. Parks and recreational opportunities can increase the desirability of a locale. For instance, playgrounds might increase the desirability of a residential area, while plazas might increase commercial interest. Regardless, parks contribute to the health and happiness of your Sims, and don't hurt your Mayor rating either.

Info Mode

By clicking on the big eye button, you enter info mode. Once there, click on the thumbs up button to enter an area where you can learn the overall happiness of your people in any of the 10 aforementioned factors. Monitoring your people s asall happiness with food quality. Monitoring your people s asall happiness with food quality. You can also click on the people (the icon with three people), and then click on the happiness icon for a good sense of your people's overall well being.The more green arrows you have, the more happy people are overall.


Once you have built your economy and army to a certain point, you will want to attack another territory to increase the size and wealth of your domain. In order to attack a territory, you will need two Military Points, a Happiness Rating of at least three (see Happiness), and one Iron. When you have met these requirements and want to attack, click on a neighboring territory (you can only attack a territory that is directly adjacent to one of your own) and the Attack option will become available. When the Attack Task Bar is full, you will be given the option of proceeding with the attack or recalling your troops. After you make this decision, click OK and the task of preparing your army for battle will be com-


Leadership has an effect on the success of a mission for officers and captain pirates. Courage has an effect on the success of a battle for all pirates. Notoriety has an effect on how popular a captain is and how likely enemies are to surrender. Eight factors that create happiness Pirates have six immediate needs to meet on the island. Their long-term opinion on how these are being provided (over time) plus the environmental factors of defense and anarchy are added up to create the overall happiness of each pirate. The six immediate needs are as follows

Trade between Cities

Always pay attention to the happiness of the citizens Click on the citizen icon in the caption bar to learn about the statistics. They include the number of beggars, which rises and falls with the happiness of the poor, because if the poor people aren't satisfied, homeless people won't dare to come into town. A city needs beggars as workers for newly established businesses. While you will learn more about the different social classes in the next chapter, we will now concentrate on the goods that determine their happiness.


When you decide to use the Spy function, click on one of the opponent s territories and then click again on the Spy button that will appear in the message window. If a spy is successful, you will learn the number of territories that a particular player holds, the whereabouts of those territories, how big his army is, and the Happiness of his people.


Mounting an attack on a territory requires a minimum Military Rating of 2, and a Happiness level of 3 or more. At least 2 Military Points must be spent on the task and one Iron must be used to equip the army. This task represents forming the troops, procuring necessary supplies, and


Call to Power II calculates the total food production of all of your cities. The rations level determines the food requirements for your empire. This amount, along with losses from crime, is automatically deducted from the total collected. If there is a surplus, it will be stored for future use. If you set the rations below the level consumed by your people (and what is lost to crime), the balance will be extracted from the food surplus. If the surplus runs out, people will starve and your population will dwindle. The amount of food also has an impact on your population growth. If you feed your people less, your cities will grow faster. You may want to keep in mind the effect on happiness that rations has. People like to have large quantities of good food to eat. Deny them this, and your people may resent you.

Disbanding Cities

You may, in the course of your leadership, wish to disband an existing city. It may be in a poor location, be hard to defend, or be too far from your capital to maintain adequate happiness. Regardless of the reason, you can opt to disband a city that has a population of size three or less (under 40,000 people). When you disband a city, all units garrisoned within it remain on the tile and are freed up to move again. Also, the remnants of the city are represented by a settler unit, which you can move to a new location or disband. All wonders and improvements within the city are lost forever. To disband a city you must go to the National Manager screen and select the city that you wish to disband. Disbanding a city will not penalize your score.

Mondo Khan

Mondo Khan epitomises the rejection of technology and embodies the belief in personal strength. He does not want to rule the world he has no other long-term goal. Mondo Khan believes as Genghis Khan believed The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.

Mines of Despair

Not long ago, in a time I remember as if it were just yesterday, the mines provided us with wealth and happiness. We were called to the mines in the name of greed and our insatiable desire for a life our ancestors set upon us. It was as if happiness itself was being mined from the rich veins in those tunnels. Every day, for twelve generations, we picked and cracked those tunnels open forcing them to reveal their wealth. Our wealth.


