Playing tiie Game


You may move your character on the screen with the [Arrow] keys, the numeric keypad, or the mouse. To halt your character's steps with the keypad, press die number 5, or press the last used direction key again. Do not attempt to move the character by holding down the direction key. This will cause the character to start and stop continuously, resulting in very slow progress.

Using the mouse, position the arrow to where you want the character to move, then click the left mouse button.


At times it may be useful to slow down the speed of the game animation in order to negotiate a tricky section, or observe something more carefully. In The Colonel's Bequest, speed is controlled by the [+] and [-] keys, or by selecting a choice from the Speed menu, using the mouse or [Arrow] keys.


The Menu Bar in The Colonel's Bequest is not visible during play. When you press [ESC], the Menu Bar will appear at the top of your screen with several menus which can be opened to show the command choices available to you.


Use the left and right [Arrow] keys to open a menu, and the up and down [Arrow] keys to highlight items within a menu. Press [ENTER] to select a highlighted command. Press [ESC] to return to the game without choosing a command.


You can use function and control keys to shortcut many common commands.




Toggle sound on/off

[F3] or [Spacebar]

Repeat previous command


Save Game


Restore (saved) Game


Restart Game (from beginning)




Show Menu Bar, Pause Game


Cancel typed command line




Pause Game


Quit Game


Increase Speed


Decrease Speed


Normal Speed


Change Volume


Look at an object


To look at a person, place, or object using your mouse, put the mouse arrow on the thing and click the right mouse button.

* Please note: Multi-button mouse users should use the right mouse button and need not press [Shift].


While playing Sierra games, your [Tab] key will perform two major functions. You will use it to review the items in your inventory, and also (if you're not using a mouse) to select options from certain menus. The following menus will require the use of the [Tab] key for highlighting menu options:



1. Opening

Yes, No

2. Restart Game

Restart, Continue

3. Quit Game

Quit, Continue

4. Save Game

Save, Change Directory, Cancel, Replace

5. Restore Game

Restore, Cancel, Change Directory

6. Death Window

Restore, Restart, Quit

USING THE MOUSE (optional)

Your mouse will be useful to you in moving your character, and in learning about your surroundings. To move your character using the mouse, position the arrow to where you want the character to move, then click the mouse button. If your mouse has more than one button, use the left button.


Many characters in the game will have information of one kind or another for you. To talk with a character, type: talk to [character], ask (or tell) [character] about [character or object]. For example: talk to Gertie, tell the Colonel about Lillian or ask Lillian about the [object]. Try different approaches. "Show" an object to someone, and they may give you valuable information. "Asking" a character about something may evoke a different response than "telling" them.

You may encounter objects you need along the way. to take an object, type: take (or get) the [object]. For example: take the note, or get the key.

Pay close attention to details. To look closely at objects, type look at the [object], for example: look at the table. You can also use the [Shift-click] feature described earlier.

You will need to use die objects you acquire as you explore. You can try different things such as typing: use the [object], or give the [object] to [character] or show [object] to [character]. Different approaches to a puzzle may bring about a different outcome.


If you wish to repeat a command, select RETYPE from the Action menu or press the [Spacebar] or [F3].


If you wish to see the items you are carrying, select INVENTORY from the Action menu, or press [Ctrl-I] or [Tab]. A list of the items you are carrying will be displayed. To view an object, click on its name widi die mouse, or use die [Arrow] keys to highlight die name and press [ENTER]. Press [ENTER] again, select OK or press [ESC] to resume play.


If you wish to pause the game, select PAUSE from the Action menu, or press [Ctrl-P] or [ESC], Press [ESC] or [ENTER] to resume play.


If you wish to save your game, select SAVE from the File menu or press [F5]. To allow for errors in judgment and creative exploration, we recommend that you frequently save your game in progress, and that you save several different games from different points as you play. You will always want to save your game before encountering potentially dangerous situations. You should also save your game after you have made significant progress.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you create seveial directories or folders on your hard drive. See your computer's instructions for creating directories or folders.

You may name your saved games using standard English phrases. For example, if you are standing on a sandy beach, you might call your game standing on a sandy beach, or simply beach.


Select RESTORE from the File menu, or press [F7J. You will be prompted to select the game you wish to restore. I lighlight die desired game and select RESTORE. If the game you wish to restore is in a different directory, select CHANGE DIRECTORY.


If you wish to stop playing, select QUIT from the File menu, or press [Ctrl -Q],


If you wish to restart your game at any time during play, select RESTART from die file menu, or press the [F9] key. The game will begin again in the guest room shared by Lillian and 1 .aura.


You can generally interact with the game by typing simple commands consisting of as litde as a noun and a verb. For instance, the command get into the car can be shortened to get in car. Unless otherwise instructed, follow all commands with [ENTER].

