Research Projects

Selecting and Assigning a Project

Across the top of the screen (area 2) are a set of buttons listing the various general categories of technology in Hol2. Each category has many individual projects, each of which has its own set of component advances. When you click on one of the category buttons, the main section of the folder (area 3) will display a colour-coded flowchart of all of the projects that are part of that category. A dark green entry indicates that you have already completed this project; light green indicates that you have all the prerequisite advances necessary to begin researching the project; yellow indicates that a team has already begun work on the project; and red indicates that you lack some of the prerequisite accomplishments to begin research. The arrows in the flow chart indicate the prerequisites for each project, making it easy to see what steps must be taken if you are looking far forward into your research future. All of the secret weapons have prerequisites in other categories that must first be completed before you may begin to research them.

Clicking on anyone of the projects will display the Project Details (area 4) and its component advances. Each component will have a difficulty rating and a specified field that is the primary discipline that relates to the component. The overall project completion time will be reduced for each of the assigned team's areas of expertise that correspond to one of the components' primary fields; but the higher the difficulty rating, the longer it will take to research that component. You will also see a list of the benefits you may expect upon completion of the project. The effects will vary significantly from project to project. Some improve an aspect of your economy; others will increase the abilities of your military; and others will make new or improved units available to you that a less advanced nation will not be able to use.

Each project has one other factor that can play a role in determining hew long it will take to research: the historical year that it appeared. This reflects the need for other sub-components that aren't directly included in the technology tree's multitude of components but played a role historically in it being possible to make scientific advances in this area. If you begin researching a project before its historical time period, then it will take longer to complete since your team will need to spend additional time inventing those (hypothetical) subcomponents. Highly complex or advanced projects may be very difficult and time consuming to complete, and it is very unlikely that a nation will be able to complete research on all of them during the course of a single game (for many nations it will be nearly impossible to research everything).

Progressions in advanced levels of rocketry research will be nearly impossible without appropriate test facilities being constructed to assist your scientists. If you intend to pursue this field, then you should build at least one rocket test site as soon as you are able to and then increase its size whenever possible. This province improvement will drastically reduce your research times of further rocketry advances. The same is also true of nuclear research projects, which will progress very slowly unless you have built a nuclear reactor in at least one of your provinces.

As mentioned earlier, all research projects will take much less time if you begin with a set of blueprints for the project. It is highly unlikely that a nation will simply give blueprints to you; however you may be able to negotiate a one-time trade if you make an attractive enough offer during your negotiations., .and of course, an enemy's blueprints may occasionally come your way as a result of espionage activi-

ties (this is a game event). If you are lucky enough to steal blueprints for an advanced technology, they will not grant you knowledge of any prerequisite advances, nor give you any bonuses to researching them. The blueprints will not be of use to you until you have reached a point where you WDuid be able to begin work on that project.

Once you have decided on a project that your team is able to research, click the Start Project button to assign the team to this project. The main area of the screen will then change to display the project details with an indication of the overall progress being made on the project. Money will be withdrawn from your national cash reserves to finance the project and, as time passes, you will be able to see the team gradually researching each of the component advances. You will also see an indicator shewing the overall progress being made on the project. If you lack sufficient funds to continue financing the team's work on the project, then research progress will slew dramatically, the team's skill level will be set (temporarily) to zero, and a large red dollar sign will be displayed as a warning. This penally will be removed once the team's financing has been restored.

After all of the components have been researched, the project will be complete and you will be notified that the team has finished its task. Whatever effects the technology gives will be immediately available, however in many cases this will require some degree of implementation.

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