For those who do not wish to micro manage every city, especially when you have large numbers of cities in your empire, mayors offer welcome support. You can appoint a mayor in any city you choose. When you activate a mayor, it will automatically manage the fundamental aspects of your city for you. Your mayor will also construct basic tile improvements like roads, farms, mines, and fishing nets. You can have your mayor focus on production, growth, offense, defense, science, gold, wonders, or happiness. When you give this order, your mayor will do whatever it can to maximize the city's output in that area. The mayor will not, however, throw caution to the wind and send your city into a tailspin of rioting and starvation. Based on the priority you choose, your mayor will add units, improvements, or wonders to the city's queue. Your mayor may also choose to adjust the allocation of specialists within your city to fulfill your orders (see Specialists, on page 84).

Order and Anarchy

Along with fear, Order adds to captive resignation. Anarchy, on the other hand, is attractive with the fun loving pirates and adds to overall pirate happiness. However, these two factors are opposites. If you look at the anarchy and order overlays, you'll notice that they are reverse images of each other. Areas with lots of (green) order have no (red) anarchy and vice versa. It is impossible to have a lot of anarchy AND order in an area because the effects cancel each other out.

Pirate Coup

You can also assassinate particularly angry pirates on the island. The Island Log is a useful tool for finding these unhappy pirates. Open up the pirate demographics section and click on 'happiness'. Then, by clicking on the pictures of unhappy pirates, you can locate them on the island and begin systematically assassinating them. Of course, you can also try to make them happier instead. That really depends on what kind of pirate king you want to be.

Circle Window

Happiness Bar The yellow bar directly beneath the four boxes listed above is the Happiness Bar. This bar shows the current overall happiness of your islanders. As your population becomes happier, the yellow bar will grow from left to right to fill the channel. Clicking on this bar brings up the Lists Happiness page of the Almanac. A tremendous amount of information is available, covering soil quality, mineral resources, crime, pollution, religious sentiment, building profitability, feelings of liberty, job happiness and much, much more. Select Info Mode, and again, you'll be presented with five Subgroup Tabs, each of which has a set of icons below that you can select for different types of information. Population Arrow Overlays Cause arrows to appear over your citizens. The color of the arrows ranges from green to red to show each person's rating or opinion on different subjects such as job quality, leadership and happiness.

Your Trade Network

A city that's connected by road to a strategic resource or luxury (one that's inside your borders or on which you've established a colony) has access to that resource. That city can build the units made possible by the strategic resource, or it enjoys the happiness benefit of that luxury.

Victo Ry Conditions

Economic Powerhouse MakeTropico the richest island in the Caribbean.With you at the helm, you can turn it into an economic powerhouse.You need not worry about your Swiss bank account unless you desire it, nor your people's happiness, although you'll need them to be at least content for it to work well. (Score Value of Treasury & buildings (x2) * 1000)

The Factions

Each faction has a designated leader (in the almanac, click on Politics - View Factions - Communists to see the local communist leader.) This leader's personal happiness has a significant impact on that faction's attitudes towards you. Late in your rule, when each of the 6 faction leaders may influence hundreds of supporters each, pay special care to these leaders - make sure they have good jobs and houses, bribe them if necessary, and generally make them as happy as possible. If your society can improve and meet the requests of the rebels, it is possible to convince the rebels to rejoin society. It won't be easy, but if your island's overall happiness has significantly improved, some rebels may lay down their arms, especially if you issue the Amnesty edict. The courage of the rebels (and happiness of the soldiers) is to a large degree determined by the ratio of rebels to soldiers on your island. ELECTIONS


The information on your citizens is divided into 7 panels (Overview, Happiness, Politics, Job and House, Family, Skills, and Thoughts). Select a panel by pressing the corresponding Tab Button. Happiness Each person has an overall happiness rating - how content they are with their lot in life, which in turn, reflects on how they feel about you, Presidents. Overall happiness is driven by many individual factors, and at any given time, for any given person, some factors may be more important than others. Religious happiness is most important to a devoutly religious person. Health care is generally more important to the elderly. Job quality is among the most highly important factors to most citizens of working age. The happiness panel lists all the individual factors of happiness as well as the overall score, which is a weighted average of the individual scores. The most important factors for any individual are the ones labeled in bright white text. Those with dark gray labels are...

