Connection Types

You will need either a fast Internet connection (DSL/ Cable with TCP/IP protocol installed) or a connection to a Local Area Network (LAN) to play Hol2 in multiplayer mode.

LAN: This connection is established automatically by searching for any hosted games on your LAN. Either click "host' or select a detected game and click "join". Valkyrie net: This is a service provided at no charge by Paradox as both a meeting place for players and a connection handler to make it easier to host or join games. Hol2 also allows the host to set a password that guests must enter to be able to join private games. Internet: You will need to enter the IP address of the host computer in order to join an internet game. This can change each time the host connects to the internet if it is not a permanent connection. If you are hosting a game you can determine your IP address by establishing an internet connection and then chose Run from your computer's Start menu.

If you are using Win98 or WinME type winipcfg and then click OK and make a note of the IP Address and then communicate it to your guests (via email, IRC or other means).

If you are using Win2000 or WinXP type cmd and then click OK In the new window that appears type ipconfig. Make a note of the IP address displayed and then communicate it to your guests.

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