Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

The Forming of the Scourge

The Lich King's plan worked perfectly. Many of Lordaeron's northern villages were contaminated almost immediately. Just as in Northrend, the citizens who contracted the plague died and arose as the Lich King's willing slaves. The cultists under Kel'Thuzad were eager to die and be raised again in their dark lord's service. They exulted in the prospect of immortality through undeath. As the plague spread, more and more feral zombies arose in the north-lands. Kel'Thuzad looked upon the Lich King's growing army and named it the Scourge - for soon, it would march upon the gates of Lordaeron and scour humanity from the face of the world.

Hamuds Letter to Devana

I regret coming to this undead world. Yes, I use the world undead because death no longer exists here. What good are the tenets of the Zharalim if death is no longer feared and is, at best, a temporary inconvenience Weaklings have come to regard this land as a sort of paradise because of their supposed immortality. I say this immortality is a terrible sham. We are locked in an endless, nightmarish cycle that has no exit. We have separated ourselves from the possibility of true paradise, the reward that comes from a righteous existence and an honorable death.

The History of the Wizard

Within the covers of this leather-bound volume, its ancient pages coated by dust and time, is contained the History of the Wizard War. It was the great historian Molenubar the Chronicler who collected these many fragments of myth and legend, preserving them for posterity in one weighty tome. His was the labor of a lifetime. Writing in the ink of squids on pages of dried papyrus, Molenubar worked day and night to complete the task. But the Old Gods were jealous of the immortality that the completed work would grant him, and took Molenubar before the story could be finished.

Kel Thuzad and the Cult of the Damned

The Lich King was pleased with his latest conscript. He promised Kel'Thuzad immortality and great power in exchange for his loyalty and obedience. Kel'Thuzad, eager for dark knowledge and power, accepted his first great mission - to go into the world of men and found a new religion that would worship the Lich King as a god. Kel'Thuzad returned to Lordaeron in disguise, and over the span of three years, he used his fortune and intellect to gather a clandestine brotherhood of like-minded men and women. The brotherhood, which he called the Cult of the Damned, promised its acolytes social equality and eternal life on Azeroth in exchange for their service and obedience to Ner'zhul. As the months passed, Kel'Thuzad found many eager volunteers for his new cult amongst the tired, overburdened laborers of Lordaeron. Surprisingly, Kel'Thuzad's goal to pervert the citizens' faith in the Holy Light towards belief in Ner'zhul's dark shadow was easily attained. As the Cult of the Damned grew in...

Battered Leather Journal

Much to my surprise, they did not kill me. I was prepared to take a few of these creatures with me, but before I had time to react, I had been disarmed and surrounded by their long spears. Seeing as how the spears made no further encroachment upon my neck, I was content to remain unaggressive, though very afraid. A strange reaction. What am I afraid of While I have not yet suffered a death in Dereth, by all accounts I will be reborn and renewed. And yet the fear remained, cold and implacable, as if it knew that the immortality offered by Dereth is merely dew on the morning grass, seemingly real for a short time and then gone as if it had never been ( The howling and clash of metal is right outside the walls now. My guards have left to join the fighting outside). But I digress. Again.

Fracjmcnlafton foards

A warrior Hero, adept at summoning insect minions and crushing enemies. Betraying the Nerubian people, the Crypt Lords have sacrificed the lifeblood of thousands to bolster the Undead armies of Ner'zhul. winning an eternal life of servitude in his name. Attacks land units.

Then Again some of them Can Eat you

One tidbit of information that you shouldn't overlook, is that while you're immortal, you're not invincible. This means that while you can come back to life after almost any event that would kill a normal character, there are still things that can hurt you, or take you out of the world. A short list of events to avoid would be 1. Avoid tangling with creatures whose power is far beyond that of any immortal (this means that attacking godlike beings is almost certain to end with your permanent demise). I think you get the idea. Oh yeah, being eaten and digested counts as a permanent adventure-ender. So even an immortal, like yourself, is better off using a cautious approach from time to time or, at least be aware of the risks before you go charging forward.