Mailas Journal

The process of weaving the spell is greatly tiresome. It is difficult to make myself feel any anticipation or happiness about the fact that we may end the war in a few short weeks. Light, to me, has gone grey and distant. It is not that the Darkness has put its thorn in my heart I am simply tired. How strange. After all these years, these innumerable battles against the enemy, I see our last, best gambit against the Shadows as little more than a task which must be completed before I may rest. I feel as a washer woman at twilight, eyeing her last basket of soiled clothes with a hand to her throbbing back. Tonight I saw an enormous gromnatross. She flew across the constellations to the south, from Sejaest to Irihane, skimming the tops of the mesas. She stood silhouetted by the pale face of Alb'arel for a brief moment, hovering on a thermal perhaps, and released a lonely cry into the darkness. I remembered the stories my mother told me as a child, about how the...

The City View

The man to the very left will gladly inform you about the current population of the city you are in. Left clicking on the icon will open a window that will show you how the population is structured as far as the three demographic strata are concerned. Moreover, the number of beggars and the happiness of each group is displayed.


To Half lings every day is an idyllic dream filled with the possibility of simple pleasures and prosperity. Halflings are the masters of happiness. They seek the path to everlasting joy. As a result there are many factions among the Half lings from the pious priests who seek joy in service and doing good to others to the eccentric pranksters and celebrant drunkards filled with any brew that might bring them closer to a stupor of laughter and song.

[es City

These structures add to a city's feeling of well-being, and also increase the health and happiness of your Sims. A city which combines a healthy economy with plenty of recreation becomes very desirable for Sims seeking new homes. Again, the Health, Education and Aura Department will provide you with more information on maintaining Sim well-being. As mayor, you can order construction of the following


These leather-clad vixens revel in agony. They love the screams of the tortured and are also partial to a bit of pain themselves. Indeed, a couple of turns spent in the Torture Chamber can do wonders for a Mistress's happiness ratings. Thanks to her insatiable (and unwholesome) appetite for pain, a Mistress is more than likely to hurl herself into any combat situation, no matter how ludicrously small her chances.

Players Notes

A Strong Economy As your civilization matures and your cities grow, it becomes increasingly more difficult to generate the money needed to maintain improvements and the luxuries the larger populations demand to stay happy. Large quantities of money for improvement maintenance and luxuries for population happiness, as well as the scientific research that must continue, can be generated by large amounts of trade, city improvements, and Specialists.

After but just ends

It is a familiar call the man feels, but one that he cannot answer. His friends who have sought out these portals have not returned, not a single one, to tell those who remain what lies beyond. No one has come back. The man looks at Melanay and Aritta and he marvels at how his heart and soul have become this trinity of bodies and happiness. These three rooms, these two people, this is his life, this is his desire. His excitement in discovering the new, in seeing unseen vistas and hearing unheard sounds, is only exceeded by being able to share those travels with the two people in this room. Without them, there is no adventure.


The more production your cities have, the faster they can build units, improvements, and wonders. The speed at which your cities build will have a direct impact on your empire. Cities that can crank out units make you better prepared to explore, conquer, and defend. Cities that build improvements quickly tend to produce faster, be happier, and be more efficient. Shorter workdays make people happier. But you must weigh the needs of your cities, the demands of your military, the safely of your borders, and the need for public works to determine the workday length.

The City Screen

Happiness Display The city building roster displays what buildings you have constructed in your city. The roster also displays how much culture, happiness, gold, production, and other assets the buildings provide. Rollover a building to get more info on it. Health and Happiness Displays

Gold Rush

This scenario requires you to have 40 miners and a happiness of 55. Getting the miners shouldn't be too difficult just build mines as soon as you can and you should have 40 structures around the dock since they don't really have any purpose, other than looking nice. Make sure to use all of the edicts at your disposal to raise the people's happiness. As long as you give them consistent raises, basic services, and someplace to have fun you should not have much of a problem.

