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each type of crew member (soldier, sailor, apprentice) is shown.

Steering Wheel: Click on the right side of the wheel to turn to starboard; click.on the left side to turn to port. Hold the mouse button down to spin the wheel continuously.

Change View Controls: The left and right view controls change your view in 90-degree increments. Clicking the center control always brings you to the forward view.

Sail Control: Clicking on the mast raises and lowers the sail. When the sail is down, you cease to move. When the sail is up, you will move according to the speed and direction of the wind.

Overview Map: This display to the right of the sail shows a top-down perspective of everything within your line of vision. Your ship, represented by the yellow dot, will always be in the middle. Water is shown in blue, with lighter shades representing shallow

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water. Land is shown in green, and other ships are shown as white dots. :

Cannon Button: This switches your ship between navigation mode and combat mode. When a hostile ship opens its gun ports, you will be switched automatically to combat mode. You may only switch back to navigation mode when there are no hostile ships in

Cabin Button; While in navigation mode, the Cabin button will take you below deck to the Captain's quarters. While in combat mode, this button becomes the Auto button.

First Mate Button: While in navigation mode, the First Mare button activates a kind of "auto pilot." As long as you have charted a course, clicking here will switch you to a view of your ship's location on your chart. There you will travel at accelerated pace until you are interrupted by a message from your First Mate, or you reach your final waypoint. While in combat mode, this button becomes a Surrender button.

Ship Schematic: This display on the right side of the panel indicates the damage your ship has sustained. Damage is indicated when components of the ship (lower hull, upper hull, sails, masts, cannon) turn red. The red portion will grow as the damage increases. : .. : . .: :

Note: Damage to the inner ring of the hull indicates damage below your ship's waterline, which will sink you much more quickly!

Telescope: When placed on the ocean view, your mouse pointer becomes a telescope lens. Clicking on a port or a ship brings it into magnified view and identifies it.

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