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Captain Nilea Cortilliari (female, 27):

one of the possible main characters in the story (if you choose the Martian side)

Nilea was born on Mars and her father was one of the first officers in the Martian army. He was previously a high ranking officer, a Commander in the UHF, the United Human Forces - the armed forces of Earth. His skills gained in the UHF helped him greatly in founding the core units on Mars and in organizing the planet's defences. Her mother was a scientist in one of the secret military laboratories, responsible for projects concerning new radar and detection technologies.

Both were well-honored and well-known people on Mars, but killed in a tragic accident when experimenting in their own private laboratory at home.

Nilea was their only child, and inherited the organizational skills of her mother as well as the technical skills and logical thinking of her father. She started as technical officer in the Martian army, but rose fast in the ranks until she was promoted to Captain and received one of the newest and strongest ships in the army to command, a corvette. She is not only ambitious, but will defend the Martian's rights at all costs, so she will certainly be a charismatic leader. As well as being open-minded, Nilea is also very sensitive to science, and as such she believes in the existence of other races in the galaxy. Since the death of her parents she has been ever so determined to learn everything she can in the army (both fighting tactics and special abilities) and uses her skills in eliminating possible threats to the planet Mars: she will never use a harsh word against a Terran, but is critical of the World Government and their opinion about colonies. It is hard to believe that she will everjoin the Terran army, not even in the case of aliens invading the Solar System, as her home is Mars, so she most likely will defend the latter planet. She is currently under the command of Yoshimo Sakuzo, whom she sees as her idol and who she treats like a father, although she has never been courageous enough to express this feeling to him.

Captain Jack Garner (male, 29):

the other possible main character in the story (if you choose the Terran side)

Nothing is known about Jack's past, he was found at the doors of a hospital in Los Angeles. He was brought up by the state, and as of his 14th birthday he was entered into a military school, which he liked very much as he felt as if he had found a family within their ranks. After the completion of this basic training he went directly to the United Human Forces Military Academy.

It became clear very early on, that the young cadet had extraordinary piloting skills - he won every single training flight in the academy and finished his training as 1st lieutenant with the best possible classification. Due to his results, he later had the opportunity to make routine flights (only the very best were given these opportunities) in the whole Solar system as wingman then wing leader and - after his promotion - as Captain.

Having only the army to give him education and morale stance, he is definitely loyal to the World Government and the UHF, and is limited in his openness to the colonies and their political and social ideas, even though through voyaging throughout space he has visited every single human installation in the Solar System. He is totally closed with regards to science, which, in his words is "not a setback but a push forward for my military career." As his education taught him, he feels the utmost respect for his superiors and will do what he is told without hesitation; this means he's a little too strict, sometimes too much even with himself.

Emil's family past was very simple. He was raised by his father, the best stockman in Slovakia, and his mother died at a young age from cancer. He was born in Bratislava, but soon left his hometown to join the army. Back then he was only 18, but it soon became obvious that the teenager had a strong character. This strong character, undoubtly inherited from his father, caused difficulties in his finding friends: he always made jokes about himself being the best, the strongest, the smartest of all cadets...and his results were outstanding.

At the age of 23 he was already in the elite class, taught by the likes of Commander Artemov, master in the art of spying. He always wanted to be like Commander Artemov and had dreams of one day perhaps even to surpass his master.

Colonel Yoshimo Sakuzo (male, 55)

The ideal soldier himself, Yoshimo raised himself in rank from the bottom to the highest level with discipline, courage and intelligence. Not much is known about his childhood, only that he was born in Japan, and that his family was forced to leave their home. This case is not closed yet, scattered information is circulating about his father, a brave man who organized a sub-political movement against the still existing feudal trends in Japan. Most certainly this was the reason why they left home suddenly and migrated to Europe, where Yoshimo was raised.

Fortunately, the child performed very well during early school years and so was allowed to visit the best military academies of the UHF. It became obvious early on that he would not tolerate injustice and would fight against oppression. With all the problems developing between Earth and the colonies in the late XXIst century he gave up everything he had built up in his life: his career, his rank, and his home. He joined the cause of Mars very early, and only just escaped arrest when he expressed his opinion too loudly about the Colonies-Earth situation. He flew to Mars, where he was almost immediately contacted by the Martian military forces and quickly rose through their ranks. As a fiery leader and an emotional character, he was soon promoted to Colonel in the USSF (United Space Special Forces). He has several Majors and Captains under his command but he's particularly interested in one: from the time they began 'working' together he has admired Nilea Cortilliari, a very talented young lady, whom he wishes to treat like his own daughter.