Born Again

Scenario Description An earthquake has leveled everything except the dock, the construction office, and your magnificent palace.You do have some roads, but you have only twenty people and no farms. By the scenario's end, you must have a population of 300+, with a happiness rating of 60+. No wonder this scenario is rated very hard Because happiness is crucial in this scenario, use every trick up your sleeve. For example, the Tax Cut edict is a good option. If you're still short on people near the end of the scenario, build some construction offices, which always attract workers and boost everyone's pay to pad your happiness near the end of the game.

Build Fortress

Building Fortresses can be essential for defense of terrain that is not a city site. Fortresses provide a defensive bonus to rural or frontier units in the same way the City Walls improvement benefits urban defensive units (see Combat for the full details). In addition, representative governments can station troops in Fortresses that are within three squares of a friendly city without incurring a field service penalty (see Happiness & Civil Disorder for complete details). Once your tribe has discovered the Construction advance, this option becomes available in the Orders menu. When your Settlers or Engineer unit is positioned in the appropriate terrain square, choose the Build Fortress option or press the


ADJUSTING YOUR PRODUCTION LEVELS As a last resort, you can divert workers in highly productive cities away from production by assigning them as entertainers, farmers, scientists, or merchants. This will force the workers to focus less on production and more on happiness, food, science, or commerce. This is advised only if production levels are unusually high, pollution is increasing, and you lack any other recourse (such as the improvements and wonders listed above) to mitigate pollution.

Nuclear Meltdown

The risk of meltdown always exists when a city that has a Nuclear Plant goes into civil disorder. (Read Happiness and Civil Disorder in Chapter 11 Managing Your Cities for an explanation of civil disorder.) Civilian unrest might result in safety procedures becoming so lax that a catastrophic accident occurs. If you build this improvement in any of your cities, take special care not to allow those cities to go into disorder.

Attitude Advisor

This advisor summarizes the relative happiness of your citizens. For each city, this report details the base status of its population (happy, content, unhappy, and specialist citizens) and the effects of any influences (Temple improvements, for example) which, directly or indirectly, modify the happiness of the people. if any city is about to go into civil disorder (next turn) or will remain in civil disorder unless you do something, that city will be clearly marked. Double-click on any of the listed city names to open the City Display for that burg.

Special orders

Commands an eco-terrorist to assassinate a public figure in a city. Success brings a sharp reduction in happiness in the target city for several turns. CONVERT CITY Commands a cleric or televangelist to attempt to preach doom and damnation for the people of the target city. When successful, it sends people into a panic, and happiness takes a sharp dive for a turn. SPY

Riots and revolution

There will be times when your people are so upset with the conditions of their lives that they take to the streets in a righteous display of civil disobedience. If your people become discontent due to the many factors that decrease happiness, they will riot. You will receive a message indicating which of your cities is rioting when this occurs. You can also tell by viewing the city on the map. The city name will be in red, and there will be a yellow icon with a raised fist, the symbol of civil disobedience. Riots are particularly devastating to your empire. While a city is rioting, it produces nothing. Production, food, science, and commerce activity grind to a halt. Because of this, it is important to maintain high levels of happiness in your cities.


Cathedrals drastically increase a city's culture. They increase happiness if their religion is the civilization's state religion. They allow two population points to be turned into priests. Your civilization can only build one cathedral for every three temples that your civilization possesses for example, a civilization with seven temples could build two cathedrals.


Factory upgrades It's easy to overlook a building upgrade but the improvements they provide can be huge Most upgrades are cheaper than new buildings but offer everything from improved worker happiness to entirely new product production. Many of the factory upgrades require electricity - so think about adding an electrical plant once you're well established.

