Spell List

This screen is where you choose what spells you will have memorized and view the spells that you know.

The spells your spell casters know are shown on the right. To memorize a spell, L-click on it. The spell appears on the left in the "memorized" area, unusable until the character has a chance to rest. (See the Rest button on page 15). Spells can only be cast when they are memorized.

The memorized spells are shown on the left. Every time the spell caster sleeps he will memorize the spells in this area, allowing them to be cast. If the memorized spell area is full and you want to memorize a different spell, L-click on the spell, and it will vanish.

Bards and Sorcerers are special types of spell casters who are not required to memorize spells. Like other spell casters they are only able to cast a certain number of spells each day, but unlike the other spell casters they do not need to prepare which ones they will be before hand.

Class Spell Type: This lists the spells available to your selected class. The classes that can cast spells are bards, clerics, druids, paladins, rangers, sorcerers and wizards. If you have more than one casting class then more spell buttons become available.

Domain Spells: Your cleric also gains spells based upon their choice of deity. Some of these overlap with the main cleric spells so be certain that you choose your domain spells first.

Spell Level: Use these buttons to select the spell level that you wish to memorize spells from. Make certain to check back here after you level up and see if another spell level has become available to your caster. Spell Slots Available: Upon character creation and at certain levels, your character will receive more available spell slots. Use these to memorize additional spells.

Known Spells: This is a comprehensive list of the spells your character knows under their currently selected spell class. Right-click on any of the icons to see a detailed description of the spell and its effects.

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