The Kinets Race of the Ether of Motion blue

The most intellectual race, the Kinets have impassive faces and delicate, slender frames. While not immortal, they are long-lived and value life highly. Yet higher still do they value knowledge. Strength through knowledge is the main Kinetic precept. They find allies among the creatures who also desire freedom and knowledge, from winged Aviaks to powerful elementals and Lamias. Kinets even control one of the most powerful creatures in the world of the Etherlords, the mighty dragons. The Kinets' natural elements are water and wind, snowstorms and floods.

Introduction The Dawn Of An

The enemies of man, including the savage and bloodthirsty Orks, the traitorous forces of Chaos, and the mysterious and powerful Eidar, wage constant war against the descendants of Earth, seeking to end their very existence. The lives of untold billions, indeed the very survival of humanity itself, depend upon the protection of the Master of Mankind, the Immortal Emperor.

The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity

In time, a primitive tribe of nocturnal humanoids cautiously made their way to the edges of the mesmerizing, enchanted lake. The feral, nomadic humanoids, drawn by the Well's strange energies, built crude homes upon its tranquil shores. Over time, the Well's cosmic power affected the strange tribe, making them strong, wise and virtually immortal. The tribe adopted the name Kaldorei, which meant children of the stars in their native tongue. To celebrate their budding society, they constructed great structures and temples around the lake's periphery.

The Nile the Inundation and the Work Year

The Nile's flood cycle also contributed to the great monuments and pyramids with which we associate Egypt. Construction on these massive projects took place during the Inundation, when thousands of able-bodied workers would be sitting idly by waiting for the flood to recede. The Egyptian government conscripted the laborers to work on the project, but the workers did reap some benefits. They were paid for their considerable efforts, which supplemented the workers' yearly incomes. It was considered an honor among many to work on the great projects. Helping a pharaoh achieve immortality could go a long way to achieving your own.

The Nameless One is Different from your other Characters

Your character is different from the other characters in your party. He's immortal, that's one big difference. Another is the way that he gains hit points and spells. The Nameless One starts the game as a third level warrior and a first level thief and mage. The Nameless One only gets experience in the class he is currently a member of he switches classes by talking to people in the game. Furthermore, he cannot access any of the other classes' abilities when he is specializing in one of the classes.

Simcity Building Architect Plus Building Basics

Road construction is a breeze. You've got parks, marinas, airports, and skyscrapers. Gus Oddman, your Utilities Advisor, is very impressed with your grasp of electrical subsystems. You have built a city. Several, in fact. But you are an ambitious mayor. You would like to leave a lasting imprint on your city. The SimCity 3000 Building Architect Plus offers you mayoral immortality. How can your Sims forget you when they live, work, and shop in buildings you have designed and built And don't forget, when you feel a building represents your creative and design skills at their zenith, you can share your building with others on SimCity Exchange. Why shouldn't Sims throughout SimNation share in your immortality

The Nile the Inundation and the Nilometer

Ay I walked through thepeasant neighborhood I saw themervof the house-holds-preparing-for theirjoumeyytothe desert where they will help build Pharaoh ytomb The government conscripted many of these men to do thiyhard work , butthe workery will be paid Most of them consider it an honor to-help Pharaoh to immortality.

Gods Among Us The Heroes of China

Heroes in Emperor represent immortal figures from Chinese mythology as well as pivotal historical persons who played a key role in the development of China's religions and philosophies. A hero visits the city when you make sufficient homage offerings and provide religion access to your residents. Each hero provides benefits to the city depending on his her realm of supernatural influence. A hero is a temporary walker who departs when his her homage rating falls below a certain threshold. magical peaches that ripen every 3,000 years, and is the source of immortality. She is the highest goddess in the Daoist pantheon, and the embodiment of Yin. When active in the city, Xi Wang Mu halves the building cost of carpenters', masons', and ceramists' guilds (see p.91), jade carver's studios (see p.53) and aesthetic sculptures (see p.99). She can also bless a jade carver's studio (filling it with raw jade), capture animals for the menagerie, and reduce monument construction time. Xi Wang Mu...

