Changing the Platoon Leader LDR to OP Tank

Transferring the Observation Point: The OP to Next Tank key moves your personal observation point ("OP") from one tank to another. Initially you start in tank #1. One press of the key moves you to tank #2; another press to tank #3, another press to tank #4, and then back to tank #1 again.

Changing the OP allows you to move from one tank to another. Whenever you press TC Unbuttoned, TC Buttoned, Gunner or Driver, the tank position you "move into" is the current OP tank.

Initially the OP tank and the platoon leader tank are the same — tank #1. Remember that if you move the OP to another tank, you're no longer the platoon leader. The rest of the platoon will continue following the leader tank while you split off and go your own way.

Destroyed Tanks: If the OP tank is destroyed all of the crew positions in that tank are inoperative. Only the outside views and the Mapboard still function. Use OP to Next Tank to find a functioning tank.

The LDR to OP Tank key shifts the platoon leadership to your OP tank. It doesn't matter whether you're on the mapboard, in a tank, or the outside views.

You cannot shift leaders in supporting units. The first mobile vehicle in any-supporting platoons and sections is always the leader.

Disorganization —Shifting Leadership to a Detached Vehicle: If your OP has moved away from the platoon (as is commonly the case!), when you press LDR to OP Tank the entire platoon becomes confused and halts in place. The reason for this is simple: tanks that used to be in formation about the leader aren't sure whether they should form up on the new leader, or continue in their current formation. And if the latter, should they keep moving or stop? It's all very-confusing.

As a safety measure, whenever you change leaders it'3 wise to issue a new formation order to the entire platoon. This reorganizes everyone. Then if there are vehicles you wish to remain detached, give them individual vehicle orders.

Disabled M1A1 Leaders:If a leader vehicle is immobilized or destroyed, the platoon cannot move until you shift platoon leadership to a new tank.

To assign a new leader to your platoon, go to the mapboard (press the Mapboard key) and press OP to Next Tank repeatedly until you select the new leader tank. Then press LDR to OP tank to transfer leadership to that tank.

For example, say you detach tank #2 to a distant hill, while #3 and #4 remain in formation with tank #1. If tank #1 should be immobilized, your immedate impulse is to transfer leadership to tank #2. However, since he's detached a transfer of leadership will automatically halt and disorganize the platoon (because nobody is in formation with him). A wiser choice would be tank #3 or #4. In fact, since #4 is the platoon sergeant and normally the second best tank in the outfit, it's really the logical choice.

Other Disabled US Leaders: If other friendly sections or platoons a new leader takes over after a short period fo time. This occurs automatically, you have no control over which vehicle is selected as the new leader.

Enemy platoons do not detach vehicles. Pact platoons are much more rigid in Enemy Platoon their tactics and maneuvering. Leadership

Enemy platoons who lose their leader stop in confusion for a short period. Then thev too will find a new leader and continue.

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