Squads and ship classes

Ships in the game are organized into groups (squads), class 1 ships into groups of 7, class 2 into groups of 4 and class 3 into groups of 2. Class 4 ships are alone. The player is able to give commands only to groups; he has no control over individual ships, but these groups can be arranged into several formations.

All squads have pre-defined names (coming from a name generator used in Hegemonia) which are also used in production and control.

In the game, the player will control 1-25 of these groups. There are normal military units (1 initially, then eventually up to 12) and special units (non-deployed bases or mining stations, probes etc.), which will be used as AI controlled units after deployment.

Normal military units will be split into two categories: core and auxiliary units. Core units can be transferred between missions (the player's rank defines how much he can he control), while auxiliary units will only be available for the current mission. The maximum number of these will be defined by the story and will increase as the story unfolds.

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