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The Diplomacy Screen will prove essential in the management of your Empire. Without well balanced military and diplomatic decisions, you will certainly not survive for long. Be sure to pay careful attention to your dealings with other countries, if you do not want relations to deteriorate.

Each country has a degree of Sympathy toward the others, which is detailed in the Statistics View. Sympathy will fluctuate each turn for a number of reasons, as countries monitor the events unfolding around them and react accordingly. For example, if you accumulate troops on the border with another country, it will grow anxious and hostility to your Empire will rise. However, if another country offers you a trade agreement which you accept, Sympathy towards you will increase.

There are various actions which can affect relationships between countries, such as- Declaring war

  • Invading without previously declaring war
  • Accumulating troops on borders
  • Placing vessels with embarked troops near ports
  • Declaring war on a country which has Defensive Alliances with other countries
  • Rejecting or accepting diplomatic offers
  • Entering a coalition
  • Changing governmental systems
  • Constructing peaceful annexation buildings
  • Constructing or discovering Resistance Cells
  • Creating or improving trade routes
  • Executing prisoners

Remember that altering your relationship with one country will also affect relations with its friends, resulting in a "cascade" effect.

Imperial Glory features a variety of diplomatic mechanisms to allow you to engage other nations. The most basic ones can be used from the beginning, but others will only become available after you research specific Advances:

Coalition: A temporary alliance between two countries in preparation for an attack on a third party. You may also choose to send a Coalition request with an ultimatum - the possibility of it being accepted will be higher, but it will diminish Sympathy towards your nation.

Right of Passage: An agreement allowing to you cross another country's territory for eight turns. You must also offer the country some Gold for the privilege. This option will only become available as you advance along the Research Tree.

Improve Relations: An offer to improve relations with a specific country. If accepted, Sympathy between both countries will raise significantly. Remember that this may be done only once per turn and that, the more often you improve relations with the same country, the more expensive it will be. This option will only become available as you advance along the Research Tree.

Declaration of War: Inform a country that you intend to invade. The declaration will reach the other country on the next turn. You may invade a country without warning, but such a cowardly act will be frowned upon by the international community and your reputation will suffer accordingly. On declaring war, Sympathy between both nations will plummet to zero.

Peace Treaty: Propose Peace to another nation, generally accompanied by an offer of Gold. If accepted, hostilities will cease and Sympathy between your two countries will rise. The international community pays careful attention to the adherence to treaties - if you break your word of peace within six turns of signing an armistice, your reputation will suffer the consequences.

Defensive Alliance: A Diplomatic Treaty stating that if one member is attacked by a third party, its allies will automatically declare war upon the attacker. If the attacker is one of the members of the treaty, the other members will not be required to help the aggressor, though they will be given the option. Defensive Alliances last a maximum of twelve turns and may be signed by up to four countries.

Marriage: Arrange a state marriage of your heir to an heir of another country. If the marriage involves a neutral country this automatically results in a peaceful annexation; if with another Empire, Sympathy with that Empire will improve immensely. This option is available only to Absolute or Constitutional Monarchies.

Loan of Armies: Send troops to a country of your choice, for a price. This is a good means of reinforcing your alliances, or of discharging obsolete units. The option will only become available as you advance along the Research Tree. It should be noted however, that in practice any troops offered to an ally in this way will not be returned.

Military Aid: Request troops from a specific country. The country in question will then decide whether to help your Empire or not, with allies being more willing to send aid than non-allied countries. This can be a useful measure to take when in severe trouble. The option will only become available as you advance along the Research Tree.

Gold is the key resource in diplomatic negotiations. Have the foresight to set aside enough money for such transactions or your diplomatic relations may suffer.

Agreements in Imperial Glory cannot be broken. If you sign a treaty, you must see it through to its conclusion, whatever the consequences.

The Diplomacy Screen is divided into three areas:

Imperial Glory Diplomacy

The left panel contains a list of all diplomatic mechanisms. Only those available to you will be highlighted.

The central area displays a map of Europe and North Africa. On selecting a diplomatic agreement, all countries with which you can sign this are highlighted. If none appears it means that none of them meets the requirements necessary for the agreement.

Once you select the recipient of your proposal, a panel opens to the right of the screen, where you may select the amount of Gold you wish to offer. Amounts vary depending on the agreement and the current circumstances. To help you decide how much you should offer, you may check the Offer Evaluation box:

Diplomacy Imperial Glory

This gives you an estimation of how the selected country will view your offer. Do not assume however, that offering this amount will automatically grant acceptance - it is merely a guide.

For commercial agreements you may see a negative figure. This indicates what the country you are dealing with would regard as a fair payment for anything (Raw Materials, Food or Territory) you are offering.

Once you have made your offer and before you send it, text will appear giving you an indication of how your offer will be received. Again this is only a guide - bad offers may still be accepted and good offers rejected.

Once the offer is complete, the bottom panel summarises the full agreement you are offering to the other country. Pressing the Send button will send the offer and you will receive an immediate answer.

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