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nobility rating and are necessary to advance through the higher ranks of the merchants' guild. When you begin to collect treasures, you will need an estate ft which to store them. In your home port tavern, dealers will offer to sell you estates when you can afford them. There are three estate sizes, having space for two, four, or six treasures. (See Buying an Estate) Upgrade your estate as your wealth grows. A respectable estate will be vital to advancing your status.

The Market

Find the "Enter Market" hotspot on any port screen with your mouse pointer and click to enter the market. Here you'll see a list of commodities available for purchase at that port. The column titled "Buy Price" lists the price (in gold pieces) you will pay for one ton of the commodity. The "Qty at Port" column lists the quantity (in tons) of the item available at the market. The "Qty Aboard" column shows the quantity of each item currently aboard your ship.

The arrows to the left of the "Qty Aboard" column allow you to trade goods. To buy coffee, for example, you would click the right arrow in the Coffee row to transfer tons of coffee from the market into your cargo hold. To sell coffee, you would click the left arrow to transfer coffee from your ship to the market. The "Sell Price" column lists the price you will get for each ton of the commodity you sell. Remember: prices will vary in different ports, and a port's sell prices will always be lower than its buy prices.

Your cash supply in gold coins is listed beneath the commodity listings (minus any cash you have deposited in a "bank). Use the Unit button when you are buying and selling lai^e quantities of goods. The number beside ihe Unit button is the number of tons that you will transfer with each click of the mouse. This will save you from having to click 100 times, for example, to buy 100 tons of something.

Each ship has an available cargo area, measured in tons. This space is used to store cargo, supplies, passengers, and cannon. Beside Tonnage Used you'll see two numbers separated by a slash. The first number is the number of tons already occupied in your caigo hold. The second number is its total capacity in tons. You'll see the first number rise as you purchase cargo and fall as you selL

On the bottom row, your port location is shown on the left side. On the right are four buttons:

The Logs button allows you to check the sell and buy prices for different items at various ports; Select this button to view your Trading Log- a list of the ports in your charts and the prices they offer for various items.

To check the prices in the log, click on the name of a commodity listed on the right side of the screen. Then click Buy or Sell to check prices. The Buy button lists the ports, from lowest to highest, based on the price they will pay for a ton of the selected item. The Sell button lists the selling price at each port for the selected item. The Next button turns the page of the log book, and the Prev button turns the page back.

The Accept button finalizes any transaction you make. Select Accept after you have made all the transactions you intend to make and before you leave the market.

The Cancel button allows you to cancel any transactions you have made and start over again.

The Leave button sends you back to the port screen.

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