Transporting Troops on Ships

To mcwe land forces across water you must transport them using your naval transport vessels. Each naval transport has sufficient carrying capacity to handle one full division and, if necessary, an attached brigade. To be able to transport EPjjfffi^lfil] a field command you must either have a sufficient number of transports or you must reorganise your force until it is the appropriate size. Once you have done this, there are two ways to load a field command onto a transport vessel. If the force is in a port that also contains the transports you intend to use then you can select it and click the load on transports button. The force will be immediately loaded and you can then issue orders to your transport as to where to take them. The other option for loading troops is used when the transports are in an adjacent sea area (usually because your troops are not in a port). In this instance, select your force and then right click on your transports to issue an order for them to begin loading. This process will take some time and leaves both your field command and your transports open to enemy attack. Should this happen, the process will be halted until the enemy has been repelled and then it will resume. If your navy fails to successfully defend against the attack then the entire process is cancelled (but, fortunately, no portion of your field command will be damaged). Once loading has been completed you can select the transports and issue them their orders.

Unloading of transports will occur automatically if their destination is a port. If you wish, you may unload your force from a transport when it is in the sea zone adjacent to a desired friendly province. To do this, select the transports and then click unload button, This will automatically select the field command that you are transporting and you may then right click to designate the province you want them to unload to. Again, this will take some time to complete and is subject to enemy interference. Unlike the loading process, failure here can be catastrophic if a transport is sunk since your troops will go down with the ship. As you will have gathered from the comments above, it is much faster and safer to load and unload your troops in a friendly port if at all possible, and to reserve "adjacency" loading and unloading only for emergencies.

Unloading troops to an adjacent province that is in enemy hands can be done by using the adjacent sea zone unloading

method or by using the naval "amphibious assault" mission. To launch such an attack the province must have a beach.

Strategic Redeployment For basic redeployment of land forces to more distant locations it is usually easiest to issue them a strategic redeployment order instead of physically moving them there, While this usually takes slightly longer than marching, there are several advantages to this technique. The first is purely a matter of convenience since the order is very simple to issue. A less obvious one is that during the course of their redeployment they are not subject to attrition losses or enemy attack: both of which can take their toll. Strategic redeployment will use 2 TC of your national transport capacity for each division being redeployed this v*ay.

Issuing a strategic redeployment order is remarkably easy to do. Simply select the field command that you wish to redeploy, then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and right-click on the province where you want the force to redeploy. It must be a province that you control: not one that is controlled by an ally: and there must be a land link through friendly territory between its current and intended locations. Because you are using the Ctrl and right-click combination the order interface will be displayed, from which you need only select the strategic redeployment option. The exact arrival date will be displayed (In this instance it is exact, but you can't adjust it) and you can then click the OK button to issue the order (or click Cancel if you change your mind).

The field command will be immediately removed from the map and placed in the force pool with a notation as to where it is being redeployed and the date that it will arrive. During this time you cannot change or abort these orders. If their destination province falls into enemy hands before they arrive then they will be placed in the first available friendly territory that is along the route that they were taking to the originally intended province.

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Transporting Paratroopers Unlike naval transports which can carry any type of land division, air transports are only able to carry airborne infantry, bpnrg j j jjj EaCh ajr transport can carry one division of paratroopers and the method for loading and unloading is more or less exactly the same as it is for naval vessels. The only difference is that you must select the target province for the paratroop f Jhi tqiUdto DMuM yr j*__S Efl g : ; f., ers to jump into, or select an airbase for the transports to land at to deliver their troops.

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