Napoleon Bonaparte

Regardless of whether you have chosen the Total Victory or Score Victory game mode, your ultimate goal will be to dominate the whole of Europe and North Africa. Militarism, though important, will not be the only factor to take into account. War mongering must be balanced with diplomatic effects if you wish to maximise your Empire's potential.

You may annex territories in two ways:

Military Annexation: The quickest and most direct method: Simply invade a territory and eliminate those defending it. What happens next depends on the type of territory you have invaded:

Satellite Territories: These are outlying provinces that do not contain a capital city. After one has been invaded and any armies in it defeated, a flag indicating that it is a disputed territory will appear there. To annex it, offer a Peace Treaty to its owner; if they agree to the deal, the territory will then be conceded to you.

Capital Territories: These contain the capital city of a neutral country and may also be fully annexed into your Empire. Again, the process starts with an invasion and the defeat of any defending forces. At this point, the siege icon will appear above the capital to indicate the progress of the annexation (see screen below). The icon consists of a base, together with a vertical bar with two elements: the orange part indicates the progress towards annexation which will be made during the next turn (determined by the number and make up of troops you have in the territory); the red part shows the total annexation progress so far. Once the red part reaches the top, all dissidents have been eliminated and peace has been restored: the territory, and all other territories owned by that country, will be yours.

During the annexation, you may also note that figures appear on the base of the annexation icon. If this fills completely before annexation is complete, you will have to face a patriot army. The larger your occupying force, the quicker the annexation will be, and therefore the less likely you are to be challenged by the local population.

Empire Capital Territories: Although similar to that of Capital Territories, there are some notable differences. Firstly, annexation will take longer and require a large army to suppress resistance. Secondly, they cannot be fully annexed, only subjugated: an army must remain there at all times following annexation, or the Empire will re-emerge. Because of this, you will gain no material reward from these territories - the removal of the threat of attack by a powerful adversary is prize enough. Any Satellite Territories under an Empire's rule when it is subjugated will also be unproductive; such territories must be annexed before the fall of the capital in order for them to become a full part of your Empire. Note that any neutral countries previously annexed by the Empire will be liberated and regain their independence upon its fall.

Some other points to note about Military Annexation:

  • As a consequence of this traumatic process, all buildings in the territory will be destroyed
  • If a country has allies when you begin your annexation attempt, they will automatically be given a Right of Passage through the country to encourage them to assist
  • If you withdraw your army from a besieged territory, the annexation process will come to a halt
  • Capital Territories (non-Empire) will yield some plunder when the annexation is complete

Peaceful Annexation: A lengthy, though less damaging process. In order to accomplish this you must first increase the Sympathy your target country has toward your Empire. When this reaches maximum, the territory will join your Empire of its own free will.

There are two principal methods by which you can raise your standing in another country. The first is the construction of buildings in that country: these raise awareness of your nation and increase your cultural influence. Secondly, maintaining constant diplomatic contact will prove beneficial to your cause.

Peaceful annexation maintains intact all buildings already constructed in the territory (provided you have researched the Advancements enabling them), though only a small portion of stockpiled resources will become yours, as no plundering takes place.

The Sympathy your Empire inspires in other territories is represented by bars, which may be viewed on the Territory Information window. To access this, right-click the desired territory:

Territory Information


Territory Information


This land was initially inhabited by Celtic'warriors. Its succession of hills and valleys make the conquest of me region difficult, since it is quite used to wars and boasts good mid disciplined armies. The battle for this land will be fought beside the farms of a valley, with wheat fields and hedges that may be used by the troops to hide and protect themselves,

" "'V r J * I it

JXi 35,'iS 115/115 fffl 40M0 62/62 250'250

Sympathy Toward Empires

m ■

_ .".je


Sympathy toward each of the five Empires is displayed as a bar at the bottom of the window. When one of these reaches 100%, the territory will become part of that Empire.

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