Healing Negative Energy

Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet

Reiki Healing Bracelet is an artistic decorations meant to balance chakras and boost your energy quality, leave alone your aura. It is made up of seven gem stones in alignment to the seven chakras of the human body. It is a product of a number of specialists who are much gifted in energy healing systems, well acquainted with the knowledge and principles of energy healing commodities. The product is entirely based on beliefs through which it is known to provide individuals with energy life, maintaining their physical strength as well as a positive environs. Any sincere person who aspire to remain young for as a long as possible is a perfect for this program. The product is made of very unique stones that will with no doubt calm and help you maintain focus. By maintaining your body energy and strength, you will remain healthy and strong for long. Get it now and enjoy a healthy life. Continue reading...

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Spiritual Connection Pendant

Many times we try to connect to the divine; however, somehow we tend to fail. This failure is not a factor of our faults but the ways in which we try to connect. With Spiritual Connection Pendant, forget about that failure and step into a world of peace and tranquility leading all the way to and governed by the Divine itself. This unusual pendant has a sacred image or symbol of the sacred ancient Tree of Life that is revered by almost every religion and civilization. Even, this regard for the symbol dates back to the ancient times when Mayans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Celts, and Assyrian were at their full boom in their respective ages. The main answer of why the Tree of Life is worshipped universally is deep-rooted in the fact that it represents the Divine flow of creation and energy from the creator to every being on this planet. To savor the fruits of that flow and to entrench your connection with the Divine, have this pendant now. Wear it or keep it in your bag, it will grant you the spiritual fullness you deserve and have a desire for. Continue reading...

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Reiki Healing MasteryBy Owen Coleman

This Reiki healing mastery is founded by Owen Coleman, and is considered a spiritual healing technique. The founder believed that there is something, an universal life force or energy that can be used by humans in healing physical and emotional problems. That force or energy is also believed to be present in all human beings, which could be re-balanced and used to heal. The first step in the program focuses on teaching you how to increase your connection with the universal life force energies. Next, the program focuses on how to use that energy to re-balance that force to enable healing within the body. Finally, the course teaches how to get results quickly and easily. The easy to implement concepts and techniques taught in the Pure Reiki Healing Mastery system allow you to channel the universal life force Ki (life energy) into another person's body through the palms of your hands and can be used to heal both physical and emotional illnesses such as migraines, pain, infertility, depression, anxiety, and more. Continue reading...

Pure Reiki Healing Master Summary

Contents: Ebooks, Audios, Videos
Author: Owen Coleman
Price: $47.00

Magical Healing

Healing spells, potions, and magical devices can speed the process of healing considerably. The specifics of such magical healing methods are described in the spell descriptions below. By using these methods, wounds close instantly and vigor is restored. The effects are immediate. Magical healing is particularly useful in the midst of combat or in preparation for a dangerous encounter. Remember, however that the characters' opponents are just as likely to have access to magical healing as the characters - an evil high priest is likely to carry healing spells to bestow on his own followers and guards. Healing occurs to the maximum hit point total for a given character only, never beyond this.

Unconsciousness and deatlj

Your health level decreases when you're wounded in battle, however, you slowly heal when you're no longer sustaining injuries. Your health is instantly restored when your skill increases or when you drink a health potion or use a healing spell. The color of the Character Portrait indicates the state of your health. Unconscious. When your health drops to zero, your character becomes unconscious and the Character Portrait turns red. If you're the only character in your party, the game ends and you must restart or load a saved game. If there are other conscious humanoid characters in your party when you become unconscious, you fall to the ground but the -game continues. You retain all of your possessions but cannot open your Inventory or drink health potions. You can wait for your health to gradually regenerate or another character can heal you with a healing spell.

Round Getting by with a little help from your Priest

I have to help Derf immediately or he will be burger bits Each trainee starts into the Proving Gruonds with 8 hit points. When they go to zero, the character dies. Much as I hate to lose Prior Sebastion's ability to dispell, I quickly decide to have Prior Sebastion cast one of his two DIOS spells on Derf this round. Both the mages will cast HALITO spells on the last 2 Skeletons, now that the Bubbly Slimes are asleep. Derf and Thomas the Fair had better go out there and hit better than they had done so far, if they expect to survive in this place All set with the team strategy. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Yes, yes. Snatch, you still parry. I didn't forget you. What a hyper group thieves are. Bored most of the time, can't wait to get into the action, but when they do get a chance, watch them try to become wallpaper on the Maze wall Well, here goes. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Prior Sebastion can get off that DIOS healing spell on Derf before something nails him...

