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The "Ask" icon appears on the Icon Bar next to the "Talk" icon. To use the "Ask" icon, select it the same way you would select any other icon - with the mouse or the TAB key. The cursor will then change to the "Ask" cursor. Click the "Ask" cursor on any character (other than yourself!) in the scene. A close-up of the Notebook will appear.

Now click the HAND cursor on any of the index tabs along the side of the notebook. This opens the notebook to the section you've selected. If there are more items in a section than will fit on one page of the notebook, click on the lower right-hand corner of the page to see more entries under that section.

Once the entry you wish to ask about is visible onscreen, click the HAND cursor on entry (highlighting entry). Then change HAND cursor to EXIT cursor and press return or left mouse button. The notebook will disappear and the character you "asked" about that entry will answer...but remember, not everybody in the game will know about everything, and not everybody can be counted on to tell the truth!

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