Selecting and Using a Statistics Sub Folder

Each of Hearts of Iron II's subfolders (there are more than twenty of these) can be accessed by paging through them using the left and right arrows at the bottom of each folder. They are also grouped into five general categories: Summary, Economic, Technology, Military and History: and you will see a set of buttons at the bottom of the folder which you can click to quickly jump to the appropriate group of folders that relate to that category.

There are some fairly common features available in the statistics subfolders. In many cases, the column headers can be clicked to sort the data in the tables in ascending order according to that heading, and clicking it again will reverse the sort order. Double-clicking on an individual line in a table will usually jump directly to: and select: the item in question (a province, unit, leader or supply route). In some cases, you can right click on an item to display a context-sensitive menu that allows you to take a direct action from the subfolder.

When you have finished reviewing the information and leave the Statistics Folder (or use the quick-jump feature), HoI2 will remember the last statistics subfolder that you were viewing and the sort category and order that you last used for that folder. When you next open the Statistics Folder it will return to you that exact same view.

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