The Statistics Interface is primarily a means of gaining and reviewing large quantities of global information quickly, and for comparing your nation's progress to that of others. Each table of information relates to an aspect of the game: general summaries, economic information, convoy summaries, technology and military comparisons, a complete listing of your armed forces including their locations, strengths and combat stats, and a place where you may view the full-length version of the history log. A large number of the tables have "hot links" allowing you to double-click to jump to a specific unit or province, or have right-click menus that allow you to conveniently issue orders or make changes without going directly to a unit or provincial location. Due to the number of statistics sub-folders, their fairly self-explanatory nature and the limited overall size of this manual (for game-packaging reasons in some markets), I cannot provide details for each of the sub-folders in this text.

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