City Defense Bonus

Happiness Display U BtUf H Below the Health Display is the Happiness Display, showing both the number of Happy Faces and Unhappy Faces in the city. In a process similar to unhealthiness, each population point adds one unhappy face (indicated by the red unhappy face icon) to a city. Fighting long wars or possessing cities with peoples of foreign nationalities in them may also cause unhappy faces to appear in a city. Rolling over the red unhappy face icon will show all of the sources of unhappiness in a city. You will want to combat unhappiness with additional happy faces, which are indicated by a smiling yellow face next to the unhappy face icon. Cities can receive extra happy faces from having a religion in the city, from certain buildings like temples and colosseums, from happiness-producing resources like furs or dyes, and from many other sources. (Remember you can get resources from trade as well as from domestic sources.) Roll over the happy face icon to see where a city's...

Buildings Types

Objects that can be used for the beautification of your city. Since people like living in pretty environments, these objects will have a positive impact on your peoples' happiness (specifically, their environment rating). They can also be pleasing to El Presidente's weary eyes. The items include rocks, small plants, flowerbeds, trees, bushes, fountains, and statues, and they come in a variety of sizes and prices. Note that some of the plants here are natural, and will be planted as smaller saplings and go through a normal plant life cycle, while

Chairman Mao Zedong

A large part of a person's happiness is determined by their housing and job - but those elements are discussed elsewhere in this guidebook. However, the peoples' respect for you is one of the most important components of happiness, and is almost entirely determined by politics -specifically, by the factions which people ally with, and your relations with those factions.

The Almanac

You can also monitor your people's happiness by using the almanac.The almanac appears at the end of every year, but you can access it at any time by pressing the A key. When the almanac appears, click on the Overview tab.This takes you to a page that enables you to click for further details on such elements as happiness and average worker pay. Clicking on happiness gives you a breakdown on the aforementioned factors and provides a specific number.The lower a number, the more likely it needs to be addressed. You can also access the Happiness page from the Pe The Happiness sub-p almanac. The Happiness sub-p almanac. The almanac provides another way of checking the overall feeling of your people.When clicking on the lists page, you learn how many of your people are happy (or content or unhappy), as well as how much respect they have for you, amongst many other qualities.The higher the number on the Respect or Happiness page, the better.


Any green or red faces that float from your buildings represent how much popularity you have gained or lost from that building at that time. The green face represents happiness and the red face represents unhappiness and you can see the amount of popularity lost or gained under the face.

Rebels And Uprisings

If you have not played to please all of the people's factors (especially happiness ) or have chosen certain conditions when you generated Tropico (rebel yell, for instance), you will face rebels.When you receive the first message that someone's gone rebel and you will be dutifully informed when this occurs it's time to build guard towers.

Options Selections

Here you decide what the parameters of your scenario are. Click the following tabs to set the options Financial - Establishes the amount of money players start with, as well as their initial loan, maximum loan size and interest rate. You can also forbid marketing campaigns here. Guest - Establishes how much cash guests enter the park with on average. You can also adjust initial behaviors and characteristics, including happiness, hunger and thirst, and whether guests prefer more- or less-intense rides.


Many dynasties would leave their mark on Korea, from the Koryo dynasty to the Choson Dynasty. In 1910, dynastic rule came to an end when the Japanese colonized Korea. Koreans would suffer under Japanese rule until the end of World War II, when Korea was granted its freedom. Yet, Korea's newfound happiness would be short-lived, and the Korean war would begin in 1950.


If you've lost track of him her, use the 'backspace' key to find him her, or look for the angry red icon over his her head. If too much time has passed and you can't find the icon, you can use the Island Log. Go to 'Pirate Satisfaction', then 'overall happiness' and then look for the 'dissatisfied pirates'. Finally, select the dissatisfied pirate. This section also lets you know if there are other pirates about to become disgruntled. 3.) Now that you see the pirate detail dialog, check the first page for his her personal gold. Is he she broke Use the short-cut scroll at the top of the detail to give him her money from your treasury. This will not cause immediate happiness, but generally if a pirate is broke he she has probably had a tough time paying for entertainment.