Mnemosynes and the Art of Lockpicking

He would not divulge his name, and I did not press. I did not need to put a name on the unspeakable. During our time over the next month he often would remind me of my mortality. But better far to die quick and clean than to live on in a manner such as that. Every step he took brought with that same stench of the wet blight. I would rather die a thousand times than have to carry around that with me for my immortal existence.

The Sundering of the World

Furion, convinced that the Well of Eternity was the demons' umbilical link to the physical world, insisted that it should be destroyed. His companions, knowing that the Well was the source of their immortality and powers, were shocked by the rash notion. Yet Tyrande, seeing the wisdom of Furion's theory, convinced Cenarius and their dragon comrades to storm Azshara's temple and find a way to shut the Well down for good.

Death Knight

Death knights were once heroic, virtuous defenders of humanity. However, they were corrupted by the subtle machinations of the Lich King and lured to his dark standard. These former heroes were given untold power and the promise of immortality in exchange for their loyalties. Although they retained their humanity, their twisted souls were bound to the Lich King's will for all time. Bestowed with black, vampiric runeblades and shadowy steeds, death knights now serve as the Scourge's mightiest generals.


As I taught you before, as long as your altar is standing you will have immortality. If you wish to rid yourself of a rival wizard, then you must sever his link to immortality by desecrating his altar. If the desecration is successful, you will sever his link with his god and his death and banishment will be imminent. If someone should desecrate yours, you will be lost forever and your game will end. Prevent this at all costs


All the inhabitants of Muhar, the village at the center of Har'Akir, live in mortal fear of Anhktepot. He is the Lord of Har'Akir, a greater mummy of chaotic evil alignment. Wrapped in white strips of funeral linen that have yellowed with age, his eyes are golden lights, while his uncovered fingers are brown and withered. Once a powerful cleric of Ra, Anhktepot's search for immortality led to his present fate. The touch of Anhktepot causes a terrible rotting disease. In combat, the Lord of Har'Akir proves resistant to all but magical attacks, and he is somewhat resistant to these. A mummy of the fifth rank of invulnerability, Anhktepot's powers and spellcasting ability are such that no party is likely to defeat him in open combat, and merely standing in Anhktepot's presence may prove fatal. The Hierophant was once a Great Cleric of Ra, a sworn enemy to the pharaoh Anhktepot in the days when the pharaoh pursued his quests for power and the secret to immortality. Nevertheless, the...

Pile of Loose Notes

We served as the lords and ladies of Antaoc for 1,465 years, until the Throne was overturned. My grandfather Cedran lead the expedition that invested and sacked the Yalain Imperial Island of Atermore, then escaped with his fleet before reinforcements could arrive. He was rewarded for his service with immortality. I remember him as a thin and stooped figure, with the smell of sea salt in his hair. Some said he had Yalain blood to be such a natural mariner, but this was slander. It is not just. We were promised eternity. We shackled ourselves to rotting flesh to insure our story would live forever.

The Shadows Return

Amidst the strain of the new ore uprising. King Terenas was disturbed to hear ill news on another front. Rumor held that a number of supposed death cults had formed in the northern provinces. The cults attracted the disenfranchised and disheartened citizens of Lordaeron, offering them eternal life on earth as an alternative to servitude to the King. After many years of peace and quiet. King Terenas knew that troubles were only just beginning for his land. He took some comfort in the fact that Lordaeron had endured every trial that had ever come its way - and that its defenders, both new and old, would see it safely through to a new dawn

Decayed Note

And you, great lady Anadil retorted. You who bathed in the entrails of a loving husband to feed you lust for eternal life and power Are you such an upstanding example of behavior then, scheming witch For thousands of years we have heard tales of your callous and vicious nature, of your relentless devouring of every lord that caught your fancy.

