Casting Spells

To cast an adventure spell, click the Cast Spell button found in the control buttons on the right side of the Adventure Map display. The current hero's spell book will be displayed as described above, but the combat spells bookmark will be deactivated. To cast a spell, find it, then on the spell's icon.

You may have your hero cast a combat spell by clicking the Cast Spell button located at the lower right corner of the Combat Screen. The hero's spell book appears. During combat, only combat spells are displayed. Find the spell you want to cast, then click on its icon. When you do so, the spell book will vanish, returning you to the Combat Screen. If the spell needs a target, you choose the target by clicking on it.

You may cancel the casting of combat and adventure spells by closing the spell book without selecting a spell icon. If a spell is already selected, right-click to avoid casting the spell.

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