Lowering your Insurance Premiums

The first rule of the successful Wizardry player is Thee who turns and runs away, lives to run another day. Don't be ashamed to run from encounters where the monsters have the upper-hand. When first starting out, run back to the Castle often (even after each encounter) to rest, replenish your spells, and heal your wounded. Never go deeper into the Dungeon until you are quite comfortable on the current level. Avoid the temptation to take on just one more encounter. Use your spell-casting characters wisely. When you are fighting your first few groups of monsters, cast a Katino spell, knocking out the opposition so that you'll have plenty of leisure time in which to eliminate them. Naturally, this will not work against certain monsters, and you'll have to run away from these creatures until you become more powerful. If your characters become poisoned, and you don't have magical means to cure them, run for the Castle as quickly as you can Keep an eye on the victim's hit points If they go...

Personalizing your character f

When a character's hit points drop to 0 or below he or she is rendered unconscious and is dying. At die end of every round there is a chance of losing another hit point, or stabilizing to prevent losing any more health. If a dying character is treated by another character successfully using the Heal skill or casting a healing spell, lie or she will be stabili .ed anil will not lose any more heal ill. If a character's hit points reach -10 or below, the character dies.

Conjuring and Summoning Spells

As long as the gate has not been recently opened, the summoning spells will usually work. However, once you have summoned one group of monsters, you may not summon another group until the first group dies or the encounter is ended. Yet, there is still another large benefit to the summoning process Often the monsters that the party is fighting will attack the conjured monsters instead In other words, the attacks meant for your characters will be absorbed by the monsters, saving you the pain (not to mention the healing spells) If all of the monsters are killed off fending for your life, don't despair the gates will be available for summoning again.

The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity

Sharing the priests' curiosity towards the Well of Eternity, Azshara ordered the educated high-borne to plumb its secrets and reveal its true purpose in the world. The high-borne buried themselves in their work and studied the Well ceaselessly. In time they developed the ability to manipulate and control the Well's cosmic energies. As their reckless experiments progressed, the high-borne found that they could use their newfound powers to either create or destroy at their leisure. The hapless high-borne had stumbled upon primitive magic and were now resolved to devote themselves to its mastery. Although they agreed that magic was inherently dangerous if handled irresponsibly, Azshara and her high-borne began to practice their spellcraft with reckless abandon. Cenarius and many of the wizened night elf scholars warned that only calamity would result from toying with the clearly volatile arts of magic. But, Azshara and her followers stubbornly continued to expand their burgeoning powers.

Healing And Hit Points

Natural healing is slow, but it's available to all characters, regardless of class. Magical healing may or may not be available, depending on the presence (or absence) of spellcasters or magical devices. The only limit to the amount of damage a character can recover through healing is the maximum hit points the character has. MAGICAL HEALING Healing spells, potions, and magical devices can speed the process of healing considerably. The specifics of such magical healing methods are described in the spell descriptions below. By using these methods, wounds close instantly and vigor is restored. The effects are immediate. Magical healing is particularly useful in the midst of combat or in preparation for a dangerous encounter. Remember, however, that the characters' opponents are just as likely to have access to magical healing as the characters - an evil high priest is likely to carry healing spells to bestow on his own followers and guards. Healing occurs to the maximum hit point total...


Shortly after your party stumbles through a patch of thorny roses, you might need to cast a healing spell or two. Select the spellbook to do so. Of course, you may select the spellbook to cast any spell - adventuring, healing, or even damage spells (if you want to fireball a tree, but it's not recommended). For more information on the spells available and casting of spells, see the Magic Spells section of this manual.

Spell Tabs

Combat and Healing Spell Tab The middle tab is for if * j spells having to do with fighting and staying alive. You'll find a speed up spell, attack spell (such as fireball or wrath) and a healing spell. Other spells will be acquired through experience. The gods, knowing of your growing power, shall pass this knowledge unto you when you level up.

The Sleepless Stones

He pulled a small wand and a few reagents out of the pack, digging through them in search of some obscure combination. What are you doing she asked. He glanced up, and gestured with the wand at her blistered hands. Ah. He had taken up the study of life magic lately, and seemed to be intending a healing spell. Truthfully, they didn't seem to hurt all that much, but she'd heard that a lack of pain could merely imply a much more serious injury.

Raising The Dead

Curative and healing spells have no effect on a dead character - he can only be returned to life with a Raise Dead or Resurrection spell (or a device that accomplishes one of these effects). Each time a character is returned to life, he must make a system shock roll based on his current Constitution. If the die roll is successful (i. e., the character rolls equal to or less than his system shock percentage), the character is restored to life in whatever condition is specified by the spell or device.