The Lay of Leikotha

Alaidain alone returned To join her soldiers on the field The pools of night were gathering then The wounded had begun to heal The lesser undead fell like wheat The greater slunk away And vowed upon eternal life They'd have revenge one day The dead and twice-dead lay in heaps Across the smoking, frosted grounds The once were gathered in straight rows The twice in flaming charnel mounds My lady, spake Leikotha weakly

Living Forever

I am fearsome, and awesome. I am Ondruu. and I will live forever. She should have turned to our road long since, to live forever within the Mythal and of the Mythal. glorying in its song The song of a thousand mages, and more, who gave of themselves as they bound powers into it. and played those powers like harp-strings to do new things, keeping the Mythal alive, and vital, and growing. I am Ondruu. and 1 will live forever.


4 Now, many years later, Ys is in trouble again. The evil wizard Malificus, a descendant of one of the wisemen of Ys, has seized the six Books of Ys. These books contain the secret of kureria's magic power. With the knowledge gained by reading them, Malificus has changed the guardian statues into mortals, unearthed the hidden kureria, and sent an army of monsters to terrorize the people of Ys. The entire land is under his control. Only by recovering the six Books of Ys, can the people hope to regain their land and end the evil reign of Malificus. But this is no easy task. Malificus has entrusted five of the Books to five huge monsters, hidden throughout the land. The sixth and final book he holds himself. Your mission is to recover all six Books of Ys. If you fail in your quest, the people of Ys will live forever under the evil rule of Malificus


(ELL-eh-seem) Queen Ellesime (Lawful Good, elf female, magic-user 16th level) rules over her elven subjects from the tree-city of Suldanessalar within the great forest of Tethyr. Not much is known of the elven queen, although it is rumored that she descends from the elven god Rillifane, himself. Whether it is this heritage that makes her immortal or some tie to the fabled Tree of Life is unknown, and it is doubtful whether any but some few elves will ever have the opportunity to gaze upon her fabled beauty.


Built among the treetops hundreds of feet above the forest floor, the Elven city of Suldanesselar is home to the (some claim) immortal Queen Ellesime. Within the city is also rumored to exist the Tree of Life, likely the source of the Queen's eternal youth. However, it is unlikely any who are not of Elven descent will ever be able to verify these legends. Vigilantly patrolled and hidden high in the treetops of Swanway's Glade, the Elven city is virtually impregnable to all enemies. Despite these formidable defenses there have been recent whispers of a Drow plot to bring down the city.


Persian kings like Sargon II and Nebuchadnezzar employed elite units called The Immortals, fearsome warriors that dominated the battlefield. You can permanently designate one formation as Immortals and pul those powerful soldiers to work for you. If your formation falls in battle, you can designate another formation as Immortal. You can never have more than one formation of Immortals.

Master of Orion

Master of Orion is a competitive game of interstellar conquest that combines exploration with conflict. You are cast as the immortal emperor who shapes the future of your race, as contact is made with the neighbouring races. Your objective is simple control a majority of the known galaxy and eliminate all who stand in the way.

Shadow Missive

In ignorance they have already destroyed three Stones. Some seek the release of the Herald for their own ends. Some of these may serve him openly others think they may be able to defeat him. Some seek more of the armor with which they fight us. Some simply slay all before them that is not of their kind. They know not what is truly at stake. Be vigilant. Hold the Caulnalain against our enemies mortal and immortal.

Sisters Of Battle

The Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas, known informally as the Sisters of Battle, are the female warriors of the Adeptus Ministorum,the church ofthe Imperium commonly called the Ecclesiarchy. This group venerates the God-Emperor of humanity, who sits immortal on the Golden Throne. Thousands of psykers go to their deaths on a daily basis to sustain the Emperor, and in return for this terrible price he protects the human race from their implacable foes.