Instructor Liana Fordiss (female, 38)

It was obvious, that Liana's parents would be colonists on Mars, as they were the leaders of the political group named 'Bright Side of Mars' in Dallas, co-operating strongly with the World Government. This organization shared the thoughts on colonization plans with the people of the region, and to encourage them further, her parents placed themselves in the middle of the plan to travel to the new planet. Her mother was pregnant when they left Earth, and only months after living on Mars, Liana was born. Even as a young woman, she felt an untold desire to became part of the army, so she was educated this way.

Surprisingly, she never wanted to be a highly ranked officer, nor a pawn in fighting with any possible threat, but she always had a vision to teach and inform other people. In her thoughts, the desire and the ability to help others obtain knowledge was the greatest gift of her life. With all her experience in this domain, there were no questions asked when, after declaring war with the Earth, the Martian Army needed an instructor to teach their younger Captains who needed accurate debriefing and specific intruction in becoming adept in fighting battles in the hostile situation.

Scientist Laura Meloni (female, 36)

The young and ambitious Italian scientist Laura was attracted to the art of living species and deciphering their way of life at the age of 4. Her parents never cared about her too much - they left home when she was 2 and never ever returned. She was raised by her grandparents, and, as both of them were veterinarians, she started to have an interest in animals. Even after working long hours every day, she passed her evenings watching and caring for the poor bruised beings. At the same time she developed a keen interest in plants and vegetation.

All her respect and care for living 'things' is rooted in her childhood. From a very young age, she had already pursued biological, geological, anthropological and sociological studies at the University of Science in Rome. At the age of 25 she had already finished her studies (3 years before the normal completion of the university!) and begun her practice: she was amongst the few scientists to team up and discover the missing communication link between dolphins and humans. Mainly, this research opened the doors for her - election in the total undercover government project working on searching for other civilizations in space was her destiny - a project called 'Interplanetary Z'. Their main goal was that should contact be established with one of these races, they would work with them using every means of diplomatic skills available to try and obtain their collaboration, and through this gain the chance to analyze the social structure of their life and the biological nature of their bodies.

Heinrich Stome, Vice Secretary of the Unified Government (male, 47)

Son of the chairman of a huge German vehicle-manufacturer, Heinrich was educated with the intention of his following in his father's footsteps. But as the years passed, the young man took more and more disliking to having his future planned for him, and so, before the completion of the 'Munich Technical Academy', he convinced his father to aid him in becoming a politician. The cause of this about-turn was mainly his self-belief and conscience, which kept telling him that he had the power to convince and lead people to achieve higher goals; he was the leader of the student's organization in his academy, and then of the academic alliance.

He was once the 'Social and Educational Minister' of the World Government, but soon after the political misunderstanding with the colonies started, he denounced his title. He began relentlessly seeking a solution of the problems ahead, and even with the declaration of war between the two parties he had not stopped working. That's primarily why he was chosen to become the vice-secretary of the Unified Government, a position he joyfully accepted, immediately starting the process of rebuilding the lost social relations between the colonies and Earth, as well as lending a helping hand in the work of the new United Space Special Forces and their project 'New beginning'.

Colonel Vincent Codiaque (male, 39)

Vincent was born in Canada, as only child of his parents. His father was a talented artist, a nearly world-famous sculptor before he was arrested for drug-handling and sentenced by the Quebec Court to leave his country. The ex-patriate, soon after making home in Toronto, met a young girl, a journalist working for the World Government and the UHF. This was the couple responsible for the life of Vincent, who, following in his mother's footsteps, became interested in the ways of the army and political trends.

As he grew older, he decided to leave politics behind and concentrate on the army, as, in his eyes "saving humanity from a possible attack or catastrophe was a holier task." All his efforts were well rewarded when, at the age of 37 he became Colonel of the Space Division of UHF, and this way the superior of a certain Jack Garner.

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