Bossing Things About

Air: Air units, available at higher Tech Levels, can be ordered about like any other unit. They fly over all terrain, but will attempt to land on the nearest piece of flat ground when they reach their destination. If directed to attack, they will do so, then return to the last point they touched the ground.


If you want your units to get from point A to point B as fast as you can without getting distracted, just click a destination on the map. If, however, you want them to smack up anyone they come across in their travels, then hold CTRL and hit the destination point. They'll walk, but they'll walk with attitude.


Simple ol' attacking's easy. Select your group, position the cursor over the enemy unit or building you want attacked (the cursor will become the attacking cursor), and click with the Left Mouse Button. Your units will attack to the best of their ability, attacking all units around that area when they're done. Easy.


There'll be times when you want to shoot up a weakened bridge, or just attack an area of ground to set up a nasty 'firewall'. Or heck - you might decide that now's the right time to blow the crap out of an ally. Or maybe you've gone war crazy and you wanna shoot your own units or buildings. Who can explain what happens out there? Anyway, to perform a Force Attack, hold ALT, position the cursor over the desired target, and hit the Left Mouse Button. Kaboom!

And by the way, to stop your unit Force Attacking, select it and hit the SPACEBAR, which cancels orders.


Shooting aerial targets from the ground is the same as regular attacking, except that only a few units can do it. And those units are specifically anti-aircraft units or they're long-range units who can easily aim at the sky. These units are: Anti-Aircraft Constructibles, Anti-Aircraft Towers, other fighter aircraft, and Rocket Launcher infantry (or equivalent). Of course, if an aerial unit lands, then all units can go bananas at it!


Artillery units (created as Constructive Units) can shoot big distances and do big damage. They have a minimum range (so help them out if units get too close), but they have a delightful maximum range.


The Fight order, or the 'Bully Patrol' as we like to call it, sets up your units to just go out wan-derin' and pickin' fights. The units will immediately look around for any enemy units in their visual range and go smack up the ones they're best at smacking. See more about Special Orders below.


A special note on cliffs is required here: All units can shoot down 'em, but only the Artillery Constructive units can shoot up 'em. So secure the tops of cliffs for some safe, deadly action. And keep away from the bottom of them if the enemy's likely to have taken the high road.

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