An Heir Apparent

While on Draenor, Ner'zhul commanded a number of orcish warlocks and spell-wielding death knights. Yet, when Kiljaeden and the Legion captured these sorcerers after that world's destruction, they were transformed into twisted, spectral aberrations of their former selves. These newly born liches possessed tremendous magical powers, yet their immortal, undead bodies were bound to the iron will of Ner'zhul. As payment for their undying loyalty to Ner'zhul, the Lich King granted them control over the furious elements of Northrend. Now, the liches wield frost magic along with their own considerable necromantic spells.


Somewhere on the dark side of the moon is a facility built by the Fathers. There, they've constructed a portal leading to Hell and to Satan himself. The Fathers have theorized that God is too powerful and won't easily be bargained with therefore leaving Satan who should prove an easier subject to aquatint with and to study. If you can control Satan, you can control God or so they postulate. They also ponder the following. If you can control both Heaven and Hell where does that put you Just like anything scientific, immortal beings also are bound by the laws of the universe, those laws that God has made for himself. These laws are the weakness that the Fathers intend to exploit.

Dark Elves

Formed from the belly of irreconcilable grief the Dark Elves are the embodiment of the living dead among the Elves. They know death of spirit but their frames keep them immortal nonetheless. They are angry and bitter creatures apt to great fits of cruelty and torture. They joy in revenge only, and imagine up vain excuses so they might seek imagined retribution. They live in the darkness of the earth and adorn themselves in inky black clothing. Their skin is a pale greenish-gray but otherwise Dark Elves are as beautiful as the surface elves. Also like the elves they channel the powers of magic but for the purpose of twisting life and its meaning.

Loredanes Invitation

Deep in the heart of that place, I found Him. He was waiting for me there, and He enfolded me into His darkness. There, I learned much. I learned of how He was the Lord of this world, the Master of Shadows, the immortal and unchanging Hopeslayer Bael'Zharon in the tongue of the Empyrean. I bowed down before him, trembling in terror and delight.


Once a cabal of mortal sorcerers, the Tremere became I obsessed with the search for immortality to permit them time enough to perfect their craft for eternity. Their efforts 1 proved fruitful although it took the deaths of an elder Cainite and many of their apprentices, the cabal achieved eternal life or so they thought. All they had truly claimed was vampirism. No clan is so shrouded in deliberate mystery as the Tremere. The inventors and practitioners of terrible blood magics, the secretive Tremere hav a tightly knit political structure based on the acquisition of power. Some Kindred claim that the Tremere are not truly vampires at all, but rather mortal wizards who cursed themselves for eternity while studying the secret of immortality.

The Taidan Republic

A powerful group of military, political and economic figures had been plotting a coup in secret for years, staying only steps ahead of one purge or another as they looked desperately for the trigger that could sway 360 billion souls against their God-like Emperor. Oddly enough, it wasn't the plight of the Kharakian Exiles as much as the mindless obedience of the Taidani navy which created that trigger. When the first propaganda images spread through the Empire, showing yet another victory, this time against an ancient and forgotten enemy, it soon became obvious that a serious mistake had been made on the part of the Emperor's political advisors. Instead of reassuring the Taidani people that their nigh-immortal Emperor was all-seeing and all-powerful, the Taidan reacted with near-universal horror and disgust. Again and again they were forced to watch one of their fleets commit an act of genocide against 300 million aliens, who had committed no crime greater than entering hyperspace and...


In the legends, Gilgamesh is described as a skilled warrior who fights and then befriends the divinely-created wild man, Enkidu. Working together, they manage to kill the monster Huwawa, guardian of the forest, and the mighty bull of heaven sent by the goddess Ishtar to destroy Gilgamesh for jilting her. Enkidu then suddenly takes ill and dies, punished by the gods for helping Gilgamesh to slay the bull. Saddened and feeling vulnerable, Gilgamesh seeks out Utnapishtim, who is rumored to know the secret of eternal life. But, though he learns the secret, Gilgamesh ultimately falters and his desire for immortality goes unfulfilled.

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