The Colonel's Bequest will understand many common verbs. Here are some

you might try:
























A message window will appear each time you enter a command, and at other limes during the game. When you have read the message, press [ENTER] to remove the window and resume play.

TAKE NOTES as you discover clues and information. Record anything you think might be important. Make a note of each area you visit, and include information about objects found there, and dangerous areas nearby.

DRAW A MAP as you progress through the game. If you miss an area, you may miss an important clue!

WATCH THE CLOCK. As you progress through the game, a clock will periodically appear on your screen. Take note of the event and location when this occurs. This will help you to keep track of your progress.

LOOK EVERYWHERE. When you enter a room for the first time, you will receive a message 011 your screen describing the room. When you visit the room again you will need to type: look around or look room to gel the description. Look closely at all objects you encounter.

EXPLORE each area of the game very carefully, and be on the lookout for clues and hidden places. Search every area of die mansion and die grounds surrounding it. Revisit an area frequent ly, and make note of anydiing that has changed. Somediing may occur in an area while you aie elsewhere.

TALK to everyone you meet. But use discreuon! Some characters will be friendly and helpful; they may give you valuable information and advice. Others may mislead you. Try various approaches in dealing with others. If talking to them or asking them questions yields few or no results, show them something interesting you have found. They may have a comment that will help you.

LISTEN closely to conversations. Useful information will pass between the other characters, and you'll want to pay attention to details that may help you with your investigation.

PICK UP anydiing diat isn't nailed down. You will come across a number of objects that may be of use to you later. You can see an inventory of items 011 hand by pressing the [TAB] key at any time.

USE the items you have picked up to solve problems in the game, or to help you to make progress and discover more clues.

BE CAREFUL, and remain alert at all times-disaster may strike in the most unlikely of places.

SAVE YOUR GAME OFTEN, especially when you are about to try some-dung new or potentially dangerous. This way, if the worst should happen, you won't have to start all over again from the beginning. It is probably-best to save at least one game in each act of The Colonel's Bequest.

DONT GET DISCOURAGED. If you come to an obstacle that seems insurmountable, don't despair: Spend some time exploring another area, and come back later. Every problem in the game has at least one solution, and some have more than one. Sometimes solving a problem one way will make it harder to solve die next, and sometimes it will make it easier. If you get stuck, you might try restoring a saved game from an earlier point, dien choosing a different path.


You might find it helpful (and fun) to play the game widi a friend. Two (or more) heads are better than one at interpreting clues and solving problems.


Please note: In order to understand die object of The Colonel's Bequest, it is very important diat you view the opening cartoon at least once.

HOW TO USE THE WALKTHROUGH. Onscreen movement: north=up; south=down; west=left; east=right. The walkthrough takes you through several game screens. Move your character around the screens to the suggested places, and type in the words dial appear in bold type.

WARNING: The following information is for beginning adventurers only. The contents include answers to some game puzzles and hints that experienced adventurers may not wish to see. Continue reading only if you are having difficulty getting started with The Colonel's Bequest.

As the opening cartoon ends, we find Laura and Lillian in their shared guest room. When Lillian excuses herself and exits the room, you will have control of the game. The most important thing to do at this point is to examine your surroundings.

Walk north to the fireplace. Notice the portrait of the Colonel above the mantle.

Type: look at the portrait [ENTER]

Type: look at the bed [ENTER]

After you read the response, walk south and east to stand in front of the northern most bed.

There is a suitcase on the bed.

Press the [TAB] key.

Type: open the suitcase [ENTER]

Read the description of its contents.

Press the [TAB] key.

Walk dirough the door on the east wall and enter Ethel's guest room.

Type: look at the shelves [ENTER]

Type: look at the doll house [ENTER)

Type: take the bear [ENTER)

Walk north and stand near Ethel.

Type: talk to Ethel [ENTER]

Type: ask Ethel about Lillian


Exit Ethel's room through the door on the west wall, and enter your guest room.

Exit through the west door and enter the hallway.

Type: look at the marble statue


Type: look at the armoire [ENTER]

Type: look in the armoire [ENTER]

Walk nordi and enter the bathroom.

Type: look at Lillian [ENTER]

Type: look at the tub [ENTER]

Walk to the sink.

Type: wash hands [ENTER]

Exit the bathroom, and re-enter the hallway.

Continue west across the hallway. North of the armoire is a door on the west wall. Go through the door and enter die Colonel's room. Type: look at the elevator [ENTER]

Type: open the elevator gate


Type: look at the fireplace IENTER]

Type: look at Fifi [ENTER]

Type: look at the Colonel [ENTER]

Stand near the Colonel.

Type: tell the Colonel about Lillian


After he responds, exit the room to the east, and re-enter the hallway. This might be a good time to save your game. See "Saving your Game" for instructions.

Walk south and you will see a banister with several dowels missing from an area on the left. Stand up against the damaged area.

After you fall to your death, restore your game and continue exploring the estate...but be careful!

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