Attack Enemies

Like workers, warrior areevoked at a monumenr and waits your commands. The basic handling of warriors is the same as with all other units. When units are attacked or when they notice imminent danger in the form of an enemy, they will take action and if ihey have magic powers, they will apply these automatically, be It attack spells for enemies or healing spells for comrades. To attack an enemy, selcct a warrior and right-click on the enemy. Upon doing so. the uniL moves towatds the enemy and attacks him.

Tips on Magic

Both clerics and magic-users may cast spells which assist the party in combat. Preparatory spells, such as Bless or Strength, cast just before a battle can protect or strengthen characters. Combat spells can be cast to damage foes during combat. Healing spells can be cast either during or after combat to revive wounded comrades.

Summoning Spells

Your lead fighter has two hit points left, your mage has fallen asleep, and your priest is too insane to do much about it. With the last bit of power he can muster, your Psionic fires off an Illusion spell. And voila, a Greater Demon appears - at your service With a flick of his giant, fiery hand, your enemies are but a bad memory. For just such reasons, summoning spells are a favorite among Lost Guardia's magic users. These spells allow you to summon a monster from another plane to fight for your party. Once you have summoned one group of monsters, however, you may not summon another group until the first group dies or the encounter ends. Summoned monsters can be extremely useful to your party. Sometimes, an attack originally meant for your characters will strike the summoned group of monsters. saving you the pain, rest, and healing spells necessary to recover.

Left Menu Buttons

Rest From many of the interface screens, a Rest button will be available in place of the Select All and AI On Off buttons. When you select Rest and confirm, time will pass in the game and your characters will heal and regain their spells. When the party rests, characters that have healing spells memorized will cast them on the most injured party members automatically. In the options page, you will find a setting called 'Rest until healed'. If you turn this on, then when you rest, time will pass until your party is fully healed. Be careful when you use this if you have a time based quest, you might sleep right through it

Effects Of Poison

Poison is an all-too-frequent hazard faced by characters. Bites, stings, deadly potions, drugged wines and bad food all await characters at the hands of malevolent wizards, evil assassins, hideous monsters and incompetent innkeepers. Fortunately, there are many ways a character can be treated for poison. Several spells exist that either slow the onset time, enabling the character the chance to get further treatment, or negate the poison entirely. Note that Cure spells do not negate the progress of a poison Though they will heal damage taken.

Section III j

Wyverns and wyvern monarchs attack with swipes of their stinging tails. The wyvern monarch's stinger has a chance of poisoning its target for three rounds. The top creature of a poisoned troop loses 50 of its health each round. Poisoning can only be removed by the Cure spell.


Early peoples revered natural objects like trees, stones, and mountains, believing them to possess a spiritual significance. After the advent of permanent settlements, artificially created places of worship began to appear. Some were even built on sites considered to be spiritually important. One of the most famous early structures is Stonehenge, near Salisbury, England. Though the true purpose of Stonehenge is not known, its placement and alignment with the sunrise on the Summer solstice suggests that it was erected by sun worshipers. Started in approximately 3,100 BC, it went through three main phases of construction, ending with its final arrangement in the 16th Century BC, the ruins of which still exist today.

Defensive Auras

A Paladin must be true to his duty and belief that all souls are worthy of attempted salvation. With this aura, the Paladin shares the glory of the Light with his vanquished enemies. With each administration of these final rites, the Paladin and his party are redeemed physically as well as spiritually.

Character Options

To select a spell or prepare a psionic power, press the Cast Spells Use Psionics icon. All your spells and psionics will be displayed for each level known. To cycle between spell types and levels, click the appropriate buttons in the bottom row. Pointing with the cursor to a spell or psionic power displays its name at the bottom of the window. For a short description of a spell or power, right-click on the icon. (To close the window click anywhere within it.) Select a spell or psionic power by left-clicking on its icon. After you have chosen, the pointer becomes an icon representing your choice. Some spells (healing spells, for example) can be cast directly from this screen by clicking the spell icon on the target character. Other spells automatically return you to the regular game screen.

Spell Levels

Each spell has six different power levels. The higher the power level, the more powerful the spell. For damage-oriented and healing spells, the power level will affect the amount of damage or healing done. For other spells, such as Knock-Knock or Direction, the power level of the spell will increase its effectiveness or duration.

Reiki 101

Reiki 101

Looked upon as a mysterious practice, reiki originated from Japan, around 1922. Started by a Japanese Buddhist, this practice of purported healing basically uses the palm of an individual to emit positive healing energy unto the patient. Sometimes reiki is referred to as oriental style treatment by professional medical bodies.

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