About This DWanual

This Technical Supplement and Tutorial booklet is designed to show you how to install, load, and begin to play High Seas Trader so that you can start enjoying your new game as quickly as possible. We suggest that you begin by working through the Quick Start Tutorial section. After you have gone through the tutorial, you can use the main Game Manual to learn about the more advanced aspects of game play. Be sure to read the Rules Changes and Additions section of this booklet, and to check your game disk for a README.TXT file which may contain newer information.

Inside this booklet, you will find:

  • Installation and loading directions
  • A list of keyboard commands available in the game
  • A tutorial to get you started playing right away
  • A list of changes and additions made to the game since the main manual went to press
  • A strategy hints and tips section for better play
  • Technical information in case you have problems installing or running High Seas lYader
  • Information on where to get more help if the technical tips do